Aug 23 2011 5:26pm

NASA and Tor/Forge Publishing Collaboration Coming Soon

NASA and Tor/Forge have announced a forthcoming publishing collaboration that will meld the sensibilities of strong science fiction with equally strong space science. This team up will pair existing Tor/Forge authors with scientists from the Goddard Space Flight Center. The concept is to not only create scientifically accurate and exciting science fiction novels, but also to promote an interest in science awareness in general.

When I was a boy, books by Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and their colleagues excited me, inspiring a lifelong fascination with space and the science and technology that would get us there. — Tom Doherty, publisher of Tor Books

The project has just been announced so stay tuned for details as to which authors will be participating. The space shuttle program may have ended, but the dream goes on! Read the full press release on the Tor/Forge blog here.

Stefan Raets
1. Stefan
Awesome initiative. I look forward to seeing what will come out of this.
2. mike-ptda
VERY SMART THINKING. In order for NASA, to find the suppport it needs to go to Mars, send people back to the Moon, and really get people jazzed, yes I said "Jazzed" about going out into Space they need to get people to use their imaginations and get excited. Stories do that... though, I don't think Apollo 18 will help... Anyway stories that are based on reality, and maybe doable technology . By the way, what about artists help? And also timing stuff with the upcoming COSMOS sequel, Virgin Galactic, Space X, and other commercial space enterprises events. I didn't agree with canceling the Constellation program, but maybe, just maybe the commercial people can pull off a new Age of Space based Barn Storming, travel, and exploration, like the first Airplane fliers did back in the 1900's. Thanks for the good news, mike
Angela Korra'ti
3. annathepiper
Awesome! I look forward to seeing what novels are produced.
4. Laura Lee Nutt
Excellent! This is exactly what is needed. Make us dream again. Perhaps this sort of thing will be the good that comes out of all this. I doubt that without the shuttle and Constellation programs being cancelled we would find the impetus to breathe life back into our old dreams that hold the potential to form our future.
5. Petar Belic
I'm excited about this.
However it goes both ways... NASA needs to do some more inspiring things as well!
Vic Callaghan
6. creative
What a fascinating idea! Interestingly, the BBC recently reported Google chairman Eric Schmidt as saying there was a need to reignite children's passion for science, engineering and mathematics and suggested that bringing art and science back together might be a good way to do this. Other organizations are also looking at exploiting fictional stories for driving science and engineering work. For instance Intel’s Futurist, Brian David Johnson, has published a book called "Science Fiction prototyping: A Framework for Design" (Morgan & Claypool Publishers) and a publishing house in the UK (Comma Press), has published two books (“When It Changed” & “Litmus”) that explore collaborations between writers and scientists as a vehicle for scientific hypothesis, experiment and argument. This methodology is even being applied to "Exploring Future Business Visions" by the Dutch publisher Elsevier by means of a special edition of their FUTURES journal. Also there have been two interesting international workshops exploring these ideas (CS’10 & CS’11). A useful source of further information is the Creative-Science Foundation (www.creative-science.org).which has more details of the above and acts as a focal point for people interested in developing this area. It seems to me that the NASA and Tor/Forge collaboration is a timely and exciting development that could greatly assist the re-engagement of society in the important business of science and engineering.
7. Al Howard
I love the idea, but did it have to come right after i finished my own novellete about a space shuttle and the station? That's what my friends and I call ironic. Either way, I look forward to reading these.

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