May 5 2011 6:17pm

NCC-1701-D Wins Favorite Enterprise Poll

USS Enterprise-D

In honor of our week-long Star Trek Movie Marathon, we turned to our trusty Facebook friends and Twitter followers to see which Enterprise of all the Enterprises on Star Trek was your favorite.

A clear winner has emerged. The Enterprise with the most total screen-time, Jean-Luc Picard’s NCC-1701-D seems to easily be the favorite. Is it the nifty bar? The holodeck? The fact that it sort of looks like an aquatic life form in space? The beige chairs? (Experience beige!) No matter the case, the majority of fans seem to love it.

There was a lot of love for the classic NCC-1701, though officers were throwing down on Enterprise-E versus NX-01 all day long. Mostly we think this decision comes down to the way the outside of the ship looks.  But if we consider the inside too, the question becomes: which ship has your favorite chair?

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby is getting a little tired of all of these other spaceships taking the spotlight on when it is clear that Stubby is the superior craft. Stubby doesn’t need to be jealous of any Enterprise because Stubby is obviously, stronger, better, faster, and more fun at parties.

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1. sps49
Kirk's was the only one that swiveled, right?

That one.
2. kluelos
If I were the captain, I'd insist on a recliner, myself.
Chris Hawks
3. SaltManZ
Really? The D? I always thought that was the ugliest of all the Enterprises.

Myself, I've always loved the NCC-1701-A (pretty much identical to the movie-upgraded 1701, if I recall.)
4. Nentuaby
Jokes aside, I actually do like the D's set design specifically because of the beige. Specifically, because all that beige is part of a neutrally pleasant, warmly colored, well lit design.

Sure it's kind of boring, but it also makes it feel the most like someplace people actually live and work out of all the post-budget-jump ships. All the dramatically underlit gunmetal and charcoal of your E or your Voyager or your NX-01 may look great over a 40 minute show or a two hour movie, but if you actually consider being in that environment for months on end, it'd give every human crewmember aboard a horrid Seasonal Affect Disorder analogue.

It's not my favorite any longer, though; the movie iTerprise interior manages to hit the same "plausible living environment" point AND look dramatic at the same time.
Paul Lewandowski
5. Snowkestrel
I gotta say, NCC1701-B would be my choice for best. The Excelsior class lines are awesome- sleek and futuristic without really losing the design aesthetic of the TMP Enterprise. Ever since ST:III, I wanted to see a new series that used that ship design, and the flares at the bottom of the secondary hull made for a vaguely nautical effect that really added something on the Enterprise-B.

As for the interior, the beige is just a bit too much. I think about the decor of the rec area on the TMP Enterprise and feel like you don't have to have bad hospital style all over the ship to have some comfortable living space included for the crew. 1701-D always felt too much like it was designed by the same people that design office cubicles and clinic waiting rooms. Just bigger.
Joseph Kingsmill
6. JFKingsmill16
1701-D may be the most boring of the ships named Enterprise. Personally I love "Yesterdays Enterprise" version of 1701-D and the future 1701-D that Riker commanded in "All Good Things.." equally.

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