Nov 1 2010 4:37pm

Steampunk Fortnight Giveaway: Chrononaut Mercantile Belt

If you saw our Chrononaut Mercantile Pendant last week, you are probably already excited to see another giveaway with their name in the title. And this one is every bit as exciting! Introducing: the Chrononaut Mercantile Steampunk Belt:

Chrononaut Belt by Chrononaut Mercantile Chrononaut Belt by Chrononaut Mercantile

Chrononaut Mercantile

From the Chrononaut Mercantile website:

This belt and buckle are made to measure so they will fit you perfectly, securing your trousers on many a wild adventure. Whether you travel by ship, train or airship, this belt will be a long lasting favorite.

Our Steampunk belt buckle is a relief casting of the inner movements of a clock. This solidly constructed buckle will be a favorite over the course of many years.

Handcrafted in our studio in Maine. Exclusive custom-fitted item, each one is made to measure. Buckle is available in brass, pewter, and antique copper. 1.75" wide belt of Latigo cowhide leather shown in black, cognac, russet, and, burgundy.

If you would like this lovely item—in your choice of buckle color, belt color, and size—just comment below for your chance. And be sure to check out some of Chrononaut’s other items, like their goggles and satchels, for more lovely steampunkiness.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this  post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST, Wednesday, November 3. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email Wednesday and Thursday; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

1. st.richard
That looks pretty cool. Maybe I'll have to come back here when I have a little Christmas cash.
John Massey
3. subwoofer
Yay! I need a new belt. Lately every time I raise my hands to do "yay" my pants fall down due to wardrobe malfunction.

4. JasonB
That is gorgeous!
5. Nik Z from Philly
It's a lot better than a state of Texas belt buckle.
7. John Taber
Wow...beautiful. Count me in. :)
8. Franky!
excellent piece of work :O
10. Maren T
That looks wonderful! I will start wearing a belt just to show it to people if I am lucky enough to win. :D
11. jwilli7
lucky number 11
12. PhoenixFalls
Would love to get one of those! So pretty!
corey chapman
14. martianblues
that's a really nice design. i would totally wear that.
15. MountainManCO
Belt me
16. wandering-dreamer
17. ahimsa
You can count me in, too.
18. Sara(m)
Wow, that is gorgeous!
20. Heather Perkins
super nice
22. Wendy R. Hill
So neat! I'd love to be able to gift my mom with that for Christmas :)
23. hidden20
i need this so i can where my fat pants with out them falling down
24. Mike Hump
My belt is quivering with anticipation. Or maybe I have to pee.
Gristle McNerd
25. GristleMcNerd
Great Scott, that is one nice belt buckle. I want one, please.
Kent Aron Vabø
29. sotgnomen
And my own buckle just broke! Perfect timing, one can hope..
30. Tilinka
Very spiffy indeed!
32. Utheran
Sounds awesome!
Samuel VanDyke
34. svandyke11
I have not read much steampunk but man, I have always loved the look.
38. Alden Ash
Now I realize what my belt is missing, and why my pants keep falling down. Count me in!
39. Mewfly
Excellent. In serious need of a new belt.
41. BoomBomb
This is beltastical!
Kelly Trop
42. Zorpisuttle
It reminds me a little bit of a Kandinsky painting. That's very cool.
Matt Wright
43. matty42
If I don't win I just may have to buy one.
james loyd
45. gaijin
EXACTLY what I need to hold up my jhodpurs and disruptor holster!
46. Victorianfemme
That belt is nigh on amazing! Must have...*drool*...
47. Becflibble
Oo, pretty!
48. WritingWolfaert
oooo Shiny belt.
49. KayaMooh
Oh wow! Please pick me ? :)

Seriously though, that is fantastic!
52. Deepak Rao
I don't have a belt that's so good-looking yet...
Robert Yee
53. Mei mei
Very nice,
A wonderful addition to my tinkerer.
56. Theiadora
What a wonderful design.
Ian B
59. Greyfalconway
Ohhhh, this is so great, I was staring at this about a week ago wanting it so badly but I have nowhere near enough money to spend on it, this is actually the exact thing I was looking at though, I really hope I win!! I dont even care what metal, they're all awesome!
60. Dr Fidelius
Heather and Jeff have produced another masterwork.
Mike Foster
62. zephyrkey
Yes please! I love the clockwork relief, it just looks so classy!
63. Chris JB
Mmm, yes please.
66. indigo jinx
love it! so cool i think i'd have to wear it all the time, not just with my steampunk-specific looks...
68. madw
Very nice design.
69. RTaylor
Love it! I am amazed at the creative stuff that steampunk fortnight has been showcasing.
Shay D.
70. shaydchara
How perfect! I would love to win one of those.
Chris Battey
71. DarthParadox
Oh, I've got an outfit that that would go perfectly with!
76. Kevin Faulk
Of all the giveaways, I want this the most. Way too cool...
77. jlesgold
I guess this is about as close to gears on my corset as I'm likely to get.
Amal El-Mohtar
79. amalmohtar
I would like one, please! I promise not to destroy it!
81. melemolly
how pretty!
82. sbass
Something I want for me and not for my family.
86. Ninjapenguin
Belts: they're not just for trousers anymore.
88. Robert Tout
I ? Burgundy...
90. xiancpr
Wish I could get such an elegant item...
91. JoeCrow
Hey, that's kinda neat. Particularly as my tastes tend towards "Mongolian clockpunk" rather than traditional "Victorian steampunk".
Anson Kennedy
94. ansonk
The number of the comments shall be one. Zero is for naught. Two just will not do. Three, well never you be!

The number of the comments shall be one. No more, no less.

So it is written, so shall it be.
Daniel Brown
95. I_Slap_Raptors
That is splendid enough to make me not only wear a belt in the first place, but to actually tuck my shirt in while wearing it! You have no idea how much desire on my behalf is implied in that statement...
99. LouWW
I could use a new belt and buckle...
101. shamburglar
Nice. Very nice.
Maria Brown
106. MarieEmBee
Another excellent item from Chrononaut Mercantile!!! Please add me to the list of those who WANT :D
108. 8bitdad
I am a collector of buckles. I would love this.
118. Susan McFarlane
That buckle looks absolutely gorgeous.
120. A. Trevor Longino
I gotta admit, something about the lambent russet glow of the antique'd copper calls out to me in a very fundamental way.
nat ward
123. smonkey
ME! even though, as a clockwork rat, I rarely need belts, but still.
Jenny Thrash
125. Sihaya
I'd like one. I would turn the topmost gear 90 degrees clockwise, 15 degrees anticlockwise and 72 degrees clockwise again, just to see if a secret compartment opens up.
127. MerryLilith
love! love! love! It would look lovely on my wifey.
Katherine Otto
130. scifibklvr
If I don't win this, I think it's going to have to go on my Christmas list this year...!
132. Simon Moon 23
133. dilyanap
Wow, yet another pretty thing. I think I might have the watch that goes with that one...
139. Jayson Lorenzen
Oh oh me please!
140. dwndrgn
Well, steam-belt me and call me punk!! I wants one!
tatiana deCarillion
141. decarillion
You guys have come up with some beautiful prizes!
143. Jan Greenaway
I love that belt!
145. jefff
that would look great with my outfit today!
146. rubydog
Please enter me.
151. Jobi-Wan
That's a nice buckle
152. beltman
I wear belts daily. Fact.
154. ragenes
I love Seriously. I tell everyone I know about it, even those not interested in sci-fi/fantasy. Every time I visit here, I get giddy about something!
155. The Literary Omnivore
I do always need belts…
158. nezumi
Oh, this would make a lovely Christmas present for my husband!
162. DarthRachel
awesome! entering!
Craig Duffield
166. Fansik
Wonderful products over at the website.  It'd be a treat to win the belt!
167. nakedsushi
Would love one. Count me in!
Stephen Minchin
176. sminchin
That is gorgeous - and will stop my trousers falling off. Ideal!
Laura Conrad
179. laymusic
I had a clockwork belt buckle that I really liked and it broke, so it would be good to get another one.
180. firesinger
Me please!
Lila Fontes
183. lila927
This is fantastic! I've bought buttons from them before, and now I can wear a belt to match!

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