Feb 24 2011 4:12pm

Video Excerpt from The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

It’s a good day for fans of Patrick Rothfuss! U.K. publisher Orion Books has just released a video of Rothfuss reading an exclusive extract from his upcoming book, The Wise Man’s Fear!

This spoiler-free excerpt differs from the one we posted last week, and brings the reader back at the Waystone Inn with an older Kvothe. Watch for more....

Ian P. Johnson
1. Ian P. Johnson

I'm a big Rothfuss fan, and this was particularly cool for me to hear. I love how Pat plays on the idea of heroes and legends and myths, and how stories change through the telling, becoming twisted and warped until truth vanishes from them. And Pat has a great reading voice, and is a genuinely good human being– look at the stuff he did with Worldbuilders.

Plus I liked getting to be able to see the British book covers. Sigh… why do British people get to have all the nice things?

(Not that I don't like the American book cover. It's all kinds of awesome. But I like the foliate look of the British cover, and plus the cover looks a little less Photoshopped– which is kind of cool, makes it look more like an old school book.)

I'm waiting eagerly for March 1st!
lake sidey
2. lakesidey

In the modern world, Wise Men have a new set of fears. Not least of which is the fear of a mediocre sequel. But it looks like I needn't worry, in this case....(not that I am particularly wise, anyway!)

Ian P. Johnson
3. Nemoh
Thank you for the additional excerpt. Not fair that we have to wait till March 1. See you at the LoC on March 18th!
pat purdy
4. night owl
I want to see the shadow cloak myself! So hard to convince someone of the truth, while in a bar/pub. So his secret is safe.

I'll be waiting along side of my mailbox on Mar. first.
Ian P. Johnson
5. Ian P. Johnson
By the way, check out today's (Feb. 28) Girl Genius comic. You'll see someone familiar… made me giggle a little bit when I saw it.

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