Nov 30 2011 4:00pm

New John Carter of Mars Trailer Hits Good Morning America

Taylor Kitsch was on Good Morning America today promoting the brand new trailer for John Carter of Mars. (We’re still not clear if the movies is called John Carter of Mars or just John Carter, but we like Mars so there it is.) How does everyone feel about the use of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmire” in the trailer? Was Blur’s “Song 2” (woo-hoo!) unavailable?

j p
1. sps49
Kashmir is a good selection; nicely atmosperic.

Hopefully Disney won't mess it up too much, but I am wondering how Matai Shang fits into this movie.
2. Sivadguod
It's just John Carter. After Mars Needs Moms bombed at the box office, Disney decided to drop the of Mars from the title.
I love Kashmir. Good choice.
My only beef is the blue sky on Mars. What is this? Total Recall?
jon meltzer
3. jmeltzer
It's Disney, so we can't have an authentic Dejah Thoris.
4. Athanor
Wow, that really looks like Princess of Mars with Tracy Lords.
j p
5. sps49
jmeltzer @3-

I don't think anyone will give us an authentic Dejah Thoris. And who wants an authentic John Carter? (I'm sure someone does, but the MPAA sure wouldn't).

Props for the Michael Whelan inspired JC harness, though.

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