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Get a Room! (In Another Dimension)—Four Obnoxious Couples in Science Fiction & Fantasy

Troi and Worf... but at what cost?Here at, we’re extremely pro-love. We all swoon when we think of Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars, Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones from Torchwood, or Zoe and Wash from Firefly. But it seems a fitting end to Valentine’s Day to focus on those couples who are just... annoying. Below the cut, we list five couples that turn us off the idea of love altogether.

Worf and Troi1.) Troi & Worf (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

So one day Worf suddenly starts slipping between alternate realities, each one just a little bit more bizarre than the last. A common thread throughout many of them, though, and one of the bigger shockers for Worf, is finding himself married to Deanna Troi!

Because that idea wasn’t goofy enough the first time around, later in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s the seventh season Worf begins courting Troi in his native reality.

We give the writers credit for an idea that successfully shakes us out of our Trek-watching stupor, but that’s as much as we’re willing to grant. Worf’s arc through Star Trek is basically one bad-ass moment after another, while Troi spins endlessly from bad relationship to bad relationship, occasionally dispensing vague, unhelpful advice and sensing people as “possibly deceptive.”

A Worf/Troi tryst seems fun for laughs, but not as a storyline to close out your final season, especially not in lieu of any resolution to the long-standing will-they-won’t-they Riker/Troi question. The pairing is made additionally irritating by the Worf’s eventual marriage to Jadzia Dax, a woman who matched him equally in intensity and capability.

Chief Tyrol and Cally

2.) Chief Tyrol & Cally (Battlestar Galactica)

Chief Tyrol is such a nice lovable guy. He’s just like a big teddy bear, you know? I mean, assuming you like teddy bears who beat up their girlfriends to the point of putting them into sickbay. But Cally’s sweet, right? Actually, no. Not only is she crazy trigger-happy, she becomes a non-stop complainer once she gets into a relationship with the Chief.  In all honesty, these two characters were okay until they got together.  Cally should have stayed the cute girl who sometimes bit people’s ears off, and Chief should have stayed hopelessly in love with bad Boomer. Instead, they were a disaster. 


Tonks and Lupin

3.) Tonks & Lupin (Harry Potter series)

Not only does this come out of nowhere, both of these characters [spoilers in white] die about nine months and ten minutes after getting together. It’s like Voldermort and the Death Eaters were punishing them for having a relationship based on absolutely nothing. Their courtship went like this: mope, mope, mope, ::POOF:: attraction. It’s like someone explained The Shoebox Project to J.K. Rowling while she was writing Half-Blood Prince, and she thought, “Oh, no! Only I’m allowed to decide who’s secretly gay! I must retroactively cock-block Sirius. Quick, who’s female, single, and not a Hogwarts student?”

And Tonks and Lupin’s kid kissing Bill and Fleur Weasley’s daughter in the epilogue of Deathly Hallows—well, that’s just obnoxious. 


Sheridan and Delenn

4.) Sheridan & Delenn (Babylon 5)

The only thing worse that couples who seem really self-important are couples that are actually the boss of you. Between the two of them, Sheridan and Delenn are the boss of everybody. They run Babylon 5, the Interstellar Alliance, the Rangers, and the Vorlons. And just like space mobsters, they both like bullying around planets by threatening to NOT offer them protection if they don’t play ball, see? To the show’s credit, several episodes dealt with public perception of Sheridan and Delenn being sort of scary. I mean when powerful people like Beyonce and Jay-Z get together, usually all that happens are pop-songs like “New York State of Mind.” But with Sheridan and Delenn, whole planets get blown up.


We could have gone on and on with this list, but that didn’t seem too healthy from a mental standpoint. If you’ve got more (and we know you have), join the Facebook thread in-progress here or post your reasonings below!

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Tiger Holland
1. Tiger Holland
I know they're not a couple for very long, but Louis Wu and Teela from "Ringworld" are definitely annoying. He keeps trying to tell the reader how smart she is and she keeps being un-smart and their whole relationship is based on this weird chain of cosmic luck...I was thrilled when they separated.
Tiger Holland
2. RobinM
The whole Sheridan and Delenn story thread makes much more sense if the Sinclair character stuck around for the whole five years. I think Delenn even kinda of married Sinclair somewhere in season 1. I didn't find them very scary relationship wise at all.
Yubin Kim
3. shdwfeather
I lol'd so hard at 4.

Also, totally agree about 3. :\ They were genuinely terrible together and basically ruined both characters.
Eithne O'Hanlon
4. Ni_Anluain
Tory and Wolfe I never got! Bit like Uhuru and Spock in the latest flick.

Poor Chief! She ruined a nice guy! lol!
john mullen
5. johntheirishmongol
Worf was not a good match with anyone except the mother of Alexander (I can't remember her name). I didn't like the Jadzia match any better than Deanna Troi. Of course, Deanna suffered from a total lack of charisma and was extraneous to the whole series anyway.

I liked Richard and Kahlan, but then I am a romance guy and I liked them together.

I liked Sheridan and Delenn too but then again, until the extra season they tacked on, it was a perfect series. It was the networks fault, first they were going to cancel so JMS rushed the climax but then they renewed, so he had to figure out what to do in the extra year.

Watched the first couple of years of the new Battlestar but it was too dark and depressing and joyless. I feel exactly the same about Stargate Universe.
6. rogerothornhill
The ST writers never knew what to do with Worf. They also paired him with Jadzia Dax, and that didn't go terribly well either.

I liked Sheridan and Delenn, particularly the flashforward aspect, and the fact that they recast Sheridan's souldead shell of a former spouse to be played by Boxleitner's actual wife Melissa Gilbert. And "Crazy in Love" does fit--not that Gilbert is either Alicia K or Rihanna in this scenario.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
8. tnh
I don't mind thinking about badly paired characters. I just mind thinking about the writers who thought those were good relationships.

I'm going to stop thinking about it now.
Leilani Cantu
10. spanishviolet
I was completely with you up until Sheridan & Delenn. That's crazy talk! As in, I can kind of see your point but love the characters so don't think about it that way.

The others are all completely on target though.
Rob McClinton
12. SciFi Rob
I agree that Worf's best match was K'Ehleyr, Alexander's mother. Her death really limited his choices. Given how often he complained about non-Klingon women being able to match Klingon prowess, Deanna was a surprising choice (based on how her character was portrayed).

Rob McClinton
14. SciFi Rob
K'Ehleyr was Alexander's mother and Worf's best match by far.
Tiger Holland
15. Fenric25
The first three pairings, I can agree that they're annoying. Lupin and Tonks, well, they could've been signposted a bit better but as the books are primarily from one point of view that isn't always in interaction with the secondary characters, that's not surprising. I think they more or less work, personally, from what little we are actually given.

John and Delenn-how'd they even make it on this list? They were a very well-written couple that worked. My mother, who was the one who got me into Babylon 5 and sci-fi/speculative fiction in the first place, is a huge fan of those two. My wife loves them as well, and nearly everyone I know who has seen Babylon 5 thinks they're great. This posting missed the ball on that one. If anything, you should have picked Spock and Uhura from the new Star Trek movie or possibly Rand and Elayne from the Wheel of Time books (I love the books and I think Rand goes together well with Min and Aviendha but his relationship with Elayne always feels really forced-which, due to his ta'veren nature, is kind of true but still...) I'm sure other annoying couples could make this list, I just can't think of any off the top of my head...
Tiger Holland
16. whiteknight83
I personally find a lot of the relationships in my favorite series of all time The Wheel of Time annoying but one that hasn't been mentioned is Egwene and Gawyn. They are completly not right for each other he's a whiny little "B" and she is a complete brat. I mean I get not giving your enemy the satisfaction of not seeing you yeild but the way she treats her allies makes me sick sometimes. She doesn't seem to know how to be accept not getting her way anymore. Or maybe they are right for each other she can make him do about anything she wants him to and he has someone who will tell him what the right course of action is. Sorry Leigh, but Egwene is probably my least favorite character right now.
Tiger Holland
17. Cecilyjk
Oh no you did NOT. I adored Troi and Worf together and I still ship the bloody hell out of them. Worf's alternate reality episode is one of my FAVORITES because it gets him thinking about it. He and Troi had a lot of bonding time over the issue of his obnoxious and 'shouldhavebeensentouttheairlock' son and it seemed realistic that he would be attracted to her. I LOVE THEM!! So there.
Tiger Holland
18. Rabid Fox
Maybe my gripes are hinged on the entirety of the sequels, but I found Neo and Trinity insufferable after the first Matrix film.
Sky Thibedeau
19. SkylarkThibedeau
I would have added the whole Jack/Kate/Sawyer thing from 'Lost'. That was really insufferable 'Freckles'. As for a perfect sci/fi couple Jin and Sun would have my vote though Jin was such a butt at times.
Tiger Holland
20. fedcba
Sheridan and Delenn definitely belong on this list but not for the reasons given. They're obnoxious as a couple because they parade themselves around as true perfect love personified even though their pairing is completely forced. Sheridan and Delenn have nothing in common besides their work, don't communicate on any level beyond Delenn brazenly manipulating Sheridan into doing whatever she wants, and fall far short of respecting each other. This, and not their leadership style, is why they're an obnoxious couple.
Tiger Holland
21. Anna d
I never minded Worf and Deanna together while I was watching The Next Generation. However when he went to Deep Space Nine I adored him with Jadzia! They were the perfect couple. I was so sad for him
Tiger Holland
22. MaraJ.
Worf belonged with Jadzia and Deanna with Will. But I didn't hate Deanna/worf couple.

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