May 4 2011 7:06pm

Dungeons & Dragons Gets the Autotune Treatment in “Roll a D6”

Dungeons & Dragons (and autotune?) fans. Saw this, and had to share with y'all:

“Roll a D6” from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.

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David Thomson
1. ZetaStriker
Oh wow. I just had to share this with my DnD group immediately. Especially since my only female player has been trying to convince me without success that "Like a G6" is a good song for months now. XD
Jason Henninger
2. jasonhenninger
This is much better than the original. But then, so is being kicked in the ear.
Ian P. Johnson
3. Ian P. Johnson
First reaction:

That ranger's a level 30? He shouldn't be wasting his talents on goblins and zombies. That's the point in the game where you go around killing deities and brutally murdering Demogorgon like a BOSS.

Also, strangely medium-sized goblins. Like Order of the Stick!


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