May 2 2011 4:01pm

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Appreciation Giveaway

Starlog issue #30For the first week of May we’re appreciating all of the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast! We’ve got great pieces from bloggers, our Trek recappers, and some very special guests, but that’s not all.

Every Star Trek movie appreciation this week will have an accompanying giveaway specific to that movie. A bit of history, or something tongue-in-cheek, or something random...whatever feels right.

For Dayton Ward’s appreciation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture we’re giving away a copy of Starlog Magazine issue #30. This now-vintage issue features several in-depth pieces, including a lengthy excerpt from Walter Koenig’s set diary, on the ongoing production of the first Star Trek film. The issue provides an amazing glimpse of the excitement behind the then-forthcoming return of the Star Trek series.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. One winner will be randomly selected by noon EST on Tuesday, May 3rd. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and could have been seen reading the above issue of Starlog on the subway shortly after procuring it at a flea market.

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Marcus W
1. toryx
Say whatever else you want to say about ST:TMP, it was a very pretty picture at the time. Well, parts of it were.
5. francescogorni
ali di pollo
Paul Go
6. greyarea
I like TMP better than a good number of the sequels.
8. GryphonCat
I was utterly enthralled by the movie when it came out. it took me awhile to realize it could have used a bit of trimming... :) It's a great movie to remember!
9. kamandi68
Neat prize!
10. planetheidi
Hey, I saw that movie in the theater as a kid
Noneo Yourbusiness
11. Longtimefan
a pretty and glossy magazine for a pretty and glossy movie. nice tie in!
12. SarahSparrow
Thanks for the giveaway!
13. isnochys
nice giveaway
14. Tailspinner
Why is any object we don't understand always called "a thing"?

Love this movie, love Bones.
16. Alden Ash
Please count me in. This would make a great Father's Day gift (if I don't keep it myself).
Jim Crumley
18. crumley
It was good enough to pave the way for sequels ...
20. firesinger
Great, another giveaway! Long time no see!
Ashley McGee
21. AshleyMcGee
Star Trek did more for me than entertain; it informed my literary and imaginative creativity. In other words: Star Trek rulze!
22. RobinM
This isn't my favorite Star Trek movie but, that vintage Starlog would give my lonely Star Wars edition one with an Ewok on the cover someone else to play with.
23. CatMealer
Great idea! Good luck to everyone! ;)
Sean Pratz
24. Galoot
My wife would die for this! I'd think it was pretty cool, too.
25. appomattoxco
I think I had a copy of this that tossed before a move.
26. Coreena
Great giveaway, please enter me.
27. Brian35
Thanks for the giveaway : )
28. Marilyn
As I've gotten older, I've gained more appreciation for ST:TMP. It's a great story, marred by poor editing.
j p
30. sps49
So there's a director's cut/ restoration?
31. Vegasgustan
Very cool idea you guys have had and what a nice giveaway as well.
32. Prominent Nonentity
Andrew Lee
33. alee
Please enter me for this. Thanks!
John Richards
34. wanderingoutlaw
I need to rewatch ST:TMP sometime. I don't think I've watched since it was on at the theater.
35. Gwendolynkay
Live long and prosper and gimme a prize.
36. Matt Carpenter
Want tribbles!
37. jay hawk
Where's Spock? Nice prize!
38. Hilary
my son would love this.
39. Laurraine
My husband would love this.
40. James G
I remember reading this back in the day.
42. Shaun1
Worth one thousand strips of latinum
43. Keving
Great giveaway....ok movie!!!!
46. Mike Poteet
"TMP" is defnitely an underappreciated classic. As is Roddenberry's novelization, by the way -- I just finished re-reading it and was struck, again, by what a strong story this movie really tells.
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