Apr 14 2011 7:05pm

Literary Kitties and Their SFF Humans

While zipping around the grid today, we stumbled across this wonderful tumblr blog, Writers With Kitties. Not only does it feature some of our favorite literary luminaries of all time (the picture of Sylvia Plath as a little girl is priceless) it also pays tribute to a few beloved science fiction and fantasy authors and their fantastic felines. Brief selection of SFF kitties after the jump.

(Ray Bradbury with Bradbury cat on the right)

We agree with the Tumblr blog that this cat and Margret Atwood look the same




Is Philip K. Dick’s kitty a replicant kitty or a real kitty?


We are terrified of H.P. Lovecraft and his evil kitty.


There are so many more wonderful pictures on this particular blog, but in honor of dystopia week, we’ll leave you with one of Aldous Huxley!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and voice of When Stubby cruises at certain lightspeeds, Stubby purrs.

Del C
1. del
Do you think I'd be working in a job like this if I could afford a real cat?
Martin A
2. Martin A
I can put a name on the cat in the Lovecraft photo -- it is Felis. And he belonged to Frank Belknap Long, Lovecraft's friend.

Lovecraft never owned a cat after the black one that disappeared in 1904 (the one with the unfortunate name; same as the cat in "The Rats in the Walls"). But he was very fond of cats and was personally acquainted with all of his neighbours' cats in Providence.
Martin A
3. Cat Melanie
I haven't found Cordwainer Smith and moi yet. (He modelled his most famous kitteh character, C'Mell after me, mrouw! :)
Del C
4. del
There's one at, showing Smith with Melanie and Griselda.

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