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Top 10 Urban Fantasy Sidekicks

Holy Urban Fantasy Sidekicks Batman!

Holy Urban Fantasy Sidekicks, Batman!

The army of urban fantasy fans from Urban Fantasy Facebook and Twitter is fast becoming an amazing resource the paranormal community. Ask a question and the responses come flying in. Most recently, the topic of sidekicks came up.

Where would Batman be without Robin? Frodo without Samwise? Han Solo without Chewbacca? Frodo would be caving it up with Gollum, Hans would still likely be frozen in carbonite, and Batman…okay, I’m guessing Batman would be fine, but the others hold true. But sidekicks aren’t simply relegated to comics and SFF. Urban fantasy has it’s share. How long would Harry last without Bob? Rachel without Jenks? Angel without Wesley?

I took the question to Facebook and Twitter and the weekly #UFchat (UF_Chat) on Twitter and here’s who we listed as the Top 10 favorite urban fantasy sidekicks:


10.) Gary, sidekick to Joanne Walker in the Walker Papers series by C. E. Murphy

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Gary Muldoon is a 70-something cab driver and a former college linebacker. First appearance: Urban Shaman (Walker Papers, #1).


9.) Finn, sidekick to Gin Blanco in the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep

Urban fantasy sidekicks

“Finnegan Lane is Gin’s fos­ter brother and gen­eral part­ner in crime. He’s also an invest­ment banker, com­puter whiz, and shame­less womanizer.” – Jennifer Estep.First appearance: Spider’s Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1).


8.) Fang the Mustang, sidekick to Eric in the Void City series by J. F. Lewis

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Fang is a vampire car who occasionally eats people. First appearance: Staked (Void City, #1).


7.) Andrea, sidekick to Kate Daniels in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Andrea Nash is a Knight in the Order of Merciful Aid and a beastkin able to shift into a human/hyena hybrid. Read more about her on the Kate Daniels Wiki Main/Andrea. First appearance: Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2)


6.) Phineas, sidekick to Abby Sinclair in the Abby Sinclair series by Allison Pang

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Phineas is a “tiny, ass-biting unicorn” with an underwear fetish. You can follow him on Twitter @phintheunicorn. First appearance: A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair, #1)


5.) Giguhl, sidekick to Sabina Kane in the Sabina Kane series by Jaye Wells

Urban fantasy sidekicks

According to Jaye Wells, “Giguhl, aka Mr. Giggles, is a Fifth-level Mischief Demon, minion to Sabina Kane and home shopping network addict.” Follow him on Twitter @Giguhl. First appearance: Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, #1)


4.)Wesley, sidekick to Angel in the Angel TV series created by Joss Whedon

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, played by Alexis Denisof, was a member of the Watchers’ Council in Buffy before joining a supernatural detective agency on Angel. First appearance: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season three episode “Bad Girls


3.) Spike, sidekick to Buffy Summers (and later Angel) in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series created by Joss Whedon

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Spike, aka William the Bloody, played by James Marsters, is a vampire who initially wants to kill Buffy, ends up teaming up with her, and later falling in love with her. After Buffy ended, Spike joined the cast of Angel for it’s final season. First appearance: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season two episode “School Hard


2.) Jenks, sidekick to Rachel Morgan in The Hollows series by Kim Harrison

Urban fantasy sidekicks

Jenks is a pixy who works with Rachel and Ivy in their freelance business working as a saboteur, electronics expert, and spy. First appearance: Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)


1.) Bob, sidekick to Harry Dresden  in The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Bob is an air spirit of intellect who resides in a human skull owned by Harry Dresden. First appearance: Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)

Did we include your favorite urban fantasy sidekick? Any glaring omissions?

Abigail Johnson manages the Urban Fantasy Facebook and Twitter accounts and spends way too much time thinking about vampires, werewolves, zombies and all things paranormal in books, movies, TV and video games.

Pamela (Spaz)
1. Pamela (Spaz)
I voted on Twitter for Giguhl and Phin so I am quite pleased they made the List :P
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
2. ceitfianna
Quentin and May for Toby Daye. She has one of the best supporting casts that I've ever read in Urban Fantasy.
Pamela (Spaz)
3. Liana Brooks
I'm torn here. I love Spike, Jenks rocks, and Bob sits on my desk (after all, Dresden is dead, Bob needed a loving home).

But where is Niko from Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series?
Steven Halter
4. stevenhalter
Well, and Harry Dresden is of course the sidekick to Mister.
Pamela (Spaz)
5. SaraMaxine
I love me some Joss Whedon, but how have we neglected Rob Thurman so?!
I have to nominate the ever-so-Puckable Robin Goodfellow from the Cal Leandros series.
If anyone doubts my judgement here, just read his List of Daily Affirmations, Dreary Chores, and Incredibly Witty Observations:
Pamela (Spaz)
6. Zerlina
Some good ones on the list but what about Niko or Robin Goodfellow or even Salome the mummified cat as sidekicks. They are kick ass and deadly and the cat has the highest body count of all the characters in the Cal Leandros book series by Rob Thurman
Lisa Richardson
7. Serena B
I guess because I'm such a cat lover my fave sidekick would have to be Salome from Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series.

There are so many wonderful sidekicks in that series, I'm shocked that none of them made this list.
Pamela (Spaz)
8. Punday
Glaring ommission: Robin Goodfellow (Cal Leandros Series).

Never has a sidekick sidekicked with more style than he.
Pamela (Spaz)
9. Nonie
All the above seem great choices, however, how could we forget Niko from the Leandros Bros. series, Cal would not be Cal without Niko, or Cal and Niko would not be great without their sidekick Robin..or Robin would not be Robin without Salome...
Pamela (Spaz)
10. jtepavcevich
I would have to say that Cal is fantastic as Niko's sidekick, without a doubt. We could do to see more brother action.
Pamela (Spaz)
11. Morning

Seriously. No contest.
Cal Leandros series.
Pamela (Spaz)
12. joliet jake blues
Morley Dotes to Garrett, right back in Sweet Silver Blues, Glen Cook.
Pamela (Spaz)
13. Amity Bell
Where's the puck? This list needs more Robin Goodfellow.
Pamela (Spaz)
14. Psistriker
While I love me some Bob, I have to agree with my fellow Reavers here. Where's the Niko & Robin love? Where's the Zeke & Griffin love? Heck, where's the Salome love?

Although, if you ask Niko & Rob, they'd both probably say they were the heroes & Cal was the sidekick. ;)
Pamela (Spaz)
15. Rebecca U
Yeah okay, Bob is cool but uhh, hello? Robin Goodfellow from Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series! Robin wins as a sidekick! ...though Niko is just as awesome (same series). Though Zeke & Griffin from her Trickster series are great sidekicks too. I can't decide...!
Pamela (Spaz)
16. Caleb A
Rob Thurman's Leandros series has some great side kicks that should be, but arent on here. Niko - super ninja, whose main goal in life is the keep Cal alive. Rob Goodfellow - one of my personal favorites in the series, he is a puck, and will puck you up! Salome - EVIL UNDEAD CAT! (need i say more) Zeke and Griffin from Rob's Trickster series are also awesome picks. Hard to believe that none of these great characters made it, especially since i don't even know have of the books on here.
Pamela (Spaz)
17. S.G. Newt
Niko and Goodfellow from Cal Leandros series; two of the best side kicks ever made. Also worth mentioning the fork, best utensil side kick since the spoon from The Tick.
Pamela (Spaz)
18. Tarrnation
Glaring omission for sure is Robin Goodfellow from
the Cal Leandros series, although in his mind HE's the star of every story.
This is such an outstanding series by Rob Thurman-can't call yourself an
Urban Fantasy reader if you haven't read her books IMO
Pamela (Spaz)
19. KaitetheKumquat
I love Spike as much as the next drooling Joss Whedon fan. Don't get me wrong but... How did the ever amazing, totally puckable Robin Goodfellow from Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros Series NOT make this list!!? He's fabulous! Rob Thurman OWNS the Uraban Fantasy genre in my opinion. ANGER! OUTRAGE! SCORN! WOOOOOOE! *insert angry stomping and childish sniveling here* RAAAAAWR! I AM THE DARK LORD OF WRATH! FEAR MEEEEEEEE!
Pamela (Spaz)
20. Frostfire Imp
I can note two glaring omissions from this list. The first is Robin Goodfellow from Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series. The second is Bergman from Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Parks series. Both sidekicks are totally awesome and shiny.....I just wish more people would read both series so they too can become addicts.
Phil Frederick
21. flosofl
Signing on just to say... did anyone happen to mention Robin Goodfellow?
Pamela (Spaz)
22. Nicole Peeler
OMG that picture of the hairless cat is killing me. And I mean KILLING me. *dies*
Pamela (Spaz)
23. Jensau
Excuse me, but where the Hell are Robin Goodfellow, Nico and Salome the cat from the Cal Leandros series?
You can't get any better sidekickable sidekicks as a deliciously witty and wicked, fashion conscious puck, a sexy, zenlike, Ninja, healthfood freak and psychotic, mummified (yet somehow, loveable) bald, killer cat!!

Pamela (Spaz)
24. DresdenRose
Where are Niko and Robin from The Leandros series? Two of the most awesome sidekicks ever! Much better looking than Unicorns. Niko the ninja and Robin, the fashion-plate, sex-obsessed Puck ... be still my heart!
Pamela (Spaz)
25. willow
I love many of these (Spike, Gary, Bob), but I agree with many others. We need Niko and Puck. Also Curran makes a better sidekick than Andrea in Illona Andrews' books. But that's not as important as Niko!
Pamela (Spaz)
26. SusanK
what about all of Anita Blake's (Laurell K. Hamilton, author) "sidekicks"? LOL
Pamela (Spaz)
27. Jackie U
I definitely see Niko and Puck, but glad to see Phin and Jenks make the cut. Phin cracked me up and Jenks actually made me cry once! I've never watched an episode of Buffy, and I never plan to, so I don't see the appeal of her two sidekicks. To each their own, though. : )

And LOL @Susan K. hehehe
Pamela (Spaz)
28. Kelly S.
I love Bob & Jenks - my favorites!
Pamela (Spaz)
29. Sue J
I'm with everyone on the glaring and dastardly omissions of Rob Thurman's sidekicks, hands down. I couldn't believe I didn't see them on this list. But since this list isn't confined to TOR books, where's PJ, the sidekick in Laura Gilman's series? And Meredith Gentry's many sidekicks? ;-) And, truuuuuly, where's Chloe with her fabulous, to-die-for, Wall of Weird from "Smallville"???
Pamela (Spaz)
30. discogirl
Jenks and Bob - definitely a couple of my faves

I'm with everyone can't ask for anyone better than Robin Goodfellow or Niko.

Another fave is Pritken from the Cassandra Palmer series. I love me some Pritkin.
Pamela (Spaz)
31. Meredithhawkes
YEAH JINKS.....Gotta love him!
Pamela (Spaz)
32. Sepulchritox
Jenks is awesomesauce
Pamela (Spaz)
33. Sara Anne
I agree with Bob and disagree with almost everyone else (except Spike, who is a towering badass). But, let's be fair, so is Niko Leandros, Cal's big brother. That dude can do things with a katana - and you can imagine the metaphors I'm running with here - that blow. your. mind.

Also, I'll go ahead and put out there that Edward is the best part of the Anita Blake series. Hands down. The books he isn't in aren't worth reading.
Pamela (Spaz)
34. jessica gibson
Way too go Jenks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela (Spaz)
36. Lingeorge
Please, don't forget the Puck. Cal and Nikko have Goodfellow -- from Rob Thurman's series. And, Yes! I do so love Jenks!!
Pamela (Spaz)
37. Roach
Another agreement with Reavers. Where's Niko Leandros from Rob Thurman's series??
Pamela (Spaz)
38. Joe R
Gotta have Niko and/or Goodfellow from Cal Leandros series.
Pamela (Spaz)
How the HELL could Rob Thurman's characters be omitted from this list!? Her characters are so brilliant, at the very least Niko should be on here! I mean c'mon how can you beat a sexy man who is Mr. Goody Two Shoes himself who can simultaneously murder you with a tube sock while giving you life lessons following the path of Buddhism?? What about some Robin Goodfellow , or even have some Trickster love by adding the adorable, gun-loving, psychotic Zeke?? It's..It's a tragedy, that's what it is. TRAGEDY!
Abigail Johnson
40. AbigailJohnson
You guys are killing me :) Not one person suggested any of Rob Thurman's characters during the week I asked for submissions. Not one. We'll be putting more lists together, so make sure you chime in on Facebook or Twitter next time.
Pamela (Spaz)
41. Blackhorse
Niko...Goodfellow....dead cranky kitty...WHERE ARE YOU??
It's deplorable that they've not been included. I demand messy justice!
Pamela (Spaz)
42. pignewton
well, as some others have somewhat politely pointed out, where the hell ARE cal leandros' sidekicks-take your pick-niko and robin?! niko is the ultimate got-your-back character!
Pamela (Spaz)
43. UnseelieMe
I'm all for some of those listings, but a little confused...Maybe this should be broken up into two categories - Books and Television Series?
That way some of the most important sidekicks in UFbooks would be listed like Niko Leandros and Robin Goodfellow fromRob Thurman's Cal Leandros series or Zeke and Griffin from her Trickster series.

Others...Ian from Sonya Bateman's Master of None series; Warren or Ben from Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series; Pirate from Angie Fox's Accidental Demonslayer series; Shame and Stone from Devon Monk's Allie Beckstrom series; Mallory from Chloe Neill's Chicago Vampire series; Von from Adrian Phoenix's Maker Song series; Cole from Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Park series; Saul from Lilith Saintcrow's Jill Kismet series or Japhrimel from her Dante Valentine series; or Bliss from S.L. Wright's Confessions of a Demon series.

Just sayin'....
Pamela (Spaz)
44. Ilona Andrews
Only #7 for Andrea?! You will never get another ARC again. Why, you will never make another list on this internet ever, ever.


(PS. Joking, just in case someone suddenly decides to take me seriously.)
Pamela (Spaz)
45. Jackie U
I never saw this on Twitter or Facebook or I would have shouted by love for panty-sniffing unicorns and old-as-dirt perverts. (Phin and Robin, people...Phin and Robin, lol)

I'm trying to think of other sidekicks, but the only other one I adore is Jim, and he's from PR, not UF. : ) Someone mentioned Ian, though, which is awesome. LOVE Sonya Bateman's books!!
Pamela (Spaz)
46. Jackie U
MY love. Good lord, lol.
Pamela (Spaz)
47. Mary Shin
I can't believe none of the Cal Leandros series sidekicks are here!
Niko/Robin should definitely be on the list.
Pamela (Spaz)
48. LoriBeth
what the heck where is Salome from the Cal Leandros series, she could kick any of these guys butts, she's got the highest kill count in the series out of all of them. If not her the Niko or Robin. they truly are amazing.
Pamela (Spaz)
49. anyanwubutler
I get Bob and Spike and I'd prefer Willow to Wesley. But no Niko or Robin?!!! There is no justice in the world!
Pamela (Spaz)
50. Nick E
No Niko or Robin from the Cal Leandros series?!!?!? This list is incomplete to say the least they got Bob on here, but still :/
Pamela (Spaz)
51. ally-oop
Clearly whoever made this list has not read the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman...
Pamela (Spaz)
52. Ant D
No mention of Nico Leandros or Robin Goodfellow? Really??
Pamela (Spaz)
53. -Cheryl
Um, yeah...Big, glaring omission. Niko or Robin from the Cal Leandros series!
Pamela (Spaz)
54. Beth L
I'm far enough behind the eight ball on replying to this that I don't need to point out the gross ommission of the ninja who can kill you with a sock and whose coat contains more concealed weaponry than the entire state of Texas... but I'm just wondering what the criteria was for the selections?
Awesome as his character is, I've never thought of Spike as a sidekick. To me a sidekick is a character who aids the main character with the express purpose of helping them achieve their goal. Spike starts out as a bad guy on the show, and when he does begin to help Buffy later on it's entirely for his own reasons. He doesn't really become what I would call a "sidekick" until late in 7th season. He's an awesome character, but I think his spot on this particular list could have been given to a more deserving character.
...Okay, unless you're basing his ranking entirely on the speech he gives Buffy in "Touched."
Pamela (Spaz)
55. Kritchie
I am at a loss how Niko the uber Ninja for the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman didn't even make the list!

Pamela (Spaz)
56. Erika@BadassBookReviews
I hope you don't consider this spammy, but we are having a supernatural sidekick smackdown, and a bunch of the characters mentioned (Robin, Niko, Bis, Bob, Stone, Andrea etc) Need your votes!!

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