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It Ain’t Sci-Fi If the Tears Don’t Fall

Fry I Waited For You

The Daily List last Friday on Topless Robot concerned “11 Nerdy Moments Guaranteed to Make You Cry” and that got us thinking...only 11?

We certainly agreed with some of the moments on the list. Spock’s death and send-off in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan... E.T.’s dried up husk laying at the bottom of a creekbed... Aeris’s death in Final Fantasy 7... But it seemed a bit thin to just stop there, as there is much more sadness to be plumbed from the depths of science fiction and fantasy. (Just last month Jo Walton held court over a collection of classic tearjerkers in science fiction.)

What of the end of Futurama’s episode “Jurassic Bark”? Or the end of WALL-E? Or the entirety of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer episode “The Body”? Doctor Who alone seems determined to dissolve its viewers to tears at least once a season.

So we thought we’d open the question up to the floor. What moments kill you in SFF every time? Since Jo covers novels so well in the above-linked post, we thought we’d open the question up to the floor regarding moments in TV, movies, comics, and games. If you need some more pointers, io9 did a great gallery on this back in April.

Sob away, gentle readers... (Oh, and SPOILERS HENCEFORTH, of course.)

1. Shedrick
For me, the saddest is always when Artex gets sucked into the bog in The Neverending Story. But I also get a misty when Wash gets impaled in the third act of Serenity. "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I..."
Bob Gibson
2. HonorGod
In Legend (, when Druss faces the horde at the tunnel entrance.
Rob Munnelly
3. RobMRobM
Tea Leoni and her Dad waiting for the tidal wave in Deep Impact.
John Ginsberg-Stevens
4. eruditeogre
Totally agree about Wash in Serenity, although I shoulda known Whedon was setting him up. . . .

I also cry every time Theoden dies in Return of the King; my father had died the year the film opened and something struck me about the combination of tragedy and futility in the moment and it resonated with my own grief.
5. Jorenko
Iroh's part in "Tales of Ba Sing Se".
6. pasmith
Floyd the Robot's death in the old Infocom game, Planetfall.
Patrick Samphire
7. PatrickSamphire
Arguably not SFF, but when Leslie (the girl) dies in Bridge to Terabithia, I tear up every time.
8. DontDriveAngry
In one of the endings to my all-time favorite video game, Chrono Trigger, there's a scene where Magus who was an ultra-badass villian at worst, and an ultra-badass-antihero at his best announces he's going to see if he can find his sister Schala, who was lost. Despite the happy ending sequence, I was always touched by that and the fact that Schala's story remained unresolved cast a pall over the ending.

I realize that the sequel Chrono Cross did resolve what happened to her, but at the time, and until I played CC, that always bothered me.
Richard Fife
9. R.Fife
In Firefly - The Message, the very end where this music is playing and the complete dick who faked his death is being returned to his family like he had originally (and kind of falsely) asked for. Added poignance for the song being the composer's farewell to the show as well, as that was the last episode filmed.
Ty Margheim
9. alSeen
"Count Vorkosigan, sir?"

"Miles! Thank God you're here." "Miles, what the hell are you doing here?" "Miles! Vorberg found you!" "Ivan, you idiot. What are you doing here?"
10. kid_greg
@HonorGod- Good call on The Legend
That's the kinda ones that get me; facing unbeatable odds with courage to the end.
11. Dietes
I always shed a tear for HAL when he gets shut down.

Also, Anastasia Dualla's suicide from BSG.
12. dwndrgn
The final action sequence in Armageddon!
Megan Messinger
13. thumbelinablues
The death of Thorin Oakenshield -- and this painting of it, an illustration in the only copy of The Hobbit I've ever read -- gets me every time.
Jason Henninger
14. jasonhenninger
Totally agree. And it's the best sequence in the entire series, I think.

Let's see....Buffy and Angel got to me a few times...The Body didn't, though. Rose parting ways with the Doctor messes me up serious.

And the end of Giant Robot, which I wrote about a while ago, here:
John Massey
15. subwoofer
Well then, there have been many deaths out there that have effected me.... although I haven't cried since I was 10. Some larger than life heros when they passed on and I found out about it, really made me realize about mortality. I didn't think John Wayne could die. Could not believe it. Finding out about it was worse than seeing "the Shootist".

Back in the day- Superman "died" by Doomsday's hand. I still have an original in the plastic. And I have a tee that says "Here lies earth's greatest hero" complete with a black armband. My world stopped then. I think everyone paused for a day.

Then Christopher Reeve died. And actor that became more to me than I could believe raising himself from a tragic accident.

And most recent- Hopper has passed on. Why?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wa!!!!!!!!!

And Gawyn still lives. Sometimes I wonder about the balance of justice.

And like the clip- Optimus dying. Sniff.

Edit- I take it back- that durn picture of the doggie has me bawling my eyes out. Wah!!!!

16. joe09q234y
*In the Dragonlance series, Sturm's, Flint's, Tanis' and Tas' deaths are all very upsetting.

*all of "Flowers for Algenon"

*Jurrasic Bark, and to a lesser extent, Luck of the Fryrish

*Deep Impact, When the blinded astronaut is talking to his family, and then when the astronauts sacrifice themselves to deflect the larger fragment.
Pam K
17. PamK
1) The opening scene of Mass Effect 2. (Spoiler warning!) I have played that game through four times now, and watching the original Normandy go down kills me every time.

2) The Tenth Doctor's extended farewell and check-out in The End of Time. I was sobbing by the end of that.

3) Likewise, what happened to Donna at the end of the fourth New Who series! So unfair and heartbreaking!
18. JLr1975
For me one of the scenes that always gets me and I think it is much relief as anything else is in Ender's Game after the final battle...that whole ending sequence while they are still on the asteroid...
19. Lisa H.
That scene at Bad Wolf Bay when The Doctor leaves Rose there with the other version of himself had me bawling. When he watches her kiss him and then enters the TARDIS it's the most emotional moment. And then Russell T. Davies had me crying just moments later when Donna's memories of The Doctor were wiped. Besides Dr. Who I think the last time I cried during an SF of Fantasy film was Lord of the Rings, when Gandalph is telling Pippen about the white shores of Valinor. It was hopeful and extremely grief filled at the same time.
Alejandro Melchor
21. Al-X
* Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig: The Tachikomas singing a happy childhood song while hurling the satellite hosting their collective AIs in the path of a nuclear missile.

* The Iron Giant: "Superman". Enough said.

*Fellowship of the Ring movie: "My brother... my captain... my king..."

* The Two Towers movie: Teenage boys trying to fit into their chainmail before the siege of Helm's Deep.

* Mass Effect 1: Playing through the sabotage mission and making the choice on who to and then watching them .

* Mass Effect 2: Tali's cry upon finding her father during her loyalty mission. Also, first crewmate death during the end run.
Lucas Huntington
22. L.P.Huntington
and The Iron Giant. Did someone say that one already? That got me, too.
Alejandro Melchor
23. Al-X
A.I. had my in tears but for all the wrong reasons
Chris Hawks
24. SaltManZ
Aw crap, The Iron Giant? I'm always a blubbering mess by the end of that one. Heck, last year we drove from MN to FL for vacation, and the kids had it on in the DVD player in the van; I couldn't even watch it, but I was choking up all the same.
25. Sara Eileen
Probably because I saw it when I was still small (like, Sally's age), the scene in Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen where Death finally manages to get close enough to the Baron to take his life still makes me tear up.

And of course that emotional pitfall totally sets me up to cry *again* when they open the gates to the city and the Turk have vanished. But in a completely different way.

"No doctors..."
26. Hatgirl
Theoden at Theodred's grave in The Two Towers. "No parent should have to bury their child."

Bernard Hill is an amazing actor.
27. @BCrosswood
I may have my man-card revoked for this but "The Princess Bride" has always been a huge tear-jerker for me.

Also, any one of a hundred sad Dr. Who episodes. Most notably when Rose Tyler got stranded in an alternate universe and the Doctor drained the life force of a dying star to contact her one last time and still didn't say he loved her.
Ty Margheim
29. alSeen
28) Really? By that point in the series I came to expect that type of thing.
30. Rhyen
I don't think expecting something necessarily makes it any less emotional. Nevertheless, yes, I was surprized.

There was some foreshadowing, but I still remember being floored when it actually happened and having to put the book down.
z drake cupsford
31. zdrakec
The death of the Giants, in The Illearth War.

Kevin's propitiation of Dana the Earth Goddess, in The Wandering Fire. Also from that series, Diarmuid's taking Arthur's place in the duel against the urgach Uathach, just before the climactic battle in The Darkest Road, and after winning it, being put out of his agony by his brother.
Actually Guy Kay tears me up. Paul's recollection of his lover's death while hanging on the Summer Tree.

Samwise Gamgee - "Well, I'm back." Gets me every time.
32. Christopher Palmer
The Scholar's Tale: "The River Lethe's Taste is Bitter" from Dan Simmon's Hyperion gets me every time, primarily because my daughter was young the first time I read it.
Lucas Vollmer
33. aspeo
Futurama's "Jurassic Bark" is the only episode of any TV show or movie that I refuse to watch again because it is so incredibly sad. In fact, I'm kinda getting misty just thinking about it...
Steve Downey
34. sdowney
The end of Cowboy Bebop. Als0 parts along the way, like when Ed leaves, and Ein goes with her.
Iron Giant, of course.
Toy Story 3, both at the incinerator scene, and at the actual end.
Which always reminds me of the last Pooh story "In which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an enchanted place, and we leave them there" , which I could never get through reading aloud.
"But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest a little boy and his Bear will always be playing."
35. Mndrew
Dizzy's death in Starship Troopers; what a waste.
36. Sitka
@Jorenko - oh yeah, that one surprised me, I was't expecting to be so emotionally involved in that ep! Gosh Avatar was a great series.

Hmm - The Name of the Wind (especially when Kvothe's lute gets broken), Iron Giant, Firefly - the Message & Objects in Space, Serenity, the Pixar brigade of Toy Story 2 (Jesse's flashback) & 3 (Incinerator!), WALL-E, Up! (the first bloody five minutes), Neverending Story (the swamp), Return of the King, Barrayar (Solitoxin) & Memory (so many moments) & Cryoburn (dribbles - oh the blubbering with that one, yikes)

Hmm I tend to cry a lot . . .
37. Derek J. Goodman
Voices of a Distant Star
Samantha Brandt
38. Talia
@16 re: Dragonlance - Yeah, I still haven't forgiven Weis & Hickman for 'Dragons of Summer Flame.' That book was brutal. I like to pretend it didn't happen. :p

Cried like a baby first time I read 'Dragons of Spring Dawning,' with Flint.

I see everyone's covered about all the ones I can think of (Toy Story 3 is definitely a good call; I cried in the theatre!. And Wash, of course. I still have not forgiven Whedon. Yes, I hold grudges over movies :P), so let me go ahead and admit this one:

Avatar, the destruction of the tree. Say what you will about the movie, I found that part hard to watch (In a good way, not in a "boy is this crap" way).
Cait Glasson
39. CaitieCat
Harriet Jones, in the Doctor Who episode The Stolen Earth. I'm always a sucker for a good death, and I love the way Harriet stands up tall and squares her shoulders before she's executed by the Daleks. She knew it was coming, did what would bring it anyway.

"We know who you are," indeed, Ms. Jones.

Oh, and Iroh in Tales of Ba Sing Se. I cry just thinking about it, not least because of losing the wonderful Mako. :/
40. WAndrewRobinson
The 'Who wants to live forever' montage when Heather is growing old and finally dying and Connor is telling her goodbye. Actually there's a couple of places in that film...
41. WAndrewRobinson
Oh and the final scene in Anthony Minghella's "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is especially hard on the tear ducts. Hell, so is the whole 2nd half of that excellent, excellent film!
42. WAndrewRobinson
me @40...oh dear. Of course, I was talking here about film 'Highlander'
j p
43. sps49
Jurassic Bark, yes, and The Luck of the Fryish, but the one I wsaw first was The Sting.

The scene in the Belgariad where Garion tries to resurrect the colt. Rand trying to restore life to the child in the Stone of Tear reminded me of Eddings enough that I began seeing Nynaeve as a less experienced Polgara (Heresy!).
Claire de Trafford
44. Booksnhorses
@32. All of Endymion and The Rise of Endymion because I know what is coming.

Sheri Tepper's Sideshow when Marjory and Sam pass on (tearing up just thinking about it!).

The end of Elizabeth Goudge's The Little White Horse.

Animals / sentient computers dying in general also sets me off (Hopper, nooooo!)
Nathalie Campistron
45. Prince of the Raisins
Approximately, all of Doctor Who. (Donna, Tenth, Rory...)
Daniel becoming an Ancient. Carson's tribute in Atlantis.
Toy Story 3, Up and Wall-E.
The destruction of Hometree in Avatar.
And yes I admit, Snape's death in Harry Potter. Shut up, I loved Snape. :P
Kent Aron Vabø
46. sotgnomen
The end of Harry Potter(not the epilogue, the aftermath of the battle)
End of The Message is the saddest moment in TV.
Boromir in the book was the first time I ever cried over fiction, and still do. Also, the Havens scene.
Fred's death in Angel.
Also, Steven Erikson is a cruel man: Coltaine and the Fall, Whiskeyjack, and not least Trull Sengar. After that, the rest of the horrible just leaves me in numb shock, like Tool and the Barghast.
47. Christopher Palmer
I can't believe I left out Iron Giant...

Robin Hobb manages to get me several times per book, but Nighteyes' "last hunt" makes me have to put the book down for a while and collect myself. Many scenes with the Fool as well.

I manage to get choked up by Terry Pratchett books - not by "sad" things, per se, but from poignant scenes, insight, and beauty.
48. jim162065
When King Kong falls, the end of Willie Wonka,
49. Razorgirl
@33 aspeo:
I have to echo your sentiments completely. Sure I am admittedly a real softy; some days certain commercials can well me up. :-)
BUT . . . I can't watch "Jurassic Bark" again. I cried like a baby the first time and am with you having a lump in my throat just typing about it.
50. razorgirl
An example? See the picture at the top of this article ... let's just say my eyes are alot wetter now. sheesh! lol
51. Yoda47
When Robinton's wife dies in Masterharper of Pern.
52. VoxOrange
@ 21. Al-X
That and the sacrifice of the tachikomas for Batau in the first series - always gets me. That entire episode (final of 2nd Gig) is so powerful.

Wall-e getting crushed.

Jurassic Bark - such a game changer for a comedy series to shift into ironic tragedy.
53. DrAngel
Mike's death in Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.Also the end of Have Spacesuit, Will Travel and Citizen of the Galaxy, not for tragedy but for poignant growing up emotions.
Diana Wynne Jones - Dogsbody!!!!
The last few chapters of the Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon
54. lost boy
Buffy: last episode. Buffy says"I love you" Spike replies "no you don't but thanks for saying it" while he's disentegrating.
55. DrAngel
noted that the Heinlein books were all referenced in the other post...oops.
but also remembered Patricia A McKillip Riddle-Master of Hed books, ending of Harpist in the Wind - I have read this so many times with my face so teary and snotty that I could hardly see the words and got that thudding post-bawling session headache. (bliss?)
56. Corinoco
Gandalf telling Pippin about Vailinor in the Two Towers film gets me every time. Actually, so does Gandalf's death in Fellowship.

'Children of Hurin' - when Turin dies is a real tearjerker.

A fair bit of 'The Silmarilon' is very sad too, especially death of the Two Trees, the Burning of the Ships.

Others - Leeloo watching the history of humans in 'the Fifth Element'
The destruction of Voyager 2 in Stephen Baxter's 'Titan' is one of the saddest passages I have ever read - it just falls apart, and no-one found it.
Eddie's death on Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series
'Grave of the Fireflies' - I bawled through just about the whole film.
57. hoodedswan
1 of many from Buffy - Season 2, Episode 17 "Passion":
Having rescued Giles after his reckless attempt to kill Angelus solo, she decks him, gathers him in her arms & tells him "You can't leave me. I can't do this alone"
58. Morghianna
The death of Melanie Rawn's Prince Rohan at the end of the novel "Stronghold". He and his Princess Sioned from Rawn's "Dragon Prince" series have always been my favorite couple from all the thousands of books I've read over the years.
59. riverwoman
Oh yeah, someone had to mention Fred. "I walk with heroes."
Alan Courchene
60. Majicou
Not a death, but one scene in SF TV left me a wreck for days: the climax of episode 18 in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sorrow at Shinji's mind-breaking despair and helplessness; rage at Gendo's utter bastardry. His own son is on the radio making the sound of ultimate suffering (thanks, Inigo), and what does he do? Smile smugly.
61. Sophie Gale
I saw Field of Dreams for the first time on the 10th anniversary of my father's funeral. Slumped in my theater seat, I thought I might drown on bittersweet tears when Costner asked, "Hey, Dad? Want to play catch?"
62. Sensitive1
Along with the mentioned scenes from Toy Story 3, Iron Giant, Star Trek II, and ET...

Rorschach's death in Watchmen. His morality (as warped as it is at times) will not let him perpetuate the lie eventhough he knows Dr. Manhatten will kill him.

Marcus's death in Babylon 5 to save Ivanova.

Death of Anakin Skywalker after returning to the light. "Let me look at you with my own eyes."

The death of the hero in The Battle for Terra. I am a sucker for the noble sacrifice.

Every major death scene in Doctor Who and Torchwood! Those writers really know how to tug on the heartstrings.

And countless others.
63. GeronL
When Odie got sent to the dog pound in the old animated movie and Garfield had to rescue him. Wait, why doesn't talking dogs and cats count as fantasy??

It's sad because I was a kid in the hospital and it was Thanksgiving! wah!
64. BillTualst
I won't spoil it, because some folks probably haven't played it yet, but the end of the Sasquatch mission in the Red Dead Redemption expansion pack Undead Nightmare was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever seen in a video game.
Michael Burke
65. Ludon
I'll say it again here. Truffaut's improvised ending of the movie Fahrenheit 451 gets me every time when the boy is reciting himself to his grandfather.
Carl Freire
67. ohpopshop
Hear, hear on "Iron Giant." Always brings a choke to my throat.

Marcus's death in Babylon 5 has already been mentioned, but I'd add that of John Sheridan, too, in the final episode.

The ending of City on the Edge of Forever from ST:TOS still gets me no matter how many times I've seen it. "Let's get the hell out of here."

Finally, turning to the written word, although my evaluation of the Pern series seems to sink farther every time I reread it (setups, consistency of characterization, dialogue, you name it, and that's just the two original trilogies--glances at subsequent volumes have left me too disappointed to plunge further though perhaps one day . . .), the Robinton heart attack sequence in The White Dragon still has the power to grab me every time.
68. Flying Trilobite
The realization that all my favourite crew members of The Streaker are going to be stranded and die of metal poisoning on Kithrup at the end of Startide Rising.

Sad again almost 10 years later when they still don't show up in the new Brightness Reef series.

And again when he wrote a short story post-saga.
69. J.B. Zimmerman
#9 got the worst one recently. "Count Vorkosigan, sir?". I cried buckets.

Definitely Wash; I have trouble watching that movie cuz of that.

Tachikomas FOREVER.

It's cheesy and ham handed, but the end of "War of Honor" I think -whichever ends with the Battle of Manticore -finding we'd lost McKeon.

The Enterprise dying in Trek III. Yes, I felt more for the ship than anything.

Duke Leto Atreides.
70. Chance-Michael
I find that I am generally a sap and can well up quite easily from quite a few things.
I won't re-mention any from the plethora of great examples listed above, but will say I found the Doctor Who episode, The Girl In The Fireplace, to be strikingly sad.
From her letter to him at the end:
"I have seen the world inside your head and know that all things arepossible. Hurry then my love; my days grow shorter now and I am so veryweak. Godspeed my lonely angel."
71. RJB
The 1st Jon Shannow book, wolf in shadow... I tear up every time I read the account of the young murderer/cutthroat/thief etc sacrificing himself to rescue the refugees.

Legend, Druss's last stand in the tunnel is very emotional.

Iron Giant, my daughter loves that movie, I blub every time.
Tomas Gerst
72. IamnotSpam
The death of Rod Gallowglass and Fess. Even before that the death of Gwen Gallowglass. Magnus coming home. Is the most recent story to pull salt from my eyes. The first was Ole Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows. In between were many already mentioned. Hienlein, Zelanzy, Hal dying, Silent Running (more robots), McCaffery(esp. some of her short stories)Star Trek, Babylon 5, some Buffy and the ending of Angel / death(?) of
Wesley and earlier Fred, "why cant I stay?" and they almost had me when Wes thought he had just killed his father the first time I watched it. Then of course last part of Armageddon (Bruce baby don't do it, let Ben take the hit). I guess death scenes are the ones that get me most. Then there was that one time when I watched some Australian man who use to be cool doing Hamlet while I drank a six pack. I think the alcohol explains everything. Then you also have anything that resembles the Alamo in anyway shape or form will choke me up cause I am a Texan and
its in our dna.
73. kittent
@53 I agree with the Heinlein, but Requiem always gets me. Most recently, the end of the new Bujold, Cryoburn.

The end of Starman.

It's fantasy, but the end of the movie The Wizard of Oz.

That's barely the beginning...
74. Eadon
Moiraine falling through the gateway and believing her to be dead in The Wheel of Time.
75. jharris25
The Bicentennial Man movie with Robin Williams. Something about a robot w/emotions who watches everyone he loves and ever knew grow old and die...The end scene is PARTICULLARY sad.
76. Dr. Phil
Sort of fantasy, but my wife votes for the end of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, when the Captain returns for Jean Tierny and they go off into the miss, young again...

Dr. Phil
77. sohma2501
everyone named some great ones.Im sure Im going to miss some,so here goes-
in ghost in the shell the movie-when batou loses the major-she doesnt die but he still loses her
gits-sac1-the tachikomas sacrifice
gits-sac2-the whole series especailly the end
grave of the firefiles-the whole movie
the sword of truth series,ist book when richard kills mistress denna
cowboy bebop-the end
ff7-crisis core-the whole thing especially the end-poor zack
the end of tigana-especially when at the end when baerd goes looking and keeps looking for his sister,when alessan is with his mother as she dies,the tragic love of king brandon and dianora,baerd sister,the whole dammn book,every time I read it I cry-tigana by guy gavriel kay
two vampire hunter d books-1st one-demon deathchase also known as vampire hunter d bloodlust-in the book the lovers die and what happens to the female hunter at the end-2nd vampire hunter d book-pale fallen angel-parts one and two -the end,tragic,its sad
ive tried to include stuff that other people havent read or seen,the other stuff that everyone else mentions is great to
79. RobinM
Robinton dies in All the wyers of Pern. Also his heartattck freaked me out in white dragon because I read it the same night Adric died in Doctor Who . The end of Cryoburn. Wash and Fred's and Wesley's death in Whedonverse things. Carson on SGA, Daniel's death and assention on SG-1 and Ashley on Sanctuary. Mockingjay the kid sisters death and all the pain those kids go through in the Hunger Games trilogy. I miss Rod and Fess and Gwen Gallowglass too. Can we do happy stuff next time?
80. nepeta
The Neverending Story, definitely.

The end of Gwyneth Jones' "Divine Endurance"

Also, not fantasy, but the ending of Cyrano de Bergerac always makes me cry. (this version:
81. Kwhopper88
There seems to be a real hate-on for the game itself, but the aftermath of the final boss battle from FF13 made me cry so hard I had to pause the cinematics and compose myself. And then, Vanille's words- "and so we live on, to greet the new dawn..." I died a little inside :(
As a side note, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one who thought 'Jurassic Bark' was the saddest.friggin.episode.EVAR! of Futurama, or for that matter any show I've seen. I saw it when watching the reruns on teletoon, and was seriously speechless that the episode had ended on such a note.
82. Ontological Synaesthesia
How about the destruction of the station at the end of Babylon 5? G'Kar gives his closing speech about about our memories lingering even after we've left - which in itself makes you weep when you think that the actor died not to long after this - JMS turns off the lights, and the station explodes in a burst of light accompanied by music deliberately calculated to bring tears to our eyes.

Robin Hobb is, I think, the only author who can have me berating the protagonist as an idiot aloud and crying at the same time. George R. R. Martin shocks me, but somehow the plain brutality of his characters' deaths always leaves me feeling numb rather than cheery.

And on the Joss Whedon front... Tara, anyone? "Your shirt..." It was not helped, of course, by the fact that this was the episode when Joss Whedon had finally, after two seasons, added Tara to the opening credits... And also Cassie in season seven, even though we barely knew her.
83. LrdSlvrhnd
- The end of "Jurassic Park" gets me every time. I've gotten others just TELLING them about it, and not very well.

- Masterharper Robinton's and - perhaps especially - faithful Zair's death at the end of "All the Weyrs of Pern." Even AIVAS a bit, though I suspect that's simply proximity. Every time I re-read that series, I always have to stop there for a couple of days.

- Wash. WHY, Joss, WHY?! And Tara. And Fred. Not Book, 'cause while that was undoubtedly sad, I was totally expecting it. Maybe not his death specifically, but SOMEBODY'S.

- Animal's bit in Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody. Every time. MAMA! (OK, maybe not technically SFF, but I think the Muppets get a free pass into any genre they want)

- Oh-so-many moments in Doctor Who. Poor Donna... and if anybody had said I'd ever say that after her first appearance, I'd've been calling the nice young men in the white jackets for 'em.

- Daniel Jackson dying of radiation poisoning. Although just a bit, since like Jack said "he always shows up." I was too cynical about death-and-then-returning by the time Carson Beckett died to really tear up, though there was definitely some misting.
Julia Nepper
84. andoran_g33k
The end of Star Trek: Nemesis when Data sacrifices himself made me cry. Data was my favorite character :'(
85. dichotomy
The tale of the Entwives.
86. Dr. Cox
In the Potter series, that line in Prisoner of Azkaban "You think the dead we have loved ever truly leave us?" (getting teary as I type) gets me every time (thinking about my grandparents and other family). In Doctor Who . . . the partings from Rose, the parting from Donna, Son of Mine's voiceover then the Remembrance Day Service in "Family of Blood," various other episodes including "Vincent and the Doctor," and the lines at the end of the 1996 movie.
87. dichotomy
I thought of another one - the part in the Golden Compass where they try to sever Lyra from her Daemon. The end of that series is pretty weepy too. I listened to the audiobooks, and the actors really put a lot of emotion into it.

Another childhood fantasy story that made me cry and cry and cry as a kid was the story "Windwood Rose" in Bruce Coville's Book of Magic. That still makes me teary when I think of it.
88. Jellsworth
I cried at the end of Redshirts by John Scalzi.
89. Otaku
Night of the Chimera's cry (Full Metal Alchemist) was a tear jerker for me. I will never watch that episode again, I felt like I got gut-punched!

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