Feb 2 2011 3:37pm

Two Tor Ebooks: Towers of Midnight and the Mistborn Trilogy

This week saw the release of two awesome Tor books in ebook format: Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, book thirteen in the Wheel of Time, and the collected Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, comprised of Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages. To celebrate their release, they've both been treated to fancy new covers; here on, you can read about Raymond Swanland's painting of Perrin and his journey into the Wheel of Time and Sam Weber's take on Vin, as a big Sanderson fan himself.

You can find the ebooks on various platforms, including the Kindle store, Apple’s iBooks store, Barnes & Noble’s e-bookstore, the Kobo store, and the Sony Reader store.

1. KeithP
Not seeing the Mistborn Trilogy edition on iBooks but everyone else seems to have it.
Alan Wallcraft
2. AlanWall
What is the point of an ebook trilogy priced higher than the individual ebooks bought separately? It is even higher than the list price of the paper boxed set, and much higher than the typical selling price of the paper version.
Russ Gray
3. nimdok
I checked the Amazon listing, and the Mistborn Trilogy is $23.99. Why would I pay MORE for the compilation than for the individual books? And why would I pay more for the ebook than I would for the paper boxed set?
4. KeithP
Each ebook is $7.99. Times 3 is $23.97. Are people really upset over 2 cents? It's not a savings, obviously, but it's not exactly "MORE" either.

Paper books get big discounts to run down supplies.
Christopher Key
5. Artanian
KeithP@4, yes people are upset. Why? Because it's an insult to the potential customer. It says, "We think you're so stupid that you can't even do basic math". And the reason that the paper is discounted (your reason is wrong, btw, but irrelevant anyways. The reason paper is discounted is because the publisher allows amazon to do so. The publisher is not 'running down supplies'.) does not matter. Macmillan is asking me to pay a 32% premium over the dead trees, for something that's DRM-restricted so that I can't give it away when I'm done with it.

And it costs them money. Now Sanderson's selling enough books that it won't hurt him much, but stupidity like this is just going to crush the life out of midlist writers. Because the "geniuses" at Macmillan are going to look at sales on things like this and conclude that ebooks aren't worth doing, not that they're idiots who don't understand basic economics and price theory.

I read somewhere that a decent portion of the NY publishing industry is made up of 'trust fund kids' because publishing is an acceptable job for that set to get into. And those people don't actually have to make money. After I read that, the decisions that have been made by the big publishers seem to be a whole lot more understandable.
6. KeithP
I still don't understand the uproar when people say they have looked at the individual price of each ebook. 23.97 for 3 ebooks vs. 23.99 for 1 ebook. It's simply a different option. As someone who wants to read the trilogy for the first time on my phone, I'm happy to pay the almost-exact same price for one download/payment instead of 3 individual ones. Not to mention it's a lovely new cover compared to the slightly ugly previous covers.

Please note I'm simply referring to the fact that two people in a row commented that the omnibus is more than the 3 ebooks combined...
7. JPP
The 3 cent difference between the separate ebooks and the trilogy does not bother me.

However, the 58% premium that Macmillan is charging for the ebook trilogy compared to Amazon's price for the box set does!!!! Note that includes the fact that I don't have to pay tax if I buy the paperback books from Amazon.

How Macmillan can justify their ebook prices is beyond me. The "manufacturing" and "distribution" costs of an ebook have to be significantly lower than a physical book, and yet every single Macmillan produced kindle book costs more than the equivalent paperback (even if just due to tax).

How much of a cut does the author get for an ebook compared to a paperback? How much extra profit is Macmillan pocketing for an ebook sale compared to a paperback sale?
8. ManuelD
well nothing to see for Europe here
just pass on
no Tor Kindle books are for us

wich is bad, cause: no Ender for Europe
9. illmunkeys
I'll never understand Macmillan's eBook pricing strategy... until you all get it together, I'll stick to other publishers. I LOVE Amazon's disclaimer: "The price was set by the publisher."
Rodrigo Claudio Carcamo Diaz
10. tycoon
I still cannot understand why publishers like TOR keep charging much higher prices to non-US readers and why TOR ebooks are more expensive than Baen ones. Until that changes, I will stick to paperbacks or not buy the book altogether. I hope that Tor will understand that this policy is financially unsound, as it is reducing sales of ebooks. Tor should have something like the Baen store, where I have already bought several ebooks.
11. Ministersasquatch
Hi I live in Europe but I cannot get the ebook version of the mistborn trilogy at kindle because it is not available in Europe. Can you direct me to where I could purchase these books in these formats? Thanks.
12. Zendon
I'm looking at it now and each individual ebook is going for 5.99 while the trilogy is going for 22.99. I'd say there is a bigger margin than 3 cents. Why on earth would anyone get the trilogy over the individual books in this situation?
Alice Arneson
13. Wetlandernw
@12 - It depends on where you look. Your numbers are correct for Barnes & Noble, but on Amazon, the individual ebooks are $5.99 and the trilogy is $15.54. Sony is using the $7.99 and $22.99 prices.

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