Oct 5 2011 1:00pm

George R. R. Martin Talks with Peter Orullian

Epic fantasy has many stars; none shine brighter than George R. R. Martin. A Dance with Dragons, the latest volume in Martin’s genre-leading A Song of Ice and Fire series immediately hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. It has pretty much remained at or near the top ever since. The work is just that good.

But I would add that George is a helluvalot more than epic fantasy’s best bestseller. The man possesses a kind of grace and charm and humility unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced in the writing ranks. Perhaps this comes from being a seasoned professional, or his longer personal history. Whatever the reason, it speaks extremely well of the man, who stands as a giant in the field, and yet makes all those around him feel included and at ease. He’s the kind of a guy who deserves, for many reasons, the incredible success he’s having.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to sit down with George and talk about his work, his process, and other topics we found interesting. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Cheers, friends.

Peter Orullian is the author of the recently released epic fantasy novel The Unremembered, the first in the Vault of Heaven series. You can find his interview series with popular fantasy authors of the day both here on and at his site. 

1. DarrenJL
ASoIaF is historical fantasy, not epic fantasy.
2. JDC
'Cause nothin' sez "historical fantasy" like dragons and undead.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
3. tnh
That'd be covered under the "fantasy" part of "historical fantasy", JCD.
Tess Laird
4. thewindrose
I liked GRRM's thought on reader's living a thousand lives. Totally agree! Also - seems like he would be a great person to have over as a dinner guest.

Could argue either way on type of fantasy. I think it is more epic myself due to contents and where the story is heading...

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