Dec 23 2010 4:00pm

Merry Christmas from!

Vader kinda ChristmasThe internet elves of are scurrying off for the holidays, but before we step away, we wanted to let everyone know that will be putting out original content every day for the rest of 2010, including many of your favorite series. Such as:

We’ll also have some story excerpts for you to curl up with up for those lazy snowy days. And, of course, we’ll be celebrating the Twelve Doctors of Christmas all up and down the place.

Also, a big thanks to Dark Horse for providing the above Darth Vader Christmas card! Click on the image to see the full card by artist Tsuneo Sanda.

Have a merry Christmas!

Declan Ryan
1. decco999
Let me be the first to say it, and wish everyone at a very happy holiday and a thank you for the widely varied entertainment you provided for me during 2010. All the best for 2011.
Other Alias
2. ghostcrab311
If I may be second, a huge thank you for the good things you do - peace and joy be with everyone at!
John Massey
3. subwoofer
Yay! Keeps us from flinging poo at the bars:) You guys are the bestest! Merry Christmas to Torie, Irene, Pablo, Leigh, and all the gang at TOR! There's an open invite to the Bunker- help yourselves to the ice tea...

::Whispsers:: It's not really ice tea...

And a tip for all- ketchup and hot sauce do not belong on oatmeal... No reason... Just something I happened to come across.

Merry Woof™.

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