Aug 15 2011 1:29pm

Let’s Kill Hitler! New Doctor Who Prequel Minisode

With the premier of the second half of Doctor Who’s sixth season less than two weeks away, the BBC has given us a special prequel to the opening episode “Let’s Kill Hitler.” This snippet is written by show runner Stephen Moffat and has us super-pumped for the return of our favorite Time Lord. What do you think?

Roy McCarty
1. kloud213
At the end of "A Good Man Goes To War" the Dr. seemed to have a plan. But now seeing this.... Very emotional, two weeks is such a long wait.
2. cranscape
I can't wait for this to be back. I did not handle the midseason hiatus well.
3. rogerothornhill
Remember: if he wasn't lying ("the Doctor always lies"), he should age about 200 years before he ends up back in Utah in Episode 13. Makes you wonder how long he is looking for the (ahem) missing child.
4. JoeM
The Doctor always lies. Says it all really. THe Doctor killed by the space suited figure at the beginning isn't the real Doctor, but the Fleshie and it wasn't 200 years. First hint was where was the TARDIS?
5. Debbie G
We want the Doctor to find Amy's daughter Melody. But. I'd like to know if the Doctor will find/see his daughter Jenny again.

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