Dec 7 2011 5:00pm

Audioslice: The Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott and Colette Freedman

You know Michael Scott from his popular Nicholas Flamel series. This time, though, he’s working with Colette Freedman to bring you an exciting adult novel. And we’re bringing you the audiobook.

In this spellbinding new saga there are thirteen ancient treasures with the potential for great good or absolute evil. Now someone is gathering them together with thrilling magic and murder following.

Narrator Kate Reading reads The Thirteen Hallows. You can trust her to handle the story. She’s the female voice behind The Wheel of Time, Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings and more in the fantasy and science fiction realm.

Get an earful of the adventure with this clip from the audiobook:

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Matthew B
1. MatthewB
"Nicholas Flamel" series? No, never heard of it, but i am a big fan of his work at Dunder-Mifflin.
(I'll bet he's never heard that one before! ;)

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