Nov 29 2011 10:00am

Your New Baby Needs This Star Trek Book

If you’re wondering the best way to reinforce the concept of opposites to the toddler in your life; the Star Trek Book of Opposites is here to help. Out today from the folks at Quirk Books, this handy board book depicts several antonymns through scenes from the original Star Trek series. Adorable and perfectly absurd, we think this might be one geeky gift not to miss. (On a personal note, we’ve also learned a lot about opposites here in the office.)

Look below for high-res screen shots from the book courtesy of Quirk, as well as a link to a sweepstakes where you can win the book!



The Star Trek Book of Opposites is out now and is recommended for ages zero and up. Human child not required. Check out our exclusive giveaway here.

toastykitten Lau
2. toastykitten
My baby NEEDS this Star Trek book! Beam it straight to us!
3. BaronGreystone
My daughter, wife and I all need to read this book.
4. swati
What do you mean 'kid'? I need this book!!
5. laughingcarol
I need this book!!!!

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