May 17 2011 1:27pm

New Terra Nova Trailer Gives Us More Dystopia, Dinosaurs

The new trailer for the Brannon Braga/Steven Spielberg/Rene Echevarria produced Terra Nova is here and it looks promising! In the future, with humankind facing extinction, a select group of colonists decide to retreat into the past to start fresh. Naturally, they head back to the Time of the Dinosaurs where plants are lusher, the air cleaner, and lizards much bigger. This new trailer gives us great scenes of the future dystopia from which the humans are fleeing, and a few glimpses of the dinos that are either going to ruin everyone's day, or be instrumentative to agriculture. We think there's a solid tone to this trailer that gives us hope that Terra Nova could maybe be a great science fiction series. (And probably slightly better than Dino Riders.)

What do you think?

1. images8dream
Just what we need, another science fiction story with no support from science.

Time travel: uninteresting; either they are escaping to an alternate timeline (then why not just pick a timeline where Earth isn't all screwed up) or they are going back to their own past, which means that they will just begin the cycle of ruining earth all over again, since the past is fixed.

Dinosaurs: T-Rex, or other dinosaurs like it, could not run at speeds sufficient to chase a motorized vehicle. Not physically possible given its constitution. In all liklihood, the adult T-rex was a scavenger or kill stealer, not an ambush predator.

And why, in Earth's 6 billion year old past, do they have to travel to the time with dinosaurs? Why note the Eocene epoch, when mammals first emerged, which would be a world clean and fresh but most like our own.

The whole movie is the combination of two tired, worn out tropes.
Michael Grosberg
2. Michael_GR
What is the extent of Spielberg's actual involvement in this project? He's listed as executive producer which could mean pretty much anything, but has no story, writing, or directing credits. Plus, there's that other show he's attached to as producer, Falling Skies (for which he gets a "producer" credit).

Personally I've had my fill of Dinosaurs. You can watch a dino show any day of the week on the various nature / science channels, and three seasons of Primeval (yes, there have been more, I lost interest) sated my thirst for human-vs-dino action.
3. LeAnn WH
Bootstrap Colony tells a similar story, but with some better science, better projection of future tech, consistant internal logic, and (judging just from the trailer) much better plot lines. If they wanted to make a dino-sci fi thriller, why couldn't they have at least produced a quality story? It looks as if somebody read Bootstrap and decided to run with their own version of the idea, leaving out the stuff that made it good. (Bootstrap Colony is an epublished book by a first time writer, and so does have a couple of rough spots, but is overall very good.) I so prefer strong story above special effects. I can hope that the trailer was simply not effective in conveying that, but trailers are usually the best face, ...
Lianne Burwell
4. LKBurwell
Thpppt. They won't even let me see it.
5. dawn the glass bead maker
It's not a Law and Order re do, or any other sort of cop show or teen drama. I like so far :)
6. cranscape
Looks better than I thought it would. With how much money they threw at it I wonder how well it has to do to be considered successful? Interesting direction to go while others are tightening their belts just to stay on tv another season.
Joris Meijer
7. jtmeijer
I think people that are trying to get attention to their new product by releasing trailers should be kicked hard for regio-restricting them.
A.J. Bobo
8. Daedylus
Jurrasic Park meets Avatar. Interesting choice. I don't need hard science, just characters I like in a story that seems to be going somewhere. I'm hoping that's what we get. I'll give it a chance.
Lucas Vollmer
9. aspeo
This looks like it could be pretty good. I hope it has the storylines to keep it as interesting as the trailer looks.

Of course, it's also a show on FOX so people will probably love it and then they will cancel it, lol.
I and others i know loved terra nova No its not real but what is on TV. I wish someone whould bring it back. In stead of all the cdop shows. There is to many of them.
I and others i know loved terra nova No its not real but what is on TV. I wish someone whould bring it back. In stead of all the cdop shows. There is to many of them.

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