Nov 16 2011 11:50am

Book Country Launches New Self-Publishing Service

Today, Penguin’s Genre Fiction website Book Country launched a new self-publishing feature. From rates ranging from $99 to $549 costumers can have an eBook or print on demand title prepared for them. Though self-publishing services on the Internet are not new, this is the first time a major publisher has created a service specifically for this purpose. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company has invested a “a substantial amount of money” into the actual technology behind the self-publishing service.

Book Country already encourages its visitors to upload various manuscripts to share with other readers, and this new self-publishing program seems to be an extension of that sensibility. However, Penguin is making it very clear that this new feature is separate and apart from their traditional publishing house.

Finally, Book Country is making it clear that their focus is on the packaging and presentation of genre fiction specifically. So, in the world of genre fiction, this could turn out to be very big news!

[via The Wall Street Journal]

Cathy Mullican
1. nolly
"costumers can have an eBook or print on demand title prepared for them."
2. Rashkae
Anyone even thinking about this *really*need to read Konrath's post on the subject.

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