Apr 29 2011 11:01am

Party With Endeavour


Forget Coachella! The biggest show this spring is going to be the final launch of the space shuttle Endeavour. Assuming weather doesn’t interfere, today at 3:47 PM EST will mark the final launch of Endeavour before the orbiter is retired permanently. According to news reports, over 700,000 people are planning to attend this historic event. Among the attendees will be Representative Gabrielle Giffords who will be cheering on her husband Mark Kelly, the commander of Endeavour, as he rockets into space.

Additionally, Commander Kelly will be taking questions live from space on Monday May 2nd starting at 2:15 pm EST in joint effort from YouTube, the PBS News Hour, and Google.

Though this is the final flight for Endeavour, it is not the last space shuttle launch ever. On June 28th, the space shuttle Atlantis will fly for the final time, and mark the end of NASA’s epic STS Program.

For now, we give Commander Kelly and crew a big thumbs up. Go Endeavour!

[Update 3PM EST: Looks like Endeavour is having problems with thermostat readings “relating to an auxiliary power unit” and the launch has been scrubbed. They'll be trying again in three days.]

[News via CNN, PBS News Hour]

Marcus W
1. toryx
I'd be there if I could. I hope they have a safe liftoff and a safe return.

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