Aug 19 2011 5:46pm

A Farewell to Noir

Thanks to everybody for joining us on our journey to the dark side — we hope you’ve enjoyed our Noir Week escapades as much as we have! The posts this week have presented a fantastic sampling of some of the best that noir has to offer, but there’s always so much more to talk about, and we’ve gotten some wonderful suggestions in the comments, from Double Indemnity and Gilda to the work of the brilliant Chester Himes to The Grifters, Minority Report, and Brick (to name just a few). As always, we encourage you to stop by our forums and begin your own discussions on these topics and more. Perhaps we’ll be visiting some of these works in the future, but for now, it’s time to bring this Long Goodbye to a close....

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James Davis Nicoll
2. James Davis Nicoll
You know who got completely overlooked in your Noir week? Tracer Bullet!

Only two arcs but still....

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