Jul 25 2011 12:28pm

River Song Has an Eyepatch Now, Eyepatches are Cool

It’s official: Doctor Who returns to BBC America on August 27th!

Over the weekend, Comic Con revealed the first trailer for the second half of Doctor Who’s sixth season. Don’t worry, none of your questions about what is going on are even remotely answered in this trailer. Apparently the Doctor and company save Hitler’s life, Amy fights with a sword, the Cybermen are back and River Song has an eyepatch! We’ve got a trailer and clip from the Toby Whithouse penned episode “The God Complex.” Clips below the the cut.

What do you think? Is this the last season for the Doctor? Karen Gillan has confirmed she’s going to back for the 7th season, so maybe the show will just be about her now!

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Emmet O'Brien
1. EmmetAOBrien
Here's a thought: both the First and the Second Doctors met exact duplicates of themselves (played by the same actor) on-screen. Both were regular humans.

If regeneration can enable the Timelord in question to take on the appearance of another being exactly, the question of how much of the River Song we have seen is actually River and how much is Twelve could be a lot of fun.

(Still hoping that whenever we get around to Thirteen it will tie in with the Seven story Battlefield.)
Ashley Fox
2. A Fox
I rather think by the "Havent you worked it out yet?" That the Doctor will still be around. Coud hardly have Doctor Who without the Dr! Im also intrigued by the aged Amy....
3. Kimmie
The Tenth Doctor was also supposed to die, "He will knock four times" and all that, and he didn't really die, just regenerate. But since they've confirmed Matt for another series worth of episodes, I think he'll manage, or otherwise they won't reveal everything until next season.

But River with an eyepatch really freakes me out...
4. rogerothornhill
But the Utah shooting was supposed to stop the regeneration process, as was the Viking funeral. I think Moffatt said somewhere it's not a clone. Hmmmm.

Most interesting to me is the fact that I *think* I saw Toby Jones in there. Does this mean the return of the Dream Lord?
5. a-j
'Don't talk to the clown'

This may have to be put into latin and adopted as my motto
6. TomR(Mac)
I've got a theory. Not a good one because it only just came to me. What if the Doctor that died at the lake is one of the copies like in 'The Rebel Flesh', 'The Almost People' and 'A Good Man goes to War'?

Admitedly that seems kind of weak, because if I can think of it alot of other fans can think of it and then where is the suprise in that.
Dave Bell
7. DaveBell
Everything significant we know about Utah comes from River Song. It feels staged. So we can't be sure about the Doctor.

Eyepatches? are we meant to think that an older River Song is trying to make sure River Song comes into existence? But how can that be fitted with Silence in the Library?

Let's face it, the effects of the Pandorica make our memories of past Doctor Who unreliable. We can all see the same thing and remember it differently.

Winston Churchill was in that trailer too. Apparently with a gun.
8. tegan
Ain't nothin' wrong with a little Winston Churchill gun action.
9. Diogee21
I find it interesting that there is also a Viking who is wearing an eye patch...

Also... could the large eye that opens at 0:14 be The Face of Bo?

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