Jun 30 2011 12:23pm

Gaiman Explains American Gods TV Show, Has Brief Romance with Craig Ferguson

Neil Gaiman has been making the rounds recently speaking about a variety of topics and upcoming projects. Here’s he’s talking to MTV News about the new American Gods TV show and why it might which might not be the kind of TV series one would expect.

“The overall plan right now is that the first season would essentially be the first book, with a few interesting divergences,” Gaiman said to MTV News. He went on to illustrate what will come after the first season, “There was alway so much more plot for American Gods... what happens to Shadow and what happens in the fallout. So we’re just going to follow it along.” He also added that Anansi Boys would be a separate mini-series.

Then Gaiman and Craig Ferguson flirted with the idea of being lovers.

Here Ferguson suggests he and Gaiman should be lovers, then asks some (serious!) questions about how much an author owns of their work once the public gets it a hold of it. There’s also a comparison between watching Doctor Who and binge-drinking. Enjoy.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby thinks Gaiman’s next project should be the biography of Stubby’s life, entitled: Speak, Rocket.

Roland of Gilead
1. pKp
What does he mean by "the first book" ? Unless you count the novella that appears in Fragile Thing, there isn't a second book (and Anansi Boys, which is set in the same universe, is specifically mentioned as having its own series, so it can't be that).

Are we going to see a second American Gods novel ? That would be unbelievably cool.
Ian Gazzotti
2. Atrus
Very late reply that: yes, Neil confirmed that he'll be writing a second book!

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