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The Fantasy World Map by Dan Meth

Fantasy World map by Dan MethCartoonist and all-around Internet magician Dan Meth is back with The Fantasy World Map, featuring imaginary realms drawn from myth, legend, and classic literature to more contemporary fiction, television and movies: everything from Tolkien to Dr. Seuss, Sir Thomas More to the Krofft Brothers. This is actually the twelfth in Meth’s ongoing Series of Pop-Cultural charts; we wrote about the first installment here, and you can find the rest here (personally, I’m a big fan of his Futuristic Movie Timeline. Zardoz, FTW!).

Now I can spend the rest of my Friday planning out the perfect imaginary vacation—I’m thinking I’d start out in Neverland, then maybe take a pirate cruise down to Living Island (which I can only imagine is kind of like Ibiza, but with puppets). Not sure about Camelot, though—I hear it’s a silly place. So, where would you go first? And is there any place on your wishlist that didn’t make the map? (Besides Randland?)

Bridget McGovern now wonders if the Swamps of Sadness share a soggy border with the Bog of Eternal Stench (having naturally assumed, as a kid, that they were located somewhere near Newark).

1. cmpalmer
I love this. I think the only thing I wish was on there was Melnibone and Hyperborea/Cimmeria.
2. Grufferstein
No azeroth makes me sad :/
Tristan Elwell
3. Elwell
Most awesome D&D campaign setting ever.
Ashley McGee
4. AshleyMcGee
Azeroth is huge, though. I like to think of it as an alternate dimension, with is own alternate dimensions inside that dimension. What makes me sad is that they totally left Melnibone off of there. Melnibone and Prydain need a place on the pop culture map.

I think that if I had to choose, from the map we have, I'd start in Kadath and work my way down. Middle Earth: been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Lets go on a dream-quest and encounter dimensions never before experienced by man, dimensions owned entirely by shapes who have a serious caste system and whose policy on weakness rivals the Spartans'.
5. Mike G.
The world where _The Belgariad_ is set? (Garionland? :) )

It's a pretty good map. Love the nice touch of including EarthSea.
Rob Munnelly
6. RobMRobM
Icewind Dale?

Second the request for Prydain - it's in the shape of Wales so should be easy to fit in somewhere. (And Xanth is in the shape of Florida....)

Inquring minds want to know - Is Sodor a reference to Thomas the Tank Engine for does it tie to a real set of books I haven't read?

Leigh Butler
7. leighdb
It has Florin, but where's Guilder? That's the kind of thing that starts wars!
Rob Munnelly
8. RobMRobM
@7 Inconceivable!

p.s. Cliffs of Insanity would be great too.
Brandon Daggerhart
9. TankSpill
It seems a little odd that there wouldn't be Randland/Westlands on the map - I mean, whatever peoples' opinions about the books, the Wheel of Time should be represented.
10. bunnycatch3r
Ticket to Ride anyone?
11. reaeverywhereelse
Odd to think of the Southrons from Moomin Valley and Fantasia being conscripted into Sauron's armies . . . .
James Jones
12. jamesedjones
9 TankSpill

If xkcd had left facebook off of his map of Online Communities 2, I'd feel about the same.
Eduardo Gisbert
13. xgisbert
That map does look great!

But, where is Tristram?
14. supersloth
The exclusions of Discworld and Shannara kind of disappointed me. Still, it's a pretty great map and Dan Meth's charts are a non-stop source of entertainment.
Joshua Starr
15. JStarr
This is amazing... thanks for reminding me about these charts/Dan Meth.

(Don't think Discworld would have worked because the whole point is that, as far as I can tell from the ones I know of, the sections of the Fantasy World Map that indicate the particular fantasy "countries" conform in shape to the maps we actually got of those places in their own books/etc... so, since Discworld is a whole disc-shaped world itself, there would be absolutely no way it could fit into the illusion that all these indicated fantasy lands exist together on one giant planet.
Dale Metzger
16. Metzg31
In the name of Avelyn Desbris, what about Corona?
17. JohnRichardEllis
I'm disappointed it was rendered 'Fantasia' instead of 'Fantastica'. while the first film adaptation (do not speak of the sequels) of "The Neverending Story" is quite decent, the original book by Michael Ende is just so much more amazing. Especially when one reads it and realizes the film only has about 30% of the material covered in the book! *grin*
19. blodeuedd
Lol, I love that the Moomin valley is there
Clay Blankenship
20. snoweel
Impressive that the individual shapes are correct for the ones I am familiar with (Westeros, Middle Earth).

Sodor...that's funny!
21. My Elves Are Different
One quibble: technically, all of the other lands on the map should be part of Fantastica/Fantasia, which is the sum of human imagination and stories.
22. My Elves Are Different
It might also be helpful for the artist to consult the Dictionary of Imaginary Places, a fantastic resource.
lake sidey
23. lakesidey
Calormene is in Wonderland? Who knew?

@18 David_Goldfarb: Not only is Westeros in the East, but Oz is in the Northwest. I can see some Aussies getting confused here....

And I wish Prydain had found a place in this map, tiny though it be....

24. JohnRichardEllis
It occurs to the dot indicating Whoville's location actually the spot where the Jungle of Nool is? And is that actually the current location of Horton the elephant, valiantly protecting the speck of dust upon which Whoville resides?
mark Proctor
25. mark-p
Nice map. Dose it reveal Dinotopia is the same as Numenor? I guess that means dinosaurs became extinct when the island sank.

Aren't Avalon and Camelot supposed to be in England somewhere?
26. Simurg
Where is Calf Island? (Am I the only one here who's read Grimus??)

And Zimiamvia?

Any chance of finding Osten Ard on that there map?
Nancy Lebovitz
27. NancyLebovitz
I'm charmed by that little island for Where the Wild Things Are, but where's the Commonwealth?
Andrew Mason
28. AnotherAndrew
Nice map. Dose it reveal Dinotopia is the same as Numenor? I guess that means dinosaurs became extinct when the island sank.

I think Numenor would be further north. Presumably it's off the map to the west.

Aren't Avalon and Camelot supposed to be in England somewhere?

Camelot certainly is. Whether Avalon is a place in England, or an otherworldly place accessible from England, may depend on which version you are following.
29. Jaythreef
You think Sauron and the Grinch can see each other from their respective hide-outs?
Nick Eden
30. NickPheas
Moomin Valley seems wrong. For one thing it's too large - it's a valley, not a continent, but also it should be in the north.

Azathoth is pretty small though. I once swam round the entire island in an hour or so.
j p
31. sps49
I keep seeing Gondor and the Mark making sweeps through Wonderland during the Fourth Age.

Nehwon is adorable! But I keep thinking about all of the polar icy cold regions, and second the Hyperborea absence.
32. Maren T
Aww, you included Moomin Valley! I see a very strong candidate for Favourite Person of the Day here. ?

Ahem. Sorry. I usually don't do that kind of thing, hearts and stuff. (But Favourite Person of the Day happens, sometimes.) Anyway, where I would go first? It'd be hard to pick between Middle-earth and Moomin Valley, though I think the final choice must be Moomin Valley, because of all the childhood memories. Then, I go straight for Middle-earth (which conveniently borders to Moomin Valley), before starting to look for Randland off-map.
33. The7thDoctor
Where's Xanth? Where's Blefescu? Where's Atlantis? Where's Gilligan's Island?
34. stonebiscuit
While I appreciate the coolness of the concept, the number of little flaws make me tilt my head. In addition to all those mentioned, the Wardrobe is not in Narnia.
35. Tony Ellis 056
I'm surprised Steven Donaldsons' The Land and Sara Douglass'
Tencendor aren't on there, and I agree Melnibone should be there. But the best is there, Middle Earth
Joan Mitchell
36. dragoness
33. Clearly, the map needs to be expanded... to cover additional lands...This section looks suspiciously like Europe in our own world, while Xanth looks suspciously like Florida... with a gap, of course.
Awesome stuff! This, and your others like the sci fi movie timeline. Made my day.

I think we all agree there are a few "important" worlds missing (not to take anything away, of course) But if u do Flash, why not make a world globe that can be rotated. Reckon that would look sick, and you could fit more in. And get more complaints by angry fantasy fans of course!

A globe might preclude the Discworld though...
38. Al Harron
Including Middle-earth isn't a great idea, since it's meant to be our earth in a lost age. Not to mention Harad, Rhun, Beleriand and other lands seem to be replaced with Moomin Valley, Whoville and Oz (though I'm tickled by the idea of the Wainriders running wild in Wonderland). Sticking in Howard's Hyborian Age would make things even worse.
39. ozias
i agree it needs to be expanded.
to include westland, the midlands, d'hara, and the oldworld (sword of truth)
Captain Hammer
40. Randalator
JohnRichardEllis @17

Actually in the german novel it's called Phantásien (pronounced fun-TAH-see-enn). Fantasia is a much better approximation of the original name than Fantastica which was basically just some people being scared of Disney lawyers. Thankfully they grew a pair of cojones when it came to making the movie.

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