Feb 16 2011 12:01pm

Win Free Tickets to the Alternative Living Expo!

The Alternative Living Expo

So, you’ve read about this Alternative Living Expo that’s going to be jam-packed with entertainment, shiny buys, tasty foods, heady booze, and even a bit of the naughty to keep things interesting. You realize that you’ve got nothing scheduled on your Google Calendar that weekend. And haven’t we mentioned that it’s three freaking cons all rolled into one festive conglomerate of goodness? What more can you ask for?

How about seeing all this for free?

As part of the show’s awesomeness, the Alternative Living Expo is offering readers five pairs of complimentary weekend passes. That’s right, you and your +1 can have the opportunity to attend entirely at no cost.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Friday, February 18. The five winners will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email on the following Monday after the closure of the giveaway; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

3. 3SecondCultist
Oh, please, let me win these tickets! I would so love to go to this!
4. esotaria
Please, please, and YES PLEASE!
6. Wazzy08
I have been trying to find ways to incorporate steampunk style into my design but it's difficult to find ways to do that without a nice selection of products and ideas. I'm glad that people are taking up the cause to bring steampunk style to us!
7. THX76924
This sounds awesome!
8. jim162065
it would be very cool to go.
9. radiantlisa
I am so very in!
10. Dorothy Winterman
This would be a wonderful event to attend- money, however is horribly tight- free tickets would be EPIC!
13. Patrick Nottingham
Heck, yeah! I'm in!
14. Kimberly B.
Sounds like a lot of fun! I haven't been to a con--or had a vacation--in ages!
15. Stephanie S.
This is the perfect event. I'm in my late mid 20s, looking at homes, and looking for that signature decor that truly defines me and my lifestyle. I can't wait to see what's going to be offered up! If anything I'll get great ideas for future DIY projects.
16. MamoruNoHakkyou
Sounds like a great event with things I only ever dreamed of, saw on the occasional movie, show or video game. Form meets function in a fun way... or depending on the use, that could be how this turns out. Everyone who does attend, have fun!
17. oLD_sALT
Ahhh.. if only I had sons, I would have designed and built a steampunk bunkbed instead of a fairy castle. I am holding on to the prospect of a grandson.
18. MaryP
Oh I would love to go!
19. Robert Sparling
Never been to anything like this. sounds like a blast.
20. DreamRunner
I can't imagine any better motif for our kitchen than brass and steam. I'd love to go.
22. aldo distefano
i love it.. cant wait to see the future past...i live my life like this so, im really excited to experience how others design their lifestyles
23. Jordan Kvo
This sounds so freaking cool! Thanks for the chance to win!
24. thomrit
one of the reasons i wish i was rich to be able to drop things and just to go to things like this. it also appears a post-ironic comment on expos +++ the naked chocolate cafe is in philly
26. JeremyH
I humbly accept!! ;)
27. Xtine
I see your challenge and I raise you by one comment.
28. Delightful
¡Ay caramba! ¡Si! ¡Si! ¡Si!

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