Oct 1 2010 5:48pm

October is National Graphic Novel Writing Month!

Today marks the launch of National Graphic Novel Writing Month (NaGraNoWriMo), hosted at ComicMix! While NaNoWriMo asks for 50,000 words from us every November, the goal of NaGraNoWriMo is to produce one minimum 48-page graphic novel script by the end of October. From ComicMix:

You brush your teeth every day? Feed the dog every day? Complain about Brightest Day? Good. Now add “write part of my graphic novel script” to that list. No excuses. If you’ve said “I should do it, but—” this is your time.

Haven’t ever written a graphic novel? You’re not alone, which is why ComicMix is offering daily primers on how to approach this task. Day 1: Writing Resources, can be found here.

Good luck, aspiring comic writers!

Chris Greenland is an aspiring comics rider. Giddyap, Detective Comics!

1. wandering-dreamer
If I wasn't doing NaNo (and had more warning about this) I would totally do it, but writing two stories like that back to back would be killer.
John Carr
2. CyricPL
I'd do this, but I have a hard enough time getting my good-artist friends to finish the shorter pieces we start together, let alone crank out a 48-pg GN. Now, if they had spent a few months setting up some way to connect aspiring artist with these scripts when it's all done, that'd be something else.

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