Apr 1 2011 4:41pm

Child Unleashes Monster at End of Book

The eldritch creature

Dunwitch, Mass—Despite the numerous binding spells in place, 6 year old Bobby (not his real name) let loose an arcane beast that had for many years lay trapped in a tome. The cunning creature, known by the unpronounceable eldritch name of “Grover” broke the fourth wall repeatedly and used reverse psychology to coax the child into turning page after page, breaking barrier after mystical barrier. The boy’s innocence and youthful feeling of invulnerability surmounted the power of the spells. Bobby is currently in protective custody in the pediatric wing of Arkham Sanitarium.

Jeremy Heater
1. nexus
Grover, an unspeakable monstrosity! Who knew!
WoT fangirl
3. WoT fangirl
OMG! Grover a monstrosity! *runs away* I don't think he would apperciate the fact that I abused the Grover doll I had...
WoT fangirl
4. C4and13r
And thats why I dont skip to the end of the book, :)
Daniel Goss
5. Beren
During an interview in the final year of his life, Jim Henson did reveal that Grover's real name was Grvxchrcvr Fthgn, so I can't say that this comes as a surprise at all.
WoT fangirl
6. Jack Horner
It could have been worse. He could have released Elmo.
Sharat Buddhavarapu
7. Sharat Buddhavarapu
I demand some satisfaction! They shoulda released the Cookie Monster. Poor bengign fellow didn't do nothing to 'em, but they want and killed him. He would have comforted the child with chocolate chip cookies... I grow warm just contemplating it...nom nom nom.
jon meltzer
8. jmeltzer
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Grover R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Paul Lewandowski
9. Snowkestrel
@Jack Horner

"It could have been worse. He could have released Elmo."

That horror takes place when a child releases "Another Monster at the End of This Book". Seriously. Elmo's in that one. With Grover. {{{SHUDDER}}}
John Massey
10. subwoofer
I actually have this book! It is one of the last things that has remained intact from my puppy years many moons ago. I read it to my daughter at least once a week. Grover flips out cause the title of the book says that there is a monster at the end of it and he is scared... and it turns out to be him. Cool beans- glad that TOR can remember the classics. I do miss Jim Henson and the world he created.


WoT fangirl
11. greybeard
"Hello Everbodeeeeeeee!, It is I ,lovable furrrry old Gr oooo ver" Many years ago, I discovered I had the innate ability to talk like Grover. This entertained my 3 sons and several of their friends. On sleep overs, ALL of the Grover books were read in my Grover alter ego voice until my voice gave out. Another tradition on Xmas eve was to recite the "Night Before Christmas" a la Grover. It is no surprise to me that 25 years later, Grover is still entertaining kids of all ages. A fitting tribute to the memory of Jim Henson and his merry band of pranksters.
jon meltzer
12. jmeltzer
Clearly, another avatar of Nyarlathotep.
Michael Grosberg
13. Michael_GR
You mean Groer finally got from "here" to "there"?
Sim Tambem
14. Daedos
I had that 'tome' when I was a kid. I never turned the last page...
...and that has made all the difference.
Alana Abbott
15. alanajoli
This happens all the time at our house. It's such trouble to get him to go back in the book once he's let out.
WoT fangirl
16. Eelfinnty
This was my favorite book when I was little!
WoT fangirl
17. Kaelesa
My husband read this book, with great gusto, to our kids when they were little. We had to buy a new copy to read to the grandsons, since their mom took our copy when she found it while going through books. When she found it, she actually got teary-eyed from the memories of her dad's over-the-top readings. Long live Grover.

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