Jan 4 2011 3:53pm

Halo: Cryptum Giveaway #5: RC Mongoose & Action Figures

Radio-controlled Mongoose from HaloThe latest trilogy in the ongoing series of Halo novels, Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear, debuts today! (Check out this free excerpt of the first chapter! No reg. required.) And to celebrate, 343 Industries has provided a bunch of neat swag to give away!

These particular giveaways are for visitors here on Tor.com specifically, so keep checking in, as we’ll be posting up several throughout the day.

The offering in this Halo: Cryptum giveaway is a radio-controlled Mongoose vehicle with Master Chief action figure, plus two figures of:

  • Noble Six from Halo: Reach
  • Spartan Mark V [B] from Halo: Reach
  • and of course, Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next 24 hours. The winner will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Randy Newnham
3. wandering-dreamer
I haven't had a remote controoled car in YEARS and I really want one now...
Randy Newnham
4. Benniahan123
Yay! Hope I win
Randy Newnham
5. Maren T
Radio-controlled vehicles fit in very well here! (I would definitely not be sorry to own the other two either, and books are welcomed even more than radio-controlled vehicles.)
Daniel Goss
7. Beren
I would love to annoy people at work with this . . .
Randy Newnham
9. SG_Luke
In it to win it.
DA Ford
10. Ford75
Yay - Toys! Err, I mean, Action Collectables.
Randy Newnham
12. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Randy Newnham
14. DRickard
I'd hit that
Randy Newnham
15. Protonone
I think I deserve this.
Randy Newnham
16. dwndrgn
Me! Me! Please!?
Randy Newnham
20. Jaime Callahan
That may be one of the neatest remote controlled cars I have ever seen.
Randy Newnham
26. Alden Ash
This would be fun to chase the cats with.
Randy Newnham
28. Gregory Gunther
Oh, man how fun would this be. Add me to the list. Thanks.
Andrew Lee
30. alee
Please enter me for this. Thanks!
Jennifer Liang
31. JenniferL
The husband will probably use this to run over my toes while I'm internetting.
Randy Newnham
33. Tanya NK
Excellent! :)
Geargoyle Geargoyle
34. Geargoyle
Thanks for all the great giveaways! These would be so much fun to share with my kids.
Randy Newnham
37. robert bollerman
Oooooo.... I love HALO. Too bad I really suck at the game. ;-) But, when I play with the toys, I win more often. Not always, but more often than in the video game.
Randy Newnham
38. SC Watson
Noble 6, checking in ;P
Randy Newnham
39. Carmen13
Very cool count me in
Benjamin Hinojosa
40. NebsiNsaNe
TOY! WANT! I would drive that thing EVERWHERE! And maybe use it as a bookend for my VG/book collection when not in use. :D
David Thomson
42. ZetaStriker
As a fan of the video games I'd get a real kick out of an RC Mongoose. Here's hoping I win it!
Randy Newnham
43. sparkatito
master chief!
Randy Newnham
46. Amande
Awesome! Thanks for the chance!
Randy Newnham
53. ChipHead
This would make an awesome RC gift for my son! Sign me up.
Thank you!
Randy Newnham
55. wyoarmadillo
I want these too!
Randy Newnham
56. Auth0r
That's petty cool.
Randy Newnham
57. KwanTi
Action figures for the kids. The book for me. That'll work.
Randy Newnham
59. natalieeeee
My boys would really, really like this. This is open to Canadians, right? Right? RIGHT?!
Randy Newnham
60. Chris SF
Looks incredible!
Randy Newnham
61. bluewoad
This one would definitely be for my son.
Randy Newnham
63. jonathaningram
Randy Newnham
66. Derek.S
oh sweet lord of all things awesome!! I want this.
Ben H
70. dripgrind
My poor son who has cholera and typhoid would love this.
Randy Newnham
75. deadjack
Yes, please.
Randy Newnham
79. Prominent Nonentity
Randy Newnham
80. Matt Carpenter
This looks cool!
Randy Newnham
82. Hobo
I hope I win....
Randy Newnham
83. Hobo
I hope I win....
Rammy Meyerowitz
84. m5rammy
entry #7, for giveaway #5 (last but not least)
Randy Newnham
95. cnote
pretty please!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!
Randy Newnham
97. Misdirections
Count me in too!
Randy Newnham
100. ms3029
remote control halo, awesome!
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