Apr 29 2011 11:55am

Summit Entertainment Trying to Position Ender’s Game as Next Twilight/Hunger Games?

Ender’s Game art by Sam WeberMovie news portal Deadline is reporting that Summit Entertainment, the film company behind the Twilight series movie adaptations, has acquired the U.S. film rights to Orson Scott Card’s classic Ender’s Game series. Production is to begin immediately, with Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Oscar Award-winning Tsotsi) directing and writing, based from a screenplay originally crafted by Card.

Reportedly, now that the Twilight movies are winding down, Summit is keen to offer a young adult franchise in opposition to the forthcoming Hunger Games film trilogy, which is set to launch in 2012. Hood has been working on the script to the adaptation for the past year and plans to present FX stills at the next Cannes.

Original Ender’s Game art by Sam Weber. Check out the process post for it here.

Joseph Kingsmill
1. JFKingsmill16
I would like to be positive about this news but I can't believe that Hollywood would allow a faithful adaption of Ender's Game/Ender's Shadow. They will try to make the kids older and inject sometype of romantic storyline.

IMO: This series I think would be perfectly done if it was filmed like Avatar. This would allow for the actors to be shown as children and the CGI Battle Room along with the later fleet battle would be incredible.
David Thomson
2. ZetaStriker
Having read the Malazan Book of the Fallen, hearing the director called simply "Hood" is absolutely hilarious to me right now.
Tom Wook
3. Twook00
@1 - JFKingsmill16, I completely agree. I'd love to see this in 3D as well.
Rich Bennett
4. Neuralnet
LOL, guess this means they will play up all the romance in the book.

one of my favorite books... but I think it will hard to pull off a movie version
Brent Longstaff
5. Brentus
Battle room in 3D would be awesome; that's the kind of scene where depth perception will make a big difference. In 2D you have to guess somewhat how far things are from the camera, and it takes longer for the mind to process what's going on. 3D will allow you to see everyone's position in space easily so you can concentrate on the action.

@2 - lol!
Emmet O'Brien
6. EmmetAOBrien
If it's in 3D it will give me a pounding headache. If it's in 2D it will not. This is a feature of my vision, and I am pretty sure I am not unique in having those particular vision issues. I cannot wait for the current 3D fad to go away, because I could not find anywhere in Montreal where it was possible to see Tron: Legacy in 2D in English, and I'd really rather have the option to watch movies with stuff blowing up without getting that sort of headache.
7. fcaiiacf
I hope hollywood will do a faithful adaptation because I enjoyed the book. That room where they do their battles, that would be an interesting watch.
Michael Burke
8. Ludon
@6 EmmetAOBrien
I can assure you that you are not alone in this. 3D movies always gave me headaches when I tried to watch them. Well after my last attempt to watch one, I tested out as having the minimum level of depth perception. I didn't find that out until I was 50. The older tests (such as turning the dial to align the rods) didn't catch it because being an artist, I had learned to rely on other clues. Now I know that the extra cost of a movie in 3D would be a waste for me.

Here's a twisted thought. How about approaching this property from a low-tech yet high-camp approach. How about Mr. Hands and Mr. Bill Present Ender's Game? Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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