Oct 4 2010 6:57pm

Zack Snyder to Direct Superman

 Zack Snyder, director of comic-book adaptations 300 and Watchmen, has been picked to direct a new Superman movie, to be produced by Christopher Nolan (responsible, of course, for his own comic book epics Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, not to mention this summer’s blockbuster Inception). Other directors considered but ultimately passed over for Snyder include Darren Aronofsky, Ben Affleck (who played Superman in 2006’s Hollywoodland), Matt Reeves (Let Me In, Cloverfield), and Tony Scott.

While Snyder’s 300 was a hit at the box office and garnered some critical acclaim for its unique visual style, his adaptation of the beloved classic Watchmen was very polarizing, with many long-time fans of the comic disappointed in Snyder’s emphasis on the kind of bone-crunching, blood-spurting violence that Watchmen creator Alan Moore eschewed, except to make specific aesthetic and philosophical points. Snyder’s next picture, Sucker-Punch (another graphic novel adaptation), is said to be a change of pace from his usual graphic violence and is expected to be rated PG-13, making the possibility that Snyder’s Superman will be spraying viscera and shattering bones thankfully minimal.

David S. Goyer, the writer of the Blade series and Batman Begins, among others, is set to write the script, which promises to bring back Superman II villain General Zod (who, unless Snyder takes a page from Robert Zemeckis—who himself lobbied for the job—and employs Beowulf-style computer effects, will sadly not be played by Terrence Stamp).


The promise held by this new attempt, following Bryan Singer’s of only four years past, to reboot the Superman movie franchise depends entirely on one’s affinity for the works of Messrs. Singer and Goyer. Will their known and well-established styles inform this new Superman, or will their collaboration yield something entirely new? We shall see, sometime presumably around the summer of 2012.


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Alex Brown
1. AlexBrown
As long as someone shouts "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!" I'm cool with whatever goes down.
Pamela Adams
2. PamAdams
It wasn't the violence that I remembered from Watchmen, but the full frontal male nudity. Perhaps Snyder will include a bit from the Larry Niven story Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex?
Ashe Armstrong
4. AsheSaoirse
I've been saying it since before Superman Returns came out: They should reboot using Birthright as the basis.
Jason Denzel
5. JasonDenzel
I love this choice in director. Looking forward to seeing the film
Chris Greenland
6. greenland
So...Jon Hamm as Superman, everyone? Yeah, Jon Hamm as Superman.
7. DontDriveAngry
Awesome, now we can have a truly amazing Zack Snyder-action scene where Superman is fighting someone and then.... things.... slow.... down...

And I'm sure there will be other Zack Snyder unique and innovating hallmarks such as... um... er....
Thomas Jeffries
8. thomstel
Get Jon Hamm some gray on those temples and make a freaking Kingdom Come movie already! Down with reboots and origin stories!
Alex Brown
9. AlexBrown
Jon Hamm should be in every movie. Don't care what it is, as long as he's there. Preferably in a disco cowboy outfit.

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