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Announcing Independent Bookseller Picks on

Independent Bookseller Picks on

Science fiction and fantasy are our favorite genres because they allow for infinite diversity of viewpoints. But wih a galaxy of reading options out there, how does one pick one’s next book? Since we’re always interested in new releases and classics from the whole range of publishers, we recently recruited Barnes & Noble buyer Jim Killen to curate a monthly recommended-reading list for us. But indie booksellers also hold up half the sky, and therefore we’ll also be featuring regular Independent Bookseller Picks in the genres we love.

Each month, we’ll ask an independent bookseller from somewhere in the universe what they think we should be reading. At the same time you’ll get a little bit of information about the booksellers themselves. We’ll not only be showcasing great reading lists but also putting a spotlight on the many wonderful independent homes for SF&F books around the world.

Stay tuned for the first week of each month and we’ll bring you recommendations from:

Keep an eye on the site later today for the first recommendations list from Borderlands Books!

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Irene Gallo
1. Irene
I’m very excited to be working with these booksellers on this project. The Novel Exchange in Port Jeff, Long Island was my gateway to sf/f -- 50 cent Harlan Ellison paperbacks in High School, next stop, Tor Books. I hope others chime in with their favorite local shops as these posts are published.
Madeline Ashby
2. MadelineAshby
I'm so pleased to hear about this. Bakka-Phoenix is Toronto's go-to bookstore for genre. They also host fun launches and events, and they're at every con with all the titles you could ever want. I was also a big fan of the U Bookstore when I lived in Seattle -- they were always bringing in great authors for talks and signings and keeping literary culture part of the city's culture as a whole.
Stefan Raets
3. Stefan
I live about 3 miles from Mysterious Galaxy here in San Diego, and I've met many wonderful authors there, so I'm pleased to see them on the list!
4. Lynnet1
I just read the Borderland Books post, and I wanted to come here and tell you how much I'm looking forward to this series. I love that the recommendations don't just include new releases. I've already added two previously released books I'd never heard of to my "to read" list
5. alchymyst
Love Bakka Phoenix and really miss it now that I no longer live in Toronto. The best store in the universe.
Bryan Croft
6. callmeb
I hope the "and others" will include my local bookseller. Always fun to drop into Uncle Hugo's in Minneapolis.
7. MFO
Thrilled to see the Mecca bookstore, Powell's, on the list. If they are all as wonderful as Powell's, then I think you have just created my bucket list for travel!!

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