Apr 4 2011 6:38pm

Barbara Hambly Goes Digital

Barbara Hambly is as prolific as she is hard to pin down. As an author, her genre-bending approach to fiction has taken her from fantasy and horror to science fiction and mystery and everywhere in between, creating a host of memorable, quirky, and unusual characters along the way. Jo Walton has lauded Hambly’s amazing fantasy worldbuilding in novels like The Ladies of Madrigyn and Stranger at the Wedding, both of which are now available in ebook form for the first time, along with 15 of her other classic titles.

Over the next few weeks, will be bringing you excerpts from several of the newly rereleased titles, courtesy of Open Road Media, as well as an ebook giveaway and guest blogging from Barbara Hambly herself. Later this week, we will be running an excerpt from the Locus Award-winning Those Who Hunt the Night, along with some personal reminiscences by the author. In the meantime, check out the video below for more on Hambly and her thoughts on writing, worldbuilding, and imagination….

greg scott
1. worthy
Very cool, I really enjoy her work. Pleased to see her releasing ebooks!

Um, just so others know, that "now available in ebook form" link is a one page advertisement that is 32 megs...probably not worth most people's time.
Melita Kennedy
2. melita
I'm glad to see Hambly making her backlist available again. I'll probably get some of the ebooks in the future.

I'm not that thrilled with Open Road Integrated Media and its website. Authors are broken down into groups so I had to guess which group Hambly would be in. (I wanted to see if I could get it right the first time, rather than look for a search box) Some wasted white space. It would be nice if the individual book descriptions had links or at least mentioned the other books in a particular series.
3. dains
I too am glad to see these works going e-book. I'm planning to pick up many of the fantasy ones over time, esp. the Darwath trilogy.

I also had trouble with the Open Road Media site, apparently the information architecture there is quite limited by the technology (MS ASPX is a lot tougher to work with than the Internet-majority PHP). I had to use Google Site Search
to penetrate the obfuscation - google search (space) hambly brought it right up.

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