Dec 12 2011 9:27am

Here Comes the Trailer for Men in Black 3!

Ready for time-travel antics in the new MIB film? Or has it been too long since the last one? We think this looks like a lot of fun. Comment below!

Dominic van Berkel
1. Barometz
I have to say, this looks rather more promising than I'd dared to expect.
Michael M Jones
3. MichaelMJones
So far so good. I'm looking forward to seeing if the movie lives up to the goofy fun of the first two.
5. redfox60
a little time travel is good as long as the theme stays the same maybe we will find out about that romance that occurred that produced the daughter
6. Carolandj
Don't think it will be worth a trip to the theatre, but I will watch for it on NetFlix.

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