Jan 31 2011 2:56pm

Jupiter Brings Fear

Blogger Brad Goodspeed recently posted the above animation of how selected planets in our solar system would look if they hung in our sky at the same scale as the Moon. (Check out his site for more science-y goodness.)

Seeing the Earth hanging in the sky brings to mind all sorts of science fiction scenarios. What belief structures would we have created with a lush world hanging in our sky? How would we have reacted once we found out our world looked similar?

While those questions are fun to ponder, it’s Jupiter who steals the show here, fueling primal fear with its enormity. Set the video to fullscreen, turn up the music, and watch as our sky turns into naught but a hellish maelstrom.

Chris Greenland wonders if this will replace that one nightmare where he can hear Data laughing endlessly but can’t ever find him.

2. Evan H.
Where's Saturn I wanna see Saturn gimme Saturn!
Chris Greenland
5. greenland
@2. Same here! Goodspeed says why he didn't get to Saturn on his site, though.
Andrew Blackburn
6. ajbcool
TG: sir are you familiar with jupiter
TG: you mean like the planet?
TG: yeah
TG: well its that big sir
TG: hmm that sounds pretty big
TG: i have a question
TG: is it jupiter?
TG: yes sir, earth is literally under seige by planet fucking jupiter
7. Sanagi
I wonder if future denizens of Jupiter's moons might be more prone to believe in God, much like a high ceiling in a church encourages a sense of something majestic above you, or if having that red-eyed monster hanging above them all day would make them intensely paranoid.
René Walling
8. cybernetic_nomad
I can just see a blog post by some alien inhabiting a moon orbiting a gas giant concluding with:
"...Set the video to fullscreen, turn up the music, and watch as our sky turns into naught but a hellish emptiness."
9. redhead
teh video was epic win!

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