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Hunger Games movie news: Release date!

Hailee Steinfeld as Katniss Everdeen?For all those fans of the series, it’s been revealed that The Hunger Games will be hitting a movie screen on March 23rd next year. Rumors have been flying, and though they’re hard to separate from the facts, there are some interesting tidbits popping up around the web on everything from casting to the rating of the film.

The film is already set to be PG-13 rather than R, which the director (Gary Ross, director of Pleasantville and Seabiscuit) has defended, insisting that the 12 to 14-year-old fans the book was written for should be able to see the film.

Fan favorite for the part of Haymitch Abernathy, Hugh Laurie, does not have time to even consider the role, so that ship has sailed. Apparently, Liam Hemsworth (brother of Chris Hemsworth, aka George Kirk and the mighty Thor) has read the script for the film, and is potentially being considered for the role of Peeta. Hailee Steinfeld (pictured above), of True Grit fame, has already mentioned to MTV that she would be honored to play Katniss. Now that’s she’s got an Oscar nomination under her belt, perhaps that is not such a farfetched option.

The film is set to be released on March 23rd, 2012. Mark your calendars! Um, that is, if you buy calendars a year ahead of time....

Should Steinfeld play Katniss or is there another you have in mind? Who has your vote for Gale and Prim? And what do you think of the rating?
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1. Webcudgel
I nominate Nicole Kidman for Effie Trinket.
2. cmpalmer
Hah. When we were walking out of True Grit I told my wife that Hailee Steinfeld would be great for Katniss.
3. Karock
As for Katniss - if they go for someone older - I like Kaya Scoledeiro from the UK Skins. If they go younger, I really think Chloe Moretz. I know the coloring is a little off - but wigs and/or hair dye always works!
As for President Snow, I want Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Basterds.

I am quite excited and I can't wait to hear the final casting.
4. Rowanmdm
@ Webcudget: I haven't liked much of what Kidman has been in the last few years, but I do think she would be AWESOME as Effie Trinket.

For the others, I keep thinking of people who would have been great a few years ago, but are now definitely too old. Though now that I think of it, the guy who plays Lancelot in the BBC's Merlin would be really good as Gale. The casting choice I'm actually really curious about is Rue.
Chuk Goodin
5. Chuk
My kids are so excited about this movie, you don't even know. We've been discussing the rating situation since before it came out, though -- I don't know how they'll make it a PG-13 without skipping a lot of dramatically important gory violence.

I don't know who to get for Katniss, probably need someone unknown who they can get for a three picture deal. I'd like it if they got actual teenagers but they probably won't -- that Hemsworth guy seems way too old. My daughters like Emily Browning for Katniss if they're going to go with twenty-somethings.
6. b.c.smith
YES! hailee steinfeld for thy win! at least they will have an actor that will age along with her charactor.
David Thomson
7. ZetaStriker
I can't say I've ever heard of Hunger Games, but judging from the short summary of the plot alone I'm taken aback by the similarity to the Japanese film/novel Battle Royale. For anyone familiar with both stories, what is there that differentiates the two from one another?
8. b.c.smith
ZetaStriker: while this won't fly with everyone, battle royale in terms of its themes and initial premise is a MUCH better written story than THG would ever be. Be warned though, both the book and movie are very violent. in fact, the movie's previous US limited-realease was canceled because of events sorrounding the VT massacre. yep, not even THG could touch battle royale in terms of violence. but it will be interesting to see how this adaptation plays out.
tina nicole
9. tinanicole
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