Nov 28 2010 7:38pm

“Time can be rewritten. People can’t.” Doctor Who: “A Christmas Carol” trailer

A minute-long trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special popped up this weekend. Have a look:

The episode, titled “A Christmas Carol” is written by showrunner Steven Moffat and is rumored to contain elements from “Continuity Errors,” Moffat’s first published story involving the Doctor. (In this case, the Seventh.) The special is scheduled to air in the U.K. on Christmas Day, with a broadcast to follow later that night on BBC America for those in the United States.

Some speculation to note: The episode is also rumored to begin right after the fifth series finale, “The Big Bang,” although both Rory and Amy appear in the trailer to be wearing specific costumes from other episodes in the series....

Irene Gallo
3. Irene
I’ve only watched a smattering of Who but this looks great....may have to tune in and try to catch the Doctor Who bug.
Tina Pierce
4. scissorrunner
another reason to sing "Hurry Christmas, hurry fast!!"
Rhys Douglas
5. Mr.Nkgnto
Bring on the Raggedy Doctor. This looks fantastic, roll on Christmas. Katherine Jenkins looking smokin hot as well. Mmmmmmmmmm...

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