Nov 2 2010 3:31pm

Steampunk Fortnight Giveaway: New Books From Tor

Steampunk Fortnight giveaway of Tor books

And with tears in our eyes—and, presumably, yours—we have come to our final Steampunk Fortnight giveaway: another cache of books-glorious-books from our compatriots at Tor Books.

Dreadnought by Cherie PriestDreadnought by Cherie Priest: “Nurse Mercy Lynch is elbows deep in bloody laundry at a war hospital in Richmond, Virginia, when Clara Barton comes bearing bad news: Mercy’s husband has died in a POW camp. On top of that, a telegram from the west coast declares that her estranged father is gravely injured, and he wishes to see her. Mercy sets out toward the Mississippi River. Once there, she’ll catch a train over the Rockies and—if the telegram can be believed—be greeted in Washington Territory by the sheriff, who will take her to see her father in Seattle.” (Read an excerpt here.)

The Half-Made World by Felix GilmanThe Half-Made World by Felix Gilman: “The world is only half made. What exists has been carved out amidst a war between two rival factions: the Line, paving the world with industry and claiming its residents as slaves; and the Gun, a cult of terror and violence that cripples the population with fear. The only hope at stopping them has seemingly disappeared—the Red Republic that once battled the Gun and the Line, and almost won. Now they’re just a myth, a bedtime story parents tell their children, of hope.” (Read an excerpt here.)

The Rise of the Iron Moon by Stephen HuntThe Rise of the Iron Moon by Stephen Hunt: “From the author of The Court of the Air and The Kingdom Beyond the Waves comes a thrilling new adventure set in the same Victorian-style world. Perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Susanna Clarke. Born into captivity as a product of the Royal Breeding House, friendless orphan Purity Drake suddenly finds herself on the run with a foreign vagrant after accidentally killing one of her guards. Her strange rescuer claims he is on the run himself from terrible forces who mean to enslave the Kingdom of Jackals as they conquered his own nation. Purity doubts his story, until reports begin to filter through from Jackals’ neighbours of the terrible Army of Shadows, marching across the continent and sweeping all before them. But there’s more to Purity than meets the eye. As Jackals girds itself for war against an army of near-unkillable beasts serving an ancient evil with a terrible secret, it soon becomes clear that their only hope is a strange little royalist girl and the last, desperate plan of an escaped slave.” [ETA: Whoops. The copies of Rise of the Iron Moon will actually be galleys, not finished books. We meant to mention this, but my original version of the post crashed and Chris recreated it but didn't know that. Sorry for any confusion.]

The Osiris Ritual by George MannThe Osiris Ritual by George Mann: “Sir Maurice Newbury, Gentleman Investigator for the Crown, imagines life will be a little quieter after his dual successes solving The Affinity Bridge affair. But he hasn’t banked on his villainous predecessor, Knox, who is hell-bent on achieving immortality, not to mention a secret agent who isn’t quite what he seems....So continues an adventure quite unlike any other, a thrilling steampunk mystery and the second in the series of Newbury & Hobbes investigations.”

Not Less Than Gods by Kage Baker

Not Less Than Gods by Kage Baker: “Recently returned from war, young Edward Anton Bell-Fairfax is grateful to be taken under the wing of the Gentleman’s Speculative Society.  At the Society, Edward soon learns that a secret world flourishes beneath the surface of London’s society, a world of wondrous and terrible inventions and devices used to tip the balance of power in a long-running game of high-stakes intrigue.  Through his intensive training Edward Anton Bell-Fairfax, unwanted and lonely boy, becomes Edward Anton Bell-Fairfax, Victorian super-assassin, fleeing across the Turkish countryside in steam-powered coaches and honing his fighting skills against clockwork opponents.”

[Also edited to add: In case it wasn't clear from the official rules: we have five Tor prize packs. We’ll be giving away three right here and one each on Facebook and Twitter, so please feel free to stop by our other outposts on the web to increase your chances of winning.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Thursday, November 4th, leave a comment in Facebook, or reply on Twitter. The five winners—three from this post, one on Facebook and one on Twitter—will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on November 4th and 5th; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Rich Bennett
1. Neuralnet
so long steampunk, I hardly knew ya... hope I win a book
2. aerspyder
Not less than Gods sounds great. Please enter me.
Jessica Reisman
4. jwynne

oh, sorry, didn't mean to yell...
5. Maren T
Aww, it's been a nice Steampunk Fortnight. Too bad it's come to an end. And I never say no to a potential addition to my book collection! There's not enough steampunk there.
6. PersiaRose
Ahhh all of these! so win!
Robert Yee
7. Mei mei
My fiancee and I could spend hours with these to discuss.
8. mona lisa
I love this genre, pick me!
10. Franky!
Looks like some good stuff, If I don't win I'll check these out at the library anyways >:O
12. The Literary Omnivore
Come to momma, Dreadnought.
13. novelbooks
I'm getting a copy of Clementine and would love another by Cherie Priest, plus more steampunk books.
james loyd
14. gaijin
I am but a lowly librarian, doomed to be surrounded by books but unable to afford them.
15. ECote
Gotta add these to my list of To be read!
Maria Brown
17. MarieEmBee
As always, add me to the list. It would be great to win this collection!
Andrew Lee
18. alee
Nice collection. Please enter me. Thanks!
19. Ewacat
It's been a wonderful fortnight, thank you so much!

I've been hearing good things about the Gilman book, and I LOVED Boneshaker, so fingers crossed! :D

Lesley Mitchell
20. dkscully
Three of these are already on my wishlist.

Thanks for a fun couple of weeks... I knew there was a reason my NaNoWriMo story had come out with airships and steamcarts!
21. JasonB
we could go with steampunk for a while longer. :)
22. SciFiCafe
Please pick me!!! That'll make my day :D
Susan Meek
23. smeek1958
What a great collection. I'd sure like to win it!
24. bkwmn1992
I have just started reading steampunk, and would love to read these also! Thanks!
Daniel Hanley
25. Kythorian
Aww...too bad. Steampunk fortnight was fun. Maybe we can do it again some time.
26. MayTheShadowCoverYou
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
28. Andrea S.
Cool! Hope to win!
Shay D.
29. shaydchara
A fortnight's passed already? Wow...

Would love to read Dreadnought - really enjoyed Boneshaker.
Gristle McNerd
32. GristleMcNerd
More books! Which, once more, I wouldn't mind owning! I like books.
33. ChatnoirInc
Taking a long shot at a book
35. wandering-dreamer
Oh oh oh, pick me!
36. Alexander Detwiler
Books Books Books!
37. Lindsy
These look awesome!
38. Sean Patrick Kelley
Steam me!
39. Dawn Schiller
These books, a cat, a cup of tea, and rain...perfect day.
43. Greg McElhatton
Fingers crossed!

(P.S. I'm not a witch.)
44. M'lissa Wetherell-Moore
Wonderful books, I hope. I enjoyed Cheri Priests last steampunk novel, the one set in Seattle. *Crossing fingers for books!*
45. gkkxmpd
Ooooh! These look LOVERLY! : ) Would love to have 'em.
Eduardo Gisbert
46. xgisbert
I'm looking forward to buying Dreadnought anyway, so maybe this could be a chance to save some pennies.
Tina A
47. Tinaa
Oh, please! I'd love some more books...
48. Knightmare
Choo choo.
50. dwndrgn
What a fabulous giveaway to end on. See you next year Steampunk Fortnight (I hope!).
Liz Gorinsky
59. TooMuchExposition
Whoops. This is NOT an entry, but an "edited to add"--the copies of Rise of the Iron Moon will actually be galleys, not finished books. We meant to mention this, but my original version of the post crashed and Chris recreated it but didn't know that. Sorry for any confusion.
Matt Belanger
60. mabwi
I haven't read any Steampunk in a long time - this would be a great start :)
Geoffrey Dow
64. ed-rex
I've always wanted to read Kage Baker - but I'll happily try any of those on the list.
65. jefff
Love Cherie Priest
68. Roundabout
My rhyming technique's surely spent
and cleverness now a lament
please just give me these books
based on my good looks
and end my limericking torment.
69. Michelle P.
Cool...here's hoping I'll be one of the lucky ones. :) Looking forward to future giveaways, steampunk or otherwise.
72. Elaine Gallagher
I've got Dreadnaught and Rise of the Iron Moon and I wasn't keen on The Affinity Bridge, so I'll pass on Osiris. What's left?
brock w
73. Nuk3d
the half-made world sounds like it would be good
tor ftw
75. jmd
A third Stephen Hunt book? Cool ! Count me in!
Dru O'Higgins
76. bellman
I want to read all of those, and haven't gotten to them yet. Perfect!
Tranylle Simmons
77. tranylle
Guess this is my last chance!! Hope I win!
Gary Schaper
78. Garyfury
This is my comment in quest of wonderful books.
79. Jessica @ Book Sake
So many great books!
81. KoleJ
Yay for Steampunk reads!
ezzkmo .
82. ezzkmo
Wow, this is my dream giveaway! Good luck all!
83. Vitiosus
Hmmm, I wouldnt mind trying out a steampunk book.
84. paperwaster
Have one or two of these, but I can always use more steampunk. Besides duplicates always make great Christmas/Festivus gifts.
85. ms.ashleyr
I'm so excited!
Greg Lincoln
86. glshade
Would love to add these to the collection of books I have to review
91. MrTroyETaylor
Full Steam Ahead! Enter me please.
94. Suzanne Ferrell
Because of my daughter I have fallen in love with Steampunk! So nice to see more books taking the spotlight. And I really love the Civil War nurse story. Great way to introduce a different history into the genre!!
95. Meg B
Radical! I'd love to win these babies!!
96. jharris25
97. rmbellovin
I'd love these.
98. hidden20
*holds up sign* that reads will work for books
100. Christopher Ware
Gotta get me some steampunk!
102. stevethesteve
Steampunk has been on my "genres to get into" list for a while now, right after I finished Space Operas (which will never happen).  If I win this I will take a break from Space Opera and skip merrily into Steampunk for a while.  
104. Barbed1951
All of the books listed would be awesome to win individually, but as a group, wow, it's the mother lode.
106. ninefly
definitely sign me up if this is open to Canada! thanks!
108. erinlb
This sounds most brilliant! Airships ahoy!
109. Plasticsanta
I love Kage Baker's writing. So sad.
Sarah Hale
110. rocketshale
Steampunk Fortnight passes by, but Steampunk will go on.
112. deadjack
Dreadnought alone would have gotten me to enter.
114. NCroun
I dig Cherie Priest, and would enjoy checking out these other authors, too.
117. jim162065
yea, more books please :)
118. Doug M.
Kage Baker's last book? I'm in.

Doug M.
Craig Duffield
119. Fansik
I would appreciate being "forced" to read more steampunk.
120. gorillo
I heart books!
Rie B
121. toggit
All of those look like must reads to me!
123. Alden Ash
Since I haven't won any of the other giveaways, please consider me strongly for this one.
124. Dr Tuka
Since three of the five books in this are already in my to read list, does that mean I have a 3 in 5 chance of winning this cache?
125. Mike Hump
I had to look at all the comments to make sure I didn't post already...Derr...hope I win!
126. Krock19
Please :) I deserve some great steampunk escapes after another bad day at the office.
127. Shai'tan
Please enter me.
128. KwanTi
I'm in. Need to squirrel away books to read over the coming winter.
129. Story Cottage
I pray to the Gods of Cogs and Gears that the pins fall in place for me to add these books to my library by gaslight.
130. MD in VT
Sign me up!
Jon Terry
131. Randall
Should help pass the cold winter nights
133. mbg1968
I'd love to own a copy of 'Not Less Than Gods'.
134. Jayson Lorenzen
Ohhhhh, me please!
Jenny Thrash
135. Sihaya
I would greatly appreciate such a complete compendium of practical field manuals.
Glennis LeBlanc
136. Glennis
Good reading material there, would love to give it a home
139. ztron24
Count me in.
140. Redalth
It would be an honor to get these books!
141. Michael Schuster
Looks like a great batch of books!
142. Jobi-Wan
I like books, these all look good, I would like to read them!
143. Kathryn Hinds
Lots of good reading to look forward to!
bw fenlon
145. wonderbrad2000
Maybe I'll win, and I won't have to buy these.
Evan Jensen
146. eoghanacht
I adore almost all these books. I'd love to own!
Barry Huddleston
147. gnostalgia
Cool I'm always looking for books to review on my blog
148. BaronJonah
Steamy Lit. Need it in my Gaslight den.
156. jc1239
a winner is me?
Max Moseley
159. mmoseley
Oh, this is one contest I would love to win!
Agnes Kormendi
160. tapsi
it's time I won something, I guess...
164. SaraC56
Count me in for this one!
Luke M
165. lmelior
So sad it's the end.

Thanks in advance for choosing my post as the winner, Tor.com. I'm look forward receiving a package from you!
166. omega_n
Can has pretteh bookz? Pwease?
168. NCBill
Amazing how fast a good time passes!
Please Sir, can I have more?
175. LAJG
No luck so far. Let's try again!
Lonnie Rivenbark
176. fuddster
Eventually I'll win one of these contests, right? I said, RIGHT???
Sean Newton
177. SJN
I would enjoy these books, I think.
180. Kevin Faulk
Ah, I like Hunt and my wife likes Priest...
181. Joe67
Awesome giveaway! I'm feeling pretty lucky. I have great things about Dreadnought and The Half-Made World
182. bevisvamp
I'm light on reading material at present and these look pretty spiffy to me.
183. Michael Habif
oh yes please
Joe Romano
184. Drunes
Books are the best giveaways... far superor to the jewelery.
186. bossman
please!!! do like what i SEE *o*
187. Corvus corax
Fingers crossed!
188. RLW
Certainly a very nice spread of fiction...
189. JaneDrew
Yes, please!
Other Alias
190. ghostcrab311
May all things steampunky be a yearly tradition here at Tor.com!
Anson Kennedy
191. ansonk
All it takes is one comment. This one.
192. CassR
Oh, so much yes :)
Lianne Burwell
193. LKBurwell
Nice collection of books. Crossing fingers.
194. badfaery michele
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
195. MountainManCO
Looking forward to them
196. SueRed
Nice! Love 'em!
197. nforget
Yes, please!
198. myst44
better late then never, here i go!
199. Nentuaby
Oooh, please?
Sandi Kallas
200. Sandikal
I really, really want the Kage Baker novel. I've listened to the audiobook of "Dreadnought", but would love to have it on my bookshelf with "Boneshaker". Heck, I want all those books.
201. kevin-j
Looking forward to The Half-Made World. Felix Gilman is an author i'm keeping my eye on.
202. jjcard
I have always been interested in Steampunk but very really read any books of it yet
204. emgre
Very intrigued by The Half-Made World. Winning it would be pretty cool.
207. jonwings40
Yes, I would like to read these!
210. M.I. Bishop
I was a steampunk time-traveller this year for Halloween.

I want to go to there.
211. jfleon
Perfect selection. They are all on my list!
212. J.A. Beard
Throwing my hat in for some steampunk.
Jonathan Rose
216. macguffin37
A fortnight has passed, but I shall continue steaming for more than a fortnight.
218. Malcolm Eckel
219. 8bitdad
Perfect end to the Fortnight.
220. borderorient
225. Viper50BMG
Outstanding selections, please choose me!
226. forcefedted
gimme gimme gimme
i need some more books
Chuck Childers
229. cchilders
Steampunk! (And thanks for the opportunity!)
230. Eddie Bax
Look at all those wonderful books...
231. Ragenes
I would love to have these to share with my sons. Books make us feel so rich!
233. Jack Avery
Looks like some great books in this batch.
Dave Thompson
235. DKT
Wow - what a great bunch of awesome books.
236. thetimfoley
Books! I neeed more!
238. Laura D.
Yay! These are awesome.
greg scott
239. worthy
looks good...would love to read these:)
240. Chris JB
The addition to my library of any one of these books would bring me a pleasure most sublime.
243. WritingWolfaert
I'd love to get these books.
Craig Botha
244. craig.b
I'd love some Steampunk in my library.
Gene Ramirez
245. MrSkar
Oh yes please, I want to read that Half Made World so bad, but can't justify getting it in hardcover
Marisa Repin
247. marineko
Most of these are in my wishlist, so it'd be great to win one...
248. Papajack
Great set of books. Please, please, please!!!
Stephen Minchin
249. sminchin
That's an awesome set of books - if you let me win, I promise to share...
250. dilyanap
Some new books would be great now that it's couch-blanket-and-tea season!
254. Stefan Llewellyn Smith
I'm in.
Gray Nicholson
256. Granic
Would love to have. Are we able to win in the UK? Doesn't say we are not in the rules.
257. Dr.LessNed
Ian Gazzotti
258. Atrus
We wants the bookses, our preciousss
259. Inari Varga-Avalon
I want them all! What is better than the cold, dark winter OUT there, when you yourself are indoors, feeling all cosy and warm and having a GOOD BOOK, something to nibble and fancy little drink.
So SIGN ME IN please, we will have loooong winter ahead...
261. Pellaeon
Winter is coming.
I need good books (lots of em) and the only one left from China Mieville is "The Scar", so I need moar steampunk :)
nadav shner
262. nadav1
G'day to you sirs and madams.
A fine addition to my library
kind regards
263. Martica
Never win anything, might as well try. Go Stephen!
265. dzagrahd
Cross fingers
266. Neverwhere
So exciting! *crosses fingers and toes* :D
267. Mostly Dead
Books! Boooooks! BraAaaai...oops mean Boooooks!

(*shambles off into the distance)
269. Voyageur
The little steam engine that could...
270. Innbranna
Gambling on this being open for people from overseas as well :-)
271. Louise K.
Even if I don't win a book, I'm just glad to have some more titles to add to my reading list.
273. Fu-Leng
This sounds great readings for christmas :)
Autumn Hiscock
274. Owldaughter
Wow -- if I win a prize pack, I can cross a bunch of books off my Christmas list!
275. Kristi Lea
Nice prize pack...
278. GAMcCull
This prize is meant for me! ;)
alessandro montagner
281. black_swan
Comment, did you say?
I most certainly shall.
William Uniac
283. Billiac
Free books are always the best books of all!
285. AmBeRWhItE
287. Cornelius Unthank
My clockwork daughter has read every book in my library, even the ones about ballistics and corsetry. Please come to her assistance and pick me!
289. mlabbe
Very cool giveaway!
291. Tacohugs
Yey. I lo e the first Stephen Hunt book! Awesome giveaway!
292. Redwolf
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
293. Decoding Static
yes please! 1 in 293 odds, i like my chances!
Adam McLain
296. WrittenOnTheStars
I have fallen in love with the Steampunk genre during the Fortnight. It has opened my eyes to the beauty and wonder and mystery this genre holds. I'd love to delve right into it. :)
Jacob Silvia
299. aethercowboy
I have a serious compulsion towards collecting books, especially free books written in genres I like. :)
N. Swain
301. Jabberwocky
I do need to fill up those holes in my bookcase, after all...
302. KayDee
They know they want me...
305. ninjapenguin
John Zurcher
306. jzurcher
Well, it's better odds than the lottery.
Matthew Kuhl
308. pattonmat
Hey, it's better than thinking about the election!
Tim Lewis
312. RaPToRFunK
At least two of these books are on my wish list. Please let me win!
313. PhoenixFalls
Oh my goodness yes!
314. rubydog
Great contest!
Please enter me.
Scott Peterson
315. scottpeterson
I have never won random drawings like this one, but there is always a first time!
317. The Kit Campbell
Oh man, fancy. Take pity on me, Tor, I just moved and all my books are packed and inaccessible.
318. Brenda H.
The books look shiney! :)
320. SFinkle
Always looking for more good books to read.
Ruthanna Emrys
324. R.Emrys
Ooh, I've been wanting several of these.
325. Fred Coulter
I loved Priest's last book, so I'm looking forward to winning this one.

(What do you mean other people are allowed to enter the contest?)
331. Gustav von Fange
A haiku to Steampunk novels

Steampunk books brand new
I want to read all of you
Books borrowed by friends
333. Ambassador Thora Chase
Looking foward to reading some new stories from authors I haven't read yet!
I have only read Gail Carriger so far in the
steampunk genre.... these all sound very interesting.
Ambassador Thora Chase
Starburner Galactic Courier Service
336. KeroseneGuy
gimme gimme!
Bethany Pratt
337. LiC
Cherie Priest! I've hardly read thee!
341. elfgrl2115
Steampunk FTW!
344. Nomad417
I'll take a piece of that action!
Sam Brady
345. lewaah
"please and thank you are the magic words..."
Jennifer McBride
347. vegetathalas
I accidentally posted twice and I can't figure out how to delete, so this one doesn't count!
349. LiteraryWitch
Would love some new books to read over the winter break!
350. OurBookReviewsOnLine
Have just read and reviewed "The Court of the Air" and would really love "The Rise of the Iron Moon" to review!
351. Captainjaq
Been looking forward to reading some of those and some I'm just seeing for the first time.

They all look great!
352. RieseFan
Steampunk books = Awesomeness!
353. PlayswithLizards
Dreadnought sounds wonderful! I'm just discovering steampunk, and loving it! Thanks, Tor!
354. harksen
Oooh, looks like a marvelous collection of books! (Drooling.)
355. Trilliumgrl
I faithfully promise to share any books I win with people I love..... after cackling over them for a bit.
356. hikr3
Please pick me!
357. Joseph Giddings
I'll take them all! :)
362. area53
I'd appreciate these books!
363. dirk.storage
One entry please! Nice selection.
364. Vortican
Wooo! 11:58 am 11/04/10
Julie McDonough
365. onejewel
your books are great, but your timing (noon) is not good for working stiffs who are unable to surf at work.
Jean Boyer
366. Mrs David Tennant
Well, I'm depressed I just now saw this site - I really like steampunk!
367. Jenny Modée
I bet I live in the wrong country for this, but WANT! So much!
368. Tyler Childers
I hope I'm not too late. I need these books. Well, ok. I have Dreadnought, and the Osiris Ritual. I really need Stephen's newest, and the others look fantastic. I promise to be good and give away books I already have to non-steamy friends.

The Fortnight is over, but not forgotten.
369. KevinS
Probably too late, but worth trying.
370. Randall Newnham
Darn... probably too late...
Adam Shaeffer
371. ashaef
Awwww man! Why did I just now find out about this one?
372. Jamie Le Rossignol
Here's hoping for steam
to circle my toes and yeild
a volume of words
373. Florin Ciocanu
i really wish i win. cuz my knoledge of steampunk limits to 1 anime series and comicbook series.
374. Shelby Luscomb
Oh I love Stephen hunt! I hope I win!! :D
375. Eal Lundquist
Just got back from SteamCon V in Seattle, so I am in a very Steampunky mood- would loke some new books to read!

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