Jan 4 2011 2:31pm

Halo: Cryptum Giveaway #4: Tobias S. Buckell Book Set

Crystal Rain by Tobias S. BuckellThe latest trilogy in the ongoing series of Halo novels, Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear, debuts today! (Check out this free excerpt of the first chapter! No reg. required.) And to celebrate, 343 Industries has provided a bunch of neat swag to give away!

These particular giveaways are for visitors here on Tor.com specifically, so keep checking in, as we’ll be posting up several throughout the day.

The offering in this Halo: Cryptum giveaway is a set of books by Halo author Tobias S. Buckell, including:

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next 24 hours. The winner will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Devin Lowell
3. Devin Lowell
I have wanted to start reading Buckell for a while now...
Devin Lowell
6. wandering-dreamer
And more contests!
Devin Lowell
7. Noobling
Woohoo! Awesome giveaway. Please consider me entered. Thank you.
Devin Lowell
8. Megs
Ooooh, I just started the preview PDFs on his website last night and got hooked!
Devin Lowell
11. wolri
Even more interesting
Devin Lowell
14. dawn the glass bead maker
want ;)
Daniel Goss
15. Beren
And all I have to do is comment? Sweet!
Devin Lowell
18. Geargoyle
Great looking books, count me in! Thanks to you all for these awesome giveaways!
Sarah Bylund
19. shrain78
Count me in! This would be a nice way to start of the year!
Devin Lowell
20. dwndrgn
in the hat, please put my name...
Devin Lowell
24. Randy Newnham
Count me in!
Devin Lowell
28. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Devin Lowell
34. Jim Haley
I've been wanting to try Buckell's stuff for awhile - thanks for offering the contest.
Devin Lowell
36. JonKrollRX7
Greg Bear super-fan in Ann Arbor Michigan
Devin Lowell
38. Phishmanr
Awesome giveaway is right.
Devin Lowell
39. Alden Ash
Crystal Rain has been on my long list to read for a while now. I wonder what happens in the off chance that you "win" more than one of these. Are you given all, or a choice of the one you prefer?
Devin Lowell
41. Story Cottage
I make it a rule to always welcome and encourage the giving of free books.
Devin Lowell
45. Dr Tuka
I would like to give Buckell a try.
Devin Lowell
48. CRAusmus
I have really enjoyed what I have read of Buckell up to now. Would love to have more to read from Tobias.
Samuel VanDyke
55. svandyke11
Always wanted to read Tobias Buckell. Thanks for the offering.
Devin Lowell
57. Bonnie Norman
What an awesome prize! Hope I win. ;)
Devin Lowell
59. cnote
OH PLEASE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!
Devin Lowell
60. photon
i'd like to read these
Devin Lowell
61. DRickard
I'll take a shot...
Devin Lowell
62. voyageur
Happy New Reading !!!
Devin Lowell
65. elcastillo
i hope this is my lucky day
Devin Lowell
66. Protonone
Interesting. Want these.
Susan Meek
72. smeek1958
This would be a great birthday gift for me, since today is my birthday (hint, hint).
Roland Schigas
73. rschigas
Just finished Sly Mongoose, would love to read the others.
Devin Lowell
75. Kris(TCBL)
Count me in!
Devin Lowell
77. offthe9
*crosses fingers*
Devin Lowell
78. FrehleyzComet
I love when great games expand their stories with books!

Thanks for the contest TOR!
Devin Lowell
82. Shanna Johnston
Love books
Devin Lowell
83. snapperhead47
Devin Lowell
89. Joe the Wizard
If I win, I will be the winner.
Devin Lowell
91. Rowanmdm
It's a bonanza of giveaways today!
scott hhhhhhhhh
92. wsp_scott
more books are always appreciated in my house
Devin Lowell
93. Burt42
Sign me up please
Devin Lowell
99. Thunderstud
Yes, please!
Devin Lowell
102. ChipHead
Awesome book set. Would love to add to my collection. Sign me up. Thanks!
Devin Lowell
103. wyoarmadillo
Yes these books as well
Gristle McNerd
104. GristleMcNerd
I know very little about Halo, but I do know it has space marines in it, so it should make an entertaining read. :P
Devin Lowell
105. kamandi68
I'd love to give this author a try.
Devin Lowell
107. mectech
And Happy New Year to you too!
Devin Lowell
108. Steven Oerkfitz
great giveaway
Devin Lowell
109. jonathaningram
in it to win it
Devin Lowell
111. borderorient
Great books!
Devin Lowell
113. Narag
Great giveaway.
Devin Lowell
114. Soundofthunder
Please count me in.
Devin Lowell
116. Derek.S
I love to read, please ... let it be me!!!
Devin Lowell
118. SaraC56
Haven't read any Buckell yet, but I've been wanting to!
Devin Lowell
119. AndrewV
Been dying to try this series. Count me in!
Devin Lowell
125. PhoenixFalls
Angus McIntyre
126. angusm
Hmm, Tobias Buckell ... four books? Free? You have my attention!
Devin Lowell
132. Prominent Nonentity
All your books are belong to us
build six
133. build6
count me in! I actually have a couple of those books already but I want to have some to give away :-P
Devin Lowell
136. Justin spears
Great giveaway opportunity! Thanks TOR!
Devin Lowell
137. Matt Carpenter
nice set
Devin Lowell
138. superhombre7
sounds good!
Madeline Ferwerda
146. MadelineF
This would be ideal! I haven't yet picked up the Bucknell, but I've been meaning to!
Matthew Kuhl
147. pattonmat
"You know, you've got the brain of a four-year old child, and I bet he was glad to get rid of it." -Groucho Marx, Horse Feathers
Craig Botha
149. craig.b
More books for my library. Yes please!
Devin Lowell
153. Fred Coulter
I've read two of Tobias's books being given away. But I haven't read the others.

Good stuff.
Devin Lowell
157. rcutshaw
Good Giveaway!
Devin Lowell
158. Misdirections
Giveaway time!
Devin Lowell
159. Leah Hansen
I've just started reading a library copy of Crystal Rain. LOVE it so far! Pls for to win!
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