Jul 8 2011 12:15pm

Watch the Final Space Shuttle Launch Right Now

T-minus right about now: The Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to lift off at 11:26 AM EST.

This is it. The last space shuttle launch for the conceivable future Watch it live now. Try not to cry.

UPDATE: Success! Atlantis got into space faster than it takes us to get a donut.  If you missed it live, the NASA stream is now showing replays of the launch.

Instant live communities by Ustream

1. mister_ethan
Watching shuttle launches always makes me feel like a kid again.
2. Jimmy Rogers
This autoplaying video feed on your main page has been haunting my browser for days!!! I FINALLY know who is responsible closed!
3. luis cuevas
building a shuttle space like star wars does!! farming minreal astrode rock, diff planets! or the earth mineral,oil,etc might running out or war never stop :/

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