Oct 28 2010 10:24am

Steampunk Quartet

A Different Engine Day After the Cooters
The Perdito Street Project Internal Devices

These stories are also available for download from major ebook retailers.

A few weeks ago, when we contacted our steampunk compatriots and regular bloggers to ask them if they wanted to contribute to Steampunk Fortnight, we got a lot of good ideas, but none quite as unexpected as one from the inimitable Eileen Gunn, who responded to say:

I may be coloring a little bit outside the lines, but that's
what lines are for. I promised to write four pieces of flash fiction, tuckerizing four people who donated to Clarion West’s Write-a-thon this summer. I think it would be fun to write four short-shorts, each in the style of a different formative steampunk tale.

Aha!, we thought. That idea is just crazy enough to work...and work it did, spectacularly. Consequently, on the last four weekdays of Steampunk Fortnight,  we will be presenting one of Ms. Gunn’s stories every morning, each one featuring a real benefactor of that glorious institution, Clarion West. You will certainly want to stick around to see the results.

Art for the series by Fyodor Pavlov and Lawrence Gullo

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Cait Glasson
1. CaitieCat
This has been like finding a small gem in my morning reading, every day. Thanks so much for these wonderful short shorts.

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