Jan 4 2011 6:04pm

Halo: Cryptum Giveaway #7: Greg Bear Book Set

Greg Bear books

The latest trilogy in the ongoing series of Halo novels, Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear, debuts today! (Check out this free excerpt of the first chapter! No reg. required.) And to celebrate, 343 Industries has provided a bunch of neat swag to give away!

These particular giveaways are for visitors here on Tor.com specifically. This is the final giveaway we’ll be posting today, but you can still enter all of them one time each.

The offering in this final giveaway is a set of books by Halo: Cryptum author himself, Greg Bear, including:

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next 24 hours. The winner will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Andrew Lee
1. alee
Please enter me for these books, too. Thanks!
Tanya NK
3. Tanya NK
Yes! Sign me up once more :) Thanks for doing these giveways, guys! :)
Tanya NK
4. Maren T
Yay! Count me in!
Tanya NK
5. Teawench
Please & thank you
Dru O'Higgins
7. bellman
If I could only enter one giveaway, I would choose this one. Pick me!
Tanya NK
9. KwanTi
Ooooh, very good. That would jumpstart this year's reading very nicely.
Tanya NK
10. ChipHead
Looking forward to reading Halo:Cryptum! Sign me up, too. Thank you!
Tanya NK
12. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Tanya NK
14. CRAusmus
Just finished up Hull Zero Three...Such an awesome book. Solidified my love for his work.
Tanya NK
15. Jess redway
Oooo...me! Me! 'Never turn down free Bear', that's my motto.
Stephen Zielinski
17. zsaz1029
That is awesome. I've enjoyed his Darwin books and Blood Music and his short fiction. I've been meaning to read the Forge of God books.

Bobby Berry
18. bvberry
I love Greg Bear. I read Eon years ago. Great book.
Tanya NK
19. tje aka captain amazing
Tanya NK
20. Devin Lowell
This is an impressive amount of swag.
Tanya NK
24. Pursy
I wish his middle name was "The".
Tanya NK
25. wyoarmadillo
Please sign me up for these books
Tanya NK
26. wandering-dreamer
Wow, I think that this is a new record for Tor (the number of giveaways in one day I mean). Thanks for all of these things!
Daniel Goss
27. Beren
I like books. I like Halo. I also like candy.
But I'd be happy with books about Halo.
Tanya NK
28. Rowanmdm
So many books, so little time.
Tanya NK
30. papajack
Love to have this set!
Alex Steinberg
31. Slartibartfast
Egads! I have been meaning to read more by Bear...
Tanya NK
Quiero ganar este concurso
Tanya NK
33. Stweven Oerkfitz
Love Greg Bear. Sign me up.
Tanya NK
34. lightkeeper
Sign me up!
Tanya NK
35. dawn the glass beadmaker
I love those series...
Tanya NK
37. mectech
And there was joy in Bear fandom. Thank you!
Geargoyle Geargoyle
41. Geargoyle
Sign me up please! And thanks for all the great giveaways.
Loton Cagle
45. Loton
I love Greg Bear, Science Fiction, Gaming, and Tor! Love to win these books! Thanks, Tor!
Brad Richardson
46. thatscifiguy
Always loved The Way books. Deserves another read!
Matthew Winslow
47. bluewoad
Eon's the only one of these I have a print copy of, so I'd love to win.
Tanya NK
48. jim162065
love reading
Tanya NK
49. That Neil Guy
I would like to be a winner.

Love and kisses,
Tanya NK
52. jefff
Love Greg Bear!
Tanya NK
55. borderorient
Greg Bear! Huzzah!
Tanya NK
56. Alden Ash
Count me in for some Greg Bear.
Tanya NK
59. Soundofthunder
Yes please.

Tanya NK
60. NCBill
I'm BEARly able to contain myself!
62. stryfe2103
I just read bear's hull zero three about a month ago, and would love to read some more of his stuff
Tanya NK
64. PhoenixFalls
This *has* to be my lucky day. . .
Tanya NK
66. Burt42
I'm in, sign me up:-)
Tanya NK
74. nlowery71
I have wanted to read these for a while.
Tanya NK
78. aladygma
pleeeeaseee! this is gorgeous!
Tanya NK
79. deadjack
Awesome. Sign me up.
Tanya NK
86. LouWW
Please enter me in this!
Tanya NK
90. davidH11
Greg Bear in one of my favorite writers
Tanya NK
94. Prominent Nonentity
okey dokey
Tanya NK
95. f_lupercus
oooohh, beeeeaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanya NK
96. Megs
Oooh, I've read a few of these, but not all!
Tanya NK
98. Matt Carpenter
Greg Bear!
Tanya NK
99. superhombre7
It'd be nice to win these.
Tanya NK
100. voyageur
Bear, Bear, Bear!
Bear, Bear!
And Bear!
Tanya NK
101. Jim Kiley
This sounds great!
Greg Lincoln
105. glshade
please enter me .... really would love to try Greg Bear...
Scott Moore
106. Delta-Slider
Wow, thanks for all the cool giveaways today!
Rammy Meyerowitz
108. m5rammy
entry #5, for giveaway #7 (they got a bit out of order)
Linda W.
109. lateniteknitter
I Love Greg Bear's books — and I'd love to win these!
Tanya NK
110. jfleon
What's not to like?
Clinton Mitchell
113. clinton_blue
Gosh it's been ages since I read the Eon series. What a classic!
Tanya NK
114. Jeff Wetherington
Would love to win this contest!
Mike Livsey
115. zanke
I've been waiting for Greg Bear's Halo: Cryptum
Excited about that new book!
Tanya NK
119. Ben N.
I would love to read more by Greg Bear.
Tanya NK
121. wenat
I would love to enter, thanks!
Lloyd Viente
122. lloydv
I loved Eon, I wouldn't mind winning so I can check out the other novels.
Matthew Kuhl
125. pattonmat
"Hark, hark! the lark/On windswept bark/Freezes against a sky of lead!/Now see him stop,/Take one small hop,/And suddenly keel over dead!" -Ogden Nash, "The Lark"
Tanya NK
128. nin_shark
Ooo, yes please!
Tanya NK
136. Fred Coulter
I would REALLY like the Greg Bear books. I really like his stuff, but have lent my copies to others.
Tanya NK
139. TommyO
I think this is where I'm supposed to write something that will appeal to the Contest Czar so that I even have a chance of winning. Dear Stubby, I checked out your photos listed on this site (/users/Stubby) and 'you look mahvelous', really best photo I've ever seen of you.
Danelle Mallen
140. astrophilia
This sounds lovely! I'd like to enter, please!
Matthew Caulder
141. MattCaulder
Theres nothing better than winning a pile of books!
Tanya NK
142. firesinger
Tanya NK
145. cnote
put my name in the hat....this would be awesome. I want to read all of these!!!!!
Tanya NK
148. rcutshaw
Excellent giveaway!
Randy Moore
151. jalingo
Haven't read any Bear since Darwin's Radio so this would be a nice kickstart back into his work. Thanks.
Jim Crumley
152. crumley
Sweet. I have read all of those except the new one, but I only own a couple of them.
Tanya NK
154. DRickard
Love me some Greg Bear...
Tanya NK
155. MS3029
This book looks so awesome, I would love to win it, sign me up please!!!! :D
Chuk Goodin
160. Chuk
I love Bear, my son loves Halo, sounds like a good combo.
Tanya NK
161. michael habif
yeas please
Tanya NK
163. Tobias Wolter
I do hope this is open for people from Old Europe. :)
Tanya NK
165. ZaneZavin
fingers are crossed, bear is awesome
Tanya NK
166. 'nother Mike
Probably missed the deadline, but that's what the international dateline is good for...
Tanya NK
168. sithhead
I'd never heard of Greg before hearing he was writing Cryptum. Getting all of these would give me something to read in my downtime between classes this semester.
Tanya NK
169. TexSquid
to reply after sithhead..
The Eon and Forge books are some of the most foward thinking books written and I would enjoy rereading these classics and Gregs new venture in more than my "downtime"
Tanya NK
170. Capt Spanish
I've read the first two chapters of Cryptum and they're excellent. I'm going to have to go to the store and pick that one up.
Tanya NK
172. DiscipleN2k
My bookshelves are looking a bit bare these days. Maybe you guys could help with that?
Tanya NK
173. Spartan Jag
Sign me up! Thanks.
Tanya NK
174. Dani125488
Mr. Bear is awesome.
Tanya NK
175. ayvo
Haven't read anything from G. Bear yet. I would like to change it :D Sign me up.
Tanya NK
176. Claude Errera
My copy of Eon is falling apart - would be wonderful to get a new one! (And I'm not even sure I ever READ Eternity!)
Tanya NK
177. Dan Kraft
Can't pass up a chance for free books.
Tanya NK
178. Bryan233
Huzzah for halo!
Tanya NK
179. Zack_074
I could use a free set of books...
Tanya NK
180. Axmurders
Sign me up!
Tanya NK
181. D3T0N8R
Here is my entry =)
Jacob Lovering
182. Es0terin
My son would love these Please enter me.
Tanya NK
183. dfuchs
And I entered the lottery thusly.
Tanya NK
184. Sjibben
Please enter me
Tanya NK
185. tln
Another entry for the drawing... looking forward to reading Cryptum; getting it for free would even better! :)
Tanya NK
186. Skylark Thibedeau
Love Greg and Love HALO

Spartan Skyler112
Tanya NK
188. xD3s0LaTioNx
Pleaseee! :)
Tanya NK
189. Jjag20
I hope I win cryptum is amazing and I am sure these are to!
Tanya NK
190. psychohistorian
I used to like halo. I would rather enjoy the broader range of science fiction now.
Tanya NK
191. CrunchbiteNuva
Now let's see who the Forerunners really are...(Ahem, Protheans and Collec- wait, that's not Halo)
Tanya NK
192. Stephen Loftus
Can't wait to read Cryptum!
Tanya NK
194. Chewbeccawacca
Comment comet!
Tanya NK
195. Mendicant Bias
Commented but I never win anything :(
Tanya NK
197. tehbane
I can haz swag plz k thnx lol
Tanya NK
198. UnknowNapkin
All your swag are belong to me~
Tanya NK
199. Jorge M Hdez
Man an awesome collection of books. Sign me up! Hope I win.
Tanya NK
200. xCxSTRYKEx
Booyah! I'm in!
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