Dec 5 2010 7:00pm

Solstice Countdown Day #5 Giveaway: Macmillan Audio pack!

Out of the Dark by David WeberThe Solstice Countdown Day #5 giveaway is a pack from Macmillan Audio, featuring the unabridged CD audio versions of David Weber’s new book Out of the Dark and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s latest book in the Dark Hunter series, No Mercy!

In military SF Out of the Dark, “Earth is conquered. The Shongairi have arrived in force, and humanity’s cities lie in radioactive ruins. In mere minutes, more than half the human race has died.”

No Mercy by Sherrilyn KenyonIn urban fantasy No Mercy, “Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years and in that time, he’s seen it all. Or so he thought. Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power—one that makes a mockery of anything faced to date.”

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next four hours (until 10:00 PM EST). Commenters can ask for one of the audio versions or both. One winner for both, or one winner for each audio version will be randomly selected from those comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

1. andys
Would love an audio copy of "Out of the Dark".
3. John Hattan
"Out of the Dark" por favor.
4. ninjapenguin
I would go for No Mercy, as I'm not much of a military SF (except for Bujold. Or Tanya Huff.).
Jeff Parent
6. Roundabout
I missed the first four giveaways
Held here on some previous days
I was busy with stuff
But enough is enough
Something, something Rutherford B Hayes.
7. TorNatalie
I'll take both!
9. kevin faulk
I would love the David Weber.
Samantha Brandt
11. Talia
I haven't tried the Dark Hunter series yet, I'd love to give 'No Mercy' a listen. :)
Nevin Steindam
12. TheNevin
I've never been able to get into audiobooks, but maybe winning some would be the kick I need to really try it out. I'll try both if I win!
13. abbottj83
New audiobooks for the commute would be lovely
15. wandering-dreamer
Posting! Not quite sure if my old cd player still works but I'm willing to find out!
16. RLW
Out of the Dark would be great to listen to on a night passage...
Kris Johnson
19. TheKJToo
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo...

Out of the Dark, please, and thank you.
Chuck Childers
20. cchilders
Thanks! Weber, please. - Chuck
22. iokijo
would love to have No Mercy.. but wouldn't mind having Out of the Dark either..
good luck everyone ...
24. Petal Flowers
I would love No Mercy!
25. jay hawk
Both would be great!
Travis Splawn
29. MoreBooksForMe
Sounds good, count me in. (Out of the Dark)
30. OneBoutch
I would love a copy of 'Out of the Dark'!
Karolína Košťáková
34. Awaris
I would love to have No Mercy! Both would be great, of course, but No Mercy...
Sandi Kallas
35. Sandikal
I'd like both or either, please. Can I load them on iTunes?
36. chromiumman
i'd love both, but if forced to choose, 'out of the dark' sounds more my speed
37. Mako16
No Mercy looks good!
count me in
M Jarstfer
39. emmyjay
It's *so* hard for me to focus sometimes -- I would really like to have both...
41. Randy Arstein
Thanks for the opportunity! Go Tor!
Glennis LeBlanc
42. Glennis
Looks like great stuff to listen to on the holiday drive home
James Kirk
45. PooBah
A copy of 'Out of The Dark' would make my ride into work more bearable. Thanks.
46. Alexander K.
I'm kind of underwhelmed by most Urban Fantasy, but I go through audio books at such a rapid pace that I shall have to ask for both.
47. Amandathebookshelf
Both of these books sound so in teresting. I can't decide between them! Please enter me for both of them. I have never had an audio book before. Thanks!
48. Michael Habif
oh yes please
Danelle Mallen
49. astrophilia
David Weber's "Out of the Dark" for me, please!!
50. tehbane
I totally want to listen to "Out of the Dark!" I love alternate history/military themed novels.
51. shdwfeather
Sounds good!
53. Laura Garmendia
I would like both but either would be fine if one is already picked! Thanks for the opportunity.
55. Do-Ming Lum
Both for me please -- am wondering if "Out of the Dark" represents new ground for Weber from his previous work, and have never heard of Sherrilyn Kenyon, but her book description sounds interesting.
Bo and Steve Caunce
56. BoSt
I wouldn't mind either of them but both would be best.
Randy Moore
57. jalingo
Sound like a couple of nice stories. Wondering why an advanced race would use some dirty, old tech that would leave things radioactive,...hope I get to hear the story to find out!
58. Story Cottage
Please count me in on this non-twitter, somewhat normal hour giveaway.
Linda W.
59. lateniteknitter
I'd love a chance to listen to Out of the Dark !
ian kinect
60. iankinect
When will the winner be announced?

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64. PhoenixFalls
Never tried either of those authors, so this would be a treat!
65. Paige L. Vest
I would LOVE a copy of David Weber's Out of the Dark. I was recently checking it out on Audible and I think it would be an awesome book to pass the time during my workdays that consist not only of having to listen to my bosses gripe about everything from the government to paying Christmas bonuses... but of also selling thousands of pounds of dried chile peppers to people who won't make any tamales for ME!

:o) Thanks for the contest!

66. Jacqueline C.
Both authors would be new to me!
Steve Buchheit
67. steve_buchheit
I'll go for both as they both come highly recommend.
71. berrycabal
No mercy by Kenyon please
73. stevethesteve
I would throughly enjoy listening to either of these fine audio recorded pieces of science fiction literature.  
Rhonda Spano
74. LateBloomer
I'd love a copy of both - no excuse not to go out walking then!
Yashmita Singh
75. DarkAngel
I'd love a copy of both or either - I'm not fussy - love books!!
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