Nov 27 2010 10:01pm

A Game of Thrones preview (updated for new clip)

And....another clip. Looking better and better.

Clip Preview

Short but sweet...

...Who’s excited!?

2. terenewen
That would be me. I am excited.

Cori Hull
3. yarnandtea
Okay, I haven't even read this series yet, and I am still super excited about this.
Roland of Gilead
4. pKp
I am. I've been following the production of this show for months now, and it looks better every time they show us stuff.

BTW, this is only a teaser for the bigger preview that will air on Sunday, Dec. 5th (before the Boardwalk Empire season finale). It should last abut 5 minutes.
Kate O'Hanlon
5. KateOH
There's just a gap on my screen where I'm guessing the video should be. Is it US only or something?
john mullen
7. johntheirishmongol
It's working now.

Unfortunately, til GRRM finishes the series, this is a waste of time.
Peter Leventis
8. PL1
The video doesn't work for me, either... YouTube version is here.

@johtheirishmongol, I too am skeptical about the HBO series as GRRM hasn't finished the novels, and he has two more to write after Dance With Dragons is done (may that be soon). Perhaps if the show is picked up after the first year, and they continue to film one book per season, there *may* be pressure on him to finish the series so that they can film it. This could be a good thing if this motivates/inspires him to write quicker. Or it could be a disaster if he feels pressure to write (and does) but doesn't produce the best story he can.
Joe Romano
9. Drunes
PL1: I don't think GRRM feels any pressure to finish the books, but I still think HBO will do a top notch job bringing the story to TV. If it's so successful that it cries out for an end, theyll finish it one way or the other.
Elio García
10. Egarcia
Posted an annotated screencap gallery starting here over at Lots of gorgeous images of late, including some high-res publicity stills of actors and scenes.

For those who can't see this promo, try looking at it at HBO's official site for the series, Making Game of Thrones.
11. wafffle
I´ve been very skeptical about this. I have now changed my mind. Looks great.
Tricia Irish
13. Tektonica
This looks fantastic! Can't wait. I have great faith in HBO's quality since they did Rome, which was incredibly beautiful and well acted and strove for some accurate details. Knowing GRRM is on the scene should ensure quality control of content and the actors look wonderful! *squee*

I haven't touched these books in a few years now.....waiting waiting waiting for A Dance with Dragons to do so....but this may warrant a reread soon.

Does anyone know how many episodes this will be? Not just one 2 hour movie, I hope.
Rob Munnelly
14. RobMRobM
Tek @13 - Ten one hour episodes.

@7-8. As you may know (I've said similar things before), the problem with ADWD is not lack of effort by GRRM - he's been having the creative problem of how to line up the requisite characters in the City of Meereen in Essos that will bring D back to Westeros and launch the endgage. He first wanted a several year time gap to let characters grow up more but realized that would not work, so he had to start over.

GRRM now claims to have solved the so-called Meerenese Knot, he has fewer than five chapters left on DoD, all of which he has at least some text written (and is expected to finish in December). I don't see any reason to doubt the remaining books will go back to an every other year or so publishing pattern.

Maiane Bakroeva
15. Isilel
I love these clips! Even though I first thought that Jon Snow was Theon Greyjoy, LOL! Anyway, Bran seems to be great and Ned/Catelyn scene is truly poignant. Can't wait! Hope they make it available on DVDs over here, since it will probably take forever to arrive on TV.
Rob Munnelly
16. RobMRobM
Isilel - check for info on when it is going to be broadcast whereever you are. Good resource. Your Snow-Greyjoy comment is right on point. Very funny. I enjoyed the Tyrion slap of Joffrey as my favorite part of the clip. Rob

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