Jan 28 2011 3:27pm

Strange Animals, Preserved and Recreated


Lately I have spent a lot of time wandering the internet, collecting images and piling them on to my desktop. Eventually I get around to sorting them (usually when it comes time to begin another series of creatures). Somewhere there is a folder, buried among the cyber clutter, labeled: Strange animals - taxidermy art. Below are a handful of the inspiring, creepy and delicate pieces stored on my computer.

From Ron Pippin:

Ron Pippin


From Polly Morgan:

Polly Morgan


From Huma Mulji:

Huma Mulji


From Lisa Black:  

Lisa Black


From Jessica Joslin:

Jessica Joslin


And... a couple animals on the Faux Side.

From Shauna Richardson:

Shauna Richardson


From Elizabeth McGrath:

Elizabeth McGrathElizabeth McGrath

Lana Crooks loves the antique, the creepy, the cute and the mysterious. She began her artistic life as an illustrator but became a sculptor of fabrics and found objects. She constructs all kinds of creatures (commonly those from the deepest oceans but even the ones from under your bed). These cuddly monstrosities have been spied at places such as: Munky King, Rivet, Rotofugi, G1988 and Art Basel. Lana has frequently been spotted teaming up with other artists to help create the monsters within their heads. She has also partnered with the OhNo!Doom collective and operates a gallery in Chicago, IL. But, on an average day, you can find her at the studio surrounded by model ships, books, skulls, faux fur, glass eyes, a menagerie of stuffed friends and a cat named Tanuki.

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Madeline Ferwerda
1. MadelineF
Nice stuff. I love this sort of thing in pictures, and if it had showed up 8 years ago before I filled my house, I might be tempted to click through questingly...

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