Dec 22 2010 3:24pm

Axe Cop. That is all.

Axe Cop volume 1The graphic collection of the online Axe Cop webcomic is out today from Dark Horse. I don’t really need to tell you what it’s about, do I? It’s a story told by a five year old named Malachai Nicolle and his illustrator brother Ethan. There’s a cop. He finds an axe. Everything else happens with the same kind of rapid and slippery logic in which kindergartners conduct all of their business.

You either like it or you don’t. Though that quality, that certainty, is in itself appealing. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, a five year old boy is not expected to provide entertainment with consistency and depth. If you like it, fantastic! It’s awoken a piece of you that has perhaps forgotten how to view the world with uncomplicated enthusiasm. Axe Cop harms none. Except for criminals and villains. With his axe.

Chris Greenland is pleased to read something that he can just read.

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Alex Brown
1. AlexBrown
Yeah, I read a preview of this at Comic Con. You can't realy hate on it since a kid wrote it, but it, yeah...

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