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Tor Books Presents Sanderson, GRRM, Rothfuss, Vaughn & Tons More at SDCC 2011

Tor Books will have a big presence at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, outdoing itself with 13 authors in attendance, including science fiction icon Vernor Vinge, fan favorites Brandon Sanderson & George R.R. Martin (Wild Cards series), and new to the Tor Books list, legendary creator of Fables franchise and New York Times bestselling author, Bill Willingham!

This year at the Tor Booth (#2707), Tor Books will not only have *in-booth signings and giveaways, but you’ll also have a chance to download exclusive content via QR codes and win a tablet from us here at Tor.com!

And finally, the esteemed Tor Books Staff will participate in their popular #Torchat series on Twitter, live from the con on Thursday the 21st from 10am – 11am PST. Read on for all the details!

Thursday, July 21st

  • 10am – 11am #Torchat, live from Comic-Con! With @tdelucci (Theresa Delucci, Ad/promo Manager & Tor.com blogger), @Laura_FitzG (Laura Fitzgerald, Digital Mktg Coordinator) @opattyg (Patty Garcia, Director of Publicity) and @jgolenbo (Justin Golenbock, Senior Publicist Extraordinaire)
  • 12pm Tor Booth signing with Carrie Vaughn, author of New York Times bestselling Kitty Norville series, signing copies of  Kitty Goes to War. Booth #2707
  • 12pm – 1pm Putting the “Epic” in “Epic Fantasy: Writing to excite! Room 6A. With Brandon Sanderson (The Way of Kings), Peter Orullian (The Unremembered), George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, Kevin J. Anderson and others. Moderated by Michael Spradlin.
  • 1:30pm – 2:30pm Signing in the autographing area, AA8
  • 2:45pm Tor Booth signing with Brandon Sanderson, signing Mistborn. Five lucky fans will win an Advanced Readers Copy of his new book Alloy of Law, coming in November. Booth #2707
  • 4pm – 5pm No Damsels in Distress Here: Female voices in sci-fi/fantasy create kick-ass heroines. Room 25ABC. With Carrie Vaughn (Kitty’s Big Trouble), Seanan McGuire, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and others. Moderated by Maryelizabeth Hart of Mysterious Galaxy.
  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm Signing in the autographing area, AA2
  • 5pm Tor Booth signing with Tony Gonzales, IP Development Manager at CCP Games and author of EVE: The Empyrean Age and the upcoming EVE: Templar One (December). Booth #2707

Friday, July 22nd: Videogame Day

Tor Books has positioned itself prominently within this burgeoning subgenre of science fiction via an expanded program of stand-alone novels that flesh out virtual worlds with original stories through partnerships with industry-leading videogame developers, established writers, and prominent gaming studios. This year they get their own panel! They’ll also be giving away Halo and Dragon Age messenger bags all day!

  • 11:30am – 12:30am Signing in the autographing area, AA2
  • 12pm Tor Booth signing with Bram Stoker Award winner John Shirley, signing copies of Bioshock: Rapture, the prequel story to the award-winning and bestselling video game franchise. Booth #2707
  • 2pm Tor Booth signing with multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Greg Bear, #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Travis, Frank O’Connor, Chief of 343 Industries, and Kevin Grace, Managing Editor of 343 Industries, signing copies of Halo: Evolutions. Booth #2707
  • 5pm Tor Booth signing with David Gaider, lead writer on the award-winning role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins among others, signing copies of Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne. Booth #2707

Saturday, July 23rd

  • 12pm Tor Booth signing with the iconic Vernor Vinge! This fall will finally see the release of The Children of the Sky, the long awaited follow up to Hugo Award winning A Fire Upon the Deep. Never read it? Stop by the booth and get a copy signed by the wonderful author himself! Booth #2707
  • 3pm The Long Man give-away by comic legend, Steve Englehart. Booth #2707
  • 5pm Tor Booth signing with legendary George R.R. Martin! Originally created in 1987, long before Martin became a household name, George R. R. Martin and Melinda Snodgrass’ Wild Cards series earned a reputation for its smart reimagining of the superhero idea. Martin & Snodgrass will be joined by other contributors including Carrie Vaughn, Carolyn Spector and Daniel Abraham. Note: Martin will only sign copies of Inside Straight; limit one copy per person. Booth #2707

Sunday, July 24th

  • 10:30am Wildcards Sunday Morning, Moderated by George R.R. Martin & Melinda Snodgrass. With Paul Cornell, David Anthony Durham, Carrie Vaughn, Daniel Abraham & Caroline Spector. A Tor Books exclusive!
  • 12pm – 1pm Signing in the Autographing area AA8
  • 12pm Dreadnought giveaway by steampunk high priestess, Cherie Priest. Booth #2707
  • 12pm – 1pm Speculative Fiction: Space odyssey, alien encounters and future worlds Room 25ABC. With Vernor Vinge (The Children of the Sky), Greg Bear (Halo: Cryptum), Timothy Zahn and others. Moderated by Maryelizabeth Hart of Mysterious Galaxy.
  • 1:30pm – 2:30pm Signing in the autographing area AA8
  • 2pm – 3pm Tor Booth signing with comic legends Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham! Tor Books is proud to announce the publication of Down the Mysterly River, Willingham’s first book for young readers to be published by Starscape (Tor’s younger sibling) this fall. Willingham & Buckingham (hey that rhymes!) will sign one of four specially designed postcards featuring art from the upcoming book. A Comic-Con exclusive!

*All Tor Booth signings are on a first come first serve basis and while supplies lasts. Limit one book per person.

David Thomson
1. ZetaStriker
Well, thanks to the ridiculous overcrowding, I only have Thursday and Sunday passes. I once signed in to purchase a 4-day pass 26 seconds after they went on sale, and stil didn't get one. Not to mention that it took them months to actually sell the passes, because the massive number of people trying to get them kept crashing their server every time they tried. It's pretty bad.

All that hassle aside though, at least I get to see both the Game of Thrones and Epic Fantasy panels! Not to menton Felicia Day's The Guild panel. Should be a lot of fun.
Theresa DeLucci
2. theresa_delucci
It's crazy how fast these cons sell out. And rooms book up. I'm planning on attending the Epic Fantasy panel and hoping for The Guild one as well. But booth duty means I have a snowball's chance in hell of ever seeing anything in Hall H or Ballroom 20. Comic-Con is like a war zone; people outside of the trenches have a better picture of what's going on. It's madness.

Hope you stop by the booth to say hello and grab some swag!
Christine D
4. Christine D
Is Carrie Vaughn only going to be there one day? Why does it have to be on Thursday?? That's my busiest day, panel-wise. Man, I was really hoping to see her.
Kathy Keith
5. Babokathy
Hey, really glad to hear that all those writing celebrities will be at My Comic-Con. I live in San Diego, and couldn't get a ticket or pass to save my soul. The whole 2011 Con sold out the last day of last year's Con.

We had no trouble getting to downtown by trolley from Qualcomm Stadium. They run the Special Red Line to the Conv. Center all four days.

But good luck getting into any of the popular panels. We got there at 8AM for the opening 9AM last year, and the line for the whole day's panels was already 7,000 deep. Those folks spent their entire day standing in line for a 2PM panel. If you don't have a physical disability or W/C you don't get into a panel room. Well, maybe if you're a VIP you do?

And the oxygen in the main hall was scarce by 12-1PM anyways. They oversell the Con, they do not "turn" the panel rooms after each panel, so most people just sit there so no one else can come in.

Aside from the panel rooms, there are about 30 chairs available to sit on, in the main hall, those being in the food court. With 50,000+ people inside, the fire marshalls were non-existent. You couldn't turn around let alone get to the front of tables. The "sardine-can" experience is not for me. I had a wretched time for my $40. Panic attack anyone?

And the Gaslamp Quarter, with all its nice little restaurants were standing room only, with lines to Xmas!

I'd much rather go to a singular book signing at my favorite book seller store. Or maybe we'll get lucky and someone will post a transcript or video from the better panels for all us mere mortals who are "missing out" on this Fun experience?!

Cathy Mullican
6. nolly
San Diego is doubly blessed -- in addition to all the authors and publishers we get for Comic-Con, we have the wonderful Mysterious Galaxy ( http://www.mystgalaxy.com ) and 5 or 6 smaller local fan-run SF and related cons:

ConDor, general SF/F, lit and media -- http://www.condorcon.org

Anime Conji, anime -- http://www.animeconji.org

KingdomCon, tabletop gaming -- http://www.kingdom-con.com

Gaslight Gathering, steampunk -- http://www.gaslightgathering.org

Conjecture, general SF/F, mostly but not exclusively lit-oriented -- http://www.conjecture.org

There's also the Gam3rzCon happening in parallel to Comic-Con this year, but I don't know a lot about that one or the people behind it.

In addition to being much less insanely crowded than Comic-Con, these smaller cons are a good place to volunteer to help out, meet people, and who knows? You could end up knowing someone with comps for Comic-Con, or someone in need of staff...

For those who can't or choose not to go to Comic-Con, several of the same authors will be at Worldcon in Reno next month -- http://www.renovationsf.org -- and it's not too late to join!

Carrie Vaughn is also Guest of Honor at CopperCon in Phoenix -- http://www.coppercon.org
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
7. tnh
A guy I know who's worked professionally in comics for many years once told me that during ComiCon, he stakes out a small table at a particular bar&restaurant near the convention center. He figured that anyone who wanted to talk to him, and was sufficiently in the know to find him, could come look him up there.

I can see his point. My husband Patrick once attached a small video camera to his hat and walked the length of the two main aisles of the exhibit area, up one and down the other, when ComiCon was in full swing. That thing is huge.

Nolly @6, thanks for the info. I'll second your suggestion about volunteering at conventions. It's a great way to start getting to know people.

An article about going to one's first worldcon, parts of which are applicable to attending other large conventions: Worldcongoing.
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
I'm skipping it this year but I'll be sorry to miss out on the fun. The crowds seem to make it a drag and a blast in equal measure. It's exhausting but it's so full of energy....the fan-high is enough to keep me going for most the week.

Here's a great first-timer report from Jillian Tamaki.

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