Mar 17 2011 5:39pm

Lion Vs. Zombie! Braaaains Before Beauty Giveaway!

Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Max BrallierWe all know everyone could do with more brains, er, we mean, zombies in their life. So we’ve got a super-fun giveaway for you guys—Max Brallier has signed a copy of his Choose Your Own Adventure-style novel, Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? (Check out Alex Brown’s review of the book here.) We’ve got one copy for a lucky member of the undead. Want more? Max Brallier and Alan Goldsher have been answering all your burning questions about zombies and writing the undead. Head on over and take a look.

But that’s not all! We also have an original piece of artwork from from the book’s artist, Christopher Mitten. Mitten has contributed work for such companies as Dark Horse, DC/Wildstorm, Oni Press, IDW, Image, and Simon & Schuster. He has a nifty website and Twitter account, and is probably best known for the work he did illustrating Wasteland. And now you can own this Lion vs Zombie by Christopher Mitten original piece of artwork! It’s a lion eating a zombie! We are hard pressed to find something cooler than that.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. One winner will be randomly selected by noon EST on Monday, March 21st. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

(Though it will not affect the giveaway in the slightest, we will be personally tickled by anyone who decides to give us their theories on whether or not that lion will become a zombie after his dinner has been digested.)

1. kamandi68
I say yes, the lion will come a zombie critter.
2. NicoA
It will become an awesome Liombie...
Dru O'Higgins
4. bellman
TOTALLY lionbie. And now I want to see a drawing of that.
5. Charity G.
This is so awesome! I would love to give this to my husband since he spent all of yesterday, and last night, and today creating a zombie apocalypse survival guide...
6. RichardA
I say that not only will the lion become a zombie, but before he does transform, he will bring some of the zombie meat back to his mate and cubs so there will end up with entire family of lion zombies.
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
Someone better win this quick..I'm starting to feel attached to it.
dreamer M
9. WanderinDreamr
Since I've never seen zombie animals before I'm gonna say no (unless zombism really is just a variant of rabies and then yes and dear god, RUN!).
10. David D.
Ah, the eternal struggle: lion versus zombie! I'm going to respectfully disagree about the result, though. I think the lion will consume about half the zombie and suffer severe indigestion but NOT become a zombie. Unless its prey gets a few lucky bites in, of course!
Sharat Buddhavarapu
11. Sharat Buddhavarapu
The Lion's claw that's closest in perspective looks like a human hand. Pretty cool, if you ask me.
12. Jim Paillot
This piece is terrific! The king of the jungle is immune to the harsh effects of zombie meat. It's science. And science is our friend.
14. jefff
A lombie or a Zion?
15. cnote56

As for the Lion. I would say that depending on the speicifics of the storyline and the particulars of the zombie folklore in that universe - maybe.

I will need to read the book inorder to make a more cemented determination.

PWWWWEASSSEEEEE!!!!!!(*blinks puppy dog eyes*)
16. Björn Lindström
David Attenborough has showed me the kind of putrid carcasses a lion is prepared to eat. Surely their digestion can handle a bit of zombie without catching anything.
17. Kestrel630
My roommate and I think that the zombie-ness is passed on through the zombie's saliva, so as long as the lion doesn't get bitten, and doesn't eat its head/mouth/tongue, it should be in the clear. Though the thought of a hungry zombie lion running around is kind of terrifying! He he he...
and oh yeah, one or both of these would be kind of amazing.
18. Tvrtko
Of course the lion will win, zombies might be tough and all that but a lion's like 500 lbs of muscle...a swipe of that paw and bye bye half rotted head :)
As for will he be a zombie lion afterwards...I don't know...if we listen to such authors as Brian Keene sure enough, because viruses do jump species fairly often (especialy if that zombie had flu, then it's piggy back ride time!! :)). But, if he's a mystically raised zombie or a victim of the alien spores that only go for sentient brains...then he's a probably a really angry lion...because I don't think zombies taste all that good :)
Ashley McKinsey
19. LadyoftheLibrary
Enter me please! And the zombie will be eaten by the lion but I don't think it will become a zombie. I believe wholeheartedly you have to be bitten by a zombie to become one. :)
20. nin_shark
If Lions can be susceptible to zombie, a Loain - a Lion that only hungers for brains
21. Dee Janssen
Please let me win, I believe that the zombie would definately be eaten. Now if the lion gets bitten by the zombie in the process, it is possible that the lion would turn into a type of zombie/animal.
Doug Browne
22. dejaffa
The lion gives new meaning to the concerns about maneaters...
23. SharonS
definatley the lion! Bigger teeth and mouth
24. Alex DeStefano
Bad ass drawing from a great book. Would love to get that drawing!
25. Shamrock Jack
The Lion has come to defend us from the zombie hordes. Aslan be praised!
26. T.strife
No. Lions are immune.
27. Liz A
The lion would totally become a zombie. This is why I don't go on African safaris! Great giveaway, Tor!
Todd Johansen
28. Gher06
I think it would be highly unlikely the lion would undergo zombiefication after eating a zombie. They're used to scavenging meals from corpses already, their digestive systems are more than capable of dealing with a few zombie plague germs.

If the zombie managed to bite or wound the lion before becoming dinner, then maybe. Assuming the zombie plague is Anthroponotic, of course. But I wouldn't expect an unarmed undead person to do any better than an unarmed not-dead person. Provided the lion can evade massive zombie hordes, he has little to fear from the zombie apocolypse.
31. Matt V. J.
To understand who will win, we must grasp how this encounter came to be. The mane on the lion gives it away as a male. Male lions only engage in battle for two reasons: to defend their territory (usually against other males) or to hunt as rogues (if a male lion is the patriarch of a pride, his harem will hunt for him).

We can rule out the lion attacking the human zombie for food, as zombies are obviously rotten and not very delicious at all; therefore, the lion is attacking the zombie because he felt the zombie threatened his territorial dominance or a member of his community.

Since the lion is on the zombie's back, I am going to take a slight leap of speculation and suggest that the zombie was going for a member of the pride other than the patriarch--perhaps his young or a sleeping mate. The lion likely hide while observing such an odd intruder, so as better to decide his ultimate plan of action. Because the undead nature of the intruder was baffling, the lion decided on an ambush as the safest way to remove the threat.

Outcome: the lion will destroy the intruder by way of dimemberment, but not eat its carcass. The lion will be safe from zombification.

For now.

However, hyenas will eat the zombie leftovers, bringing about a pack of zombie hyenas, which will go on to infect all wildlife within a fifty mile radius if they are not immediantly put down.
Lisa Schensted
33. heylisarenee
yes, please! i do love me some zombies. and choosing my own adventure.
Jason Maceda
34. Metalstorm
Is it an African lion or a European Lion?
A.J. Bobo
35. Daedylus
Lions? Zombies? Zombie Lion? Ouch. Sign me up.
36. pbarboni
I think that a hyena should like the treat better...
Gristle McNerd
37. GristleMcNerd
It's not gonna become a zombie, it's just going to die as Z flesh is highly toxic.
Tranylle Simmons
38. tranylle
I love choose your own adventure novels. I'm in!
39. Gwendolynkay
The lion.
sean odell
41. dirgework
Not only will he become a zombie ...
he will be the mane character.
Christopher Green
42. greenc
To be eaten by a zombie or to not be eaten by a zombie, that is the question. Now turn to page 59 to find out.
44. Prominent Nonentity
45. SueRed
Yay for Zombie Lion. It will feast upon the flesh of... other lion? :]
Samantha Brandt
47. Talia
I suspect zombification is passed along via the bloodstream. Thus if the lion had any small tears in its mouth or throat, it would wind up a zombie lion. Once the zombie flesh hits the stomach, of course, the digestive juices would nullify it.

That theory is dependent on the virus being contractable from zombie blood, not just saliva, however. This was, for example, the case in 28 days later (just getting it in a mucus membrane was enough to doom you). If it's only contractable through saliva, as someone earlier suggested, the lion would be safe enough provided it ate no zombie head. Unfortunately, the method of contagion is a subject on which science/Hollywood has yet to come up with any sure facts. Thus, drawing a conclusion either way is impossible based on the lack of solid evidence.
49. Dana Jennings
I would love to win this beautiful piece of art but I know I will not. I have never won anything. Not even in a Cracker Jack box. I hate my life.
50. Laurraine

Let me give it a try.
Arthur Pendragon
51. IveKilledPeople
Ok stop me if you've heard this one before. A penis walks into a bar. The bartender says......."Why the dong face?"
Rafael Penaloza
52. rpenalozan
If the zombie doesn't bite the lion, then the lion does not change into a lionbie; given that the lion will get very close to the zombie' face to eat it, the conversion is likely, though.
53. chrispin
I agree the zombie has to bite the lion for the lion to be zombified. Usually a lion has too much fur to get a good bite in, but it looks like that zombie has some well-defined fangs. He just has to get a better angle for a good chomp.
blairjian smith
54. blairjianxiu
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55. kara-karina
Zombie wins either way: it does't feel pain, so goes on forever, and it will infect the lion in the process :)
56. tarbis
Depends on the kind of zombie. Virus based might not cross species lines, alien parasite would end up being digested by the lion, magic would likely be limited to human, but a radiation based zombie might be transferable to the lion.
57. Joe2000
By some pseudo-scientific explanation (or possibly voodoo) the lion will have a super strong immune system, extra speed and strength, and although it will still be alive it will only hunger for humans. YAY.
Jacob Silvia
58. aethercowboy
Will the lion become a zombie? Well, I suppose it depends on what caused the zombism in the first place. If the zombie he's munching on became a zombie through magic, then probably so, unless lions can metabolize voodoo (I'm not a zoologist, so I don't know the answer to that one). If it's viral or bacterial or some other pathogen, then there's a high probability, made even higher if the lion has an ulcer. However, cats are known for their resilience regarding digesting raw meat, so perhaps it's leaning in the lion's favor on this one. If the zombisim is caused by some congenital disorder, then definitely not, as I would imagine that the zombie and the lion do not have a recent common ancestor. If the zombism is caused by some unexplained phenomenon that assumes control of all dead things, then, the lion would only be a zombie if he ended up dying, either because of a bad reaction to zombie meat, or because of some other, unrelated matter, unless that unrelated matter involved a bullet and the lion's head. Finally, if the zombism is just the cool kind that doesn't have to make sense, then I suppose a zombie lion would be pretty kickass. But I wonder how that would play out with the carrion animals in the Serengeti.

Also, include me in the drawing, please!
Maggie K
60. SneakyVerin
did the zombie bite the lion? I suppose it could happen...
Lila Fontes
63. lila927
Oooh, zombie lion -- all the more effective at spreading the zombie-blood-infection because of his giant, flesh-tearing claws!
h k
65. haridatti
Do you...

... post a pithy comment and enter the giveaway. Turn to page 20.

... get obsessive about finding every adventure book in the dusty old attic. Turn to page 15.

... go off and make cubee tardises (what the hell is the plural of tardis) to your hearts content. Turn back to page 10.
66. squirlaraptor
I want to believe that the lion won't be zombified - just because lions are awesome like that.

Also, I totally want to read this book!
67. rubydog
Yes, a zombie!
Dovile Petrasiunaite
68. dova113
I don't think the lion will become a zombie, I think you have to be bitten by one to become one, besides what turns humans into zombies might not work on a lion or any other species.
David Thomson
69. ZetaStriker
This book tickles my particular fetish/fascination with the zombie genre as a whole, and I would probably re-read/re-play it every time I spent time with another group of friends. It will serve me well, should I win.
70. timeladyamaris
I think the lion will be totally fine and then continue to kill and digest all zombies on this earth, and then move on to Mars :D
Travis Splawn
71. MoreBooksForMe
Zombie lions, this is why I love this website.
Tyler Goostree
72. tgoostree
It all depends on whether the infection is only spread through a bite or whether through any exchange on bodily fluids... I suspect lionmbie will be stalking around shortly...
Kimberly Thompson
73. tpiaswordfish
Brains. They're more than good . . . they're GRRRREAT!!!

. . . Wait, I have just been informed that the perpetrator of that catchphrase was a tiger, not a lion. My bad.
erick sibert
74. lollygags
The lion won't become a zombie but the hairball he coughs up later will be crawling aroung.
75. nodergak
I'd say no, unless the zombie manages to bite him on the way down. The digestive tract will destroy all kinds of nasties, why would this be different?
76. meowcenary
cool drawing. the lion would becaome a zombie lion if the infectious fluids ends up in his stream.
77. Sunda_Garm
I would have to say that the lion would turn into an undead lion because if he eats the zombie then he will injest the infected flesh then he would get infected with the virus as well. We've seen zombie dogs, their not to be messed with, imagine what the lion would be like. We're are going to have big problems!
Louis Richards
78. lummer5000
Yeah, you're going to have a zombie lion.
Of course, you're also going to have zombie vultures, mosquitos, flies(both adult and larvae), beetles, ants...

Just a whole Zombie Ecosystem.
79. Leroy F. Berven
The lion will not necessarily become a zombie, but there is a really good chance that -- if he then bites a human while bits of zombie are still lodged between the lion's teeth -- the zombifying agent will be transmitted to the human. (Assuming the human otherwise survives the encounter.)
81. Melissa Ptacek
Definitely lion becomes a zombie-lion. That's one theory I've always supported; animals, ie. mammals-not-human, are not immune.
Bobby Berry
82. bvberry
I need to know if I will survive!

84. cnote56

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