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Brandon Sanderson on

The Stormlight Archive on

Everything about Brandon Sanderson’s massive epic fantasy series The Stormlight Archive, including excerpts from the books, news, and commentary on the myriad facets of Roshar and the author behind it.



The Way of Kings Reread on

Follow the reread of Brandon Sanderson’s first Stormlight Archive series book The Way of Kings and join Michael Pye (aka The Mad Hatter) as he dives into the details of Sanderson’s complex new world of Roshar.



Brandon Sanderson's The Rithmatist

More than anything, Joel wants to be a Rithmatist, humanity’s only defense against the Wild Chalklings—merciless creatures that leave mangled corpses in their wake. Follow the news and read excerpts from Brandon Sanderson’s young adult novel The Rithmatist, out on May 14, 2013 from Tor Books.

Read The Rithmatist:

Other news:



Steelheart Brandon Sanderson

Every single person who manifested powers—we call them Epics—turned out to be evil. There are no heroes. One of their most terrible, Steelheart, has the strength of ten men and can control the elements. It is said no bullet can harm him, no sword can split his skin, no explosion can burn him. He is invincible.

But I've seen Steelheart bleed.

Read more about Steelheart, out from Delacorte Press on September 24, 2013, the first book in Brandon Sanderson's young adult Reckoners trilogy.

Reviews & Commentary:



Mistborn: The Alloy of Law on

Read the first seven chapters and check out cool extras from The Alloy of Law, the newest Mistborn novel from Brandon Sanderson, release from Tor Books in November 2011.



Brandon Sanderson's The Rithmatist

All about Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson’s first published trilogy, a fast-paced fantasy series that defies genre classifications. The Lord Ruler rose to prominence centuries ago in the world of Mistborn, cloaking the land in mist and ash. Are there any who can shake his grip? Or at least steal a whole bunch of treasure out from under his nose? Allomancers—Mistborns, really—Kelsier and Vin have some ideas....

The Science of Allomancy by Lee Falin



The Wheel of Time Brandon Sanderson

Everything about The Wheel of Time’s final volume, A Memory of Light, from the run-up to release, and beyond.



The Wheel of Time Brandon Sanderson

News, art, answers, and more about Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, including the volumes co-written by Brandon Sanderson.

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S. A.  Yost
1. S. A. Yost
Would love to win a copy of "The Way of Kings" for my family. I'm not sure if this is where to "comment" in order to do that. Loved the book though. I like the fact that there is nothing ranchy in it. I can let my fourteen year old read it without worry. Thanks for the good read. A Yost

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