Sep 20 2011 5:46pm

Epic Fantasy Ebooks on Sale for $2.99! - One Week Left

The Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Picks list for epic fantasy concluded just this past Monday, but the ebook sale for the Tor Books titles featured will only continue for one more week! That’s Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World, Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon, and Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, all available at a low price for you favorite e-reader wherever ebooks are sold. Download and enjoy!

ebooks for all
1. ebooks for all
Again, it's insulting to all your non-US/UK readers who can't buy these ebooks at all, let alone at reduced prices for you to tout this without pointing your contractual limitations out.
ebooks for all
2. Rancho Unicorno
I really need to hurry up and find stable employment so that I can hurry up and pick up an ereader so that I can hurry up and pick these up.
ebooks for all
3. ShellyRB
I picked two of these up and read them on my Nook software on my laptop, and my Nook app on my Droid. If you have a computer, you only need to pay the price of the books to read them.

I'll admit that at least Mystborn did its job, because upon finishing the first, I ordered the second, third, and fourth. I'm waiting to read the Erickson until I can afford the sequels.

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