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Regarding Hellhole, by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Hellhole by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. AndersonIf I may paraphrase:

...when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the stars, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of natures God entitles them...

This is such a story. It’s the kind that hooked me on science fiction so may years ago. An epic tale of our future, of technological advancement, world building across 74 star systems and of alien first contact; but human nature itself hasn’t changed much, power and wealth still concentrate and corrupt. The old empire ruled by its dowager empress has imposed crippling taxes on 54 deep zone planets. Their resources are drained to feed the desires of the empires decadent aristocracy but there are those who dream to live free to develop what they sought when they traveled to the stars. This is their story. If you try it I think you’ll get hooked just as I did.

Towards that, Tor Books is releasing the first 100 pages of Herbert and Anderson's original novel, Hellhole, right here on

Tom Doherty is the publisher of Tor Books.

Marie Alsbergas
3. malsbergas
First, I have been a fan of SciFi since I read Dandelion Wine, Foundation and 1984 while in grade school. I have ALL of the Dune series, and I have read a few of the Herbert/Anderson works beyond their Dune efforts. So, I was quite excited to receive HELLHOLE as a Christmas gift!

However, there is a problem with the book itself. My edition is missing pages 487 - 518! Instead, it repeats pages 391 - 422! It seems to be from the first paperback printing in the US, for December 2011. How can I find out what happens in the middle of the book? Must I buy a hardcover or wait for the next print batch and hope that the error is corrected? Help!
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
4. tnh
Malsbergas, it sounds like your copy was miscollated at the plant. Two of its constituent signatures (16-page groups of pages) were replaced by extra copies of two other signatures. It's a common manufacturing defect. Any bookstore that carries that edition should be willing to swap your bad copy for one of their good ones, no receipt required.
5. arb
This is a great book. Unfortunately I ran into similar issue as malsbergas about 1/4 through the book. My book had pages 151 to 182 replaced with 247 to 248. Mine is also from the December 2011 printing. I will try the bookstore.

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